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GFWL is 200GS only & include all DLC for free

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Missing 50GS on PC but all DLC is included for free in the install. Looks like they just shaved GS off the existing achvs list as it still has 17 achvs @ 200GS instead of [email protected] 250GS.


Dumb decision really what harm would it have caused including the other 50GS! MS did the same thing on GFWL Batman Arkham City shaving 150GS off the achvs list.

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The achievements are glitched in the PC version. They all unlocked but not all of them get synced to xbox.com and are erased the next time you start the game. Right now I should have 5/17 but only have 2/17.

For me the glitched ones are

"Complete Organic"

"Complete Ocean"

"Complete Mechanical"

That happened to me after logging into Steam onto another PC with the same gamertag then after completing the final boss battle again (manually copying the save over) it unlocked the achvs again.


Were you trying this on a different PC?

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I had the same problem to sync "Complete Mechanical" to xbox.com. Deleting the "4D530FA7.gpd" cache file and redoing the mechanical boss fixed my problem. To be safe i did a backup of my save before the boss for retries if it didn't sync at 1st try.

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