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Collecting All Emblems?


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Here are the requirements to fight the hidden zodiac members:


Mission 01:

1.)Lose no more than 3K health

2.)Kill everything

3.)Total mission time 5 minutes or less(you must have killed the armored train in the time limit)

4.)Must be done solo


Ranking doesn't matter. I got a S rank and the zodiac never showed up because I lost 3100 health. But I got a B rank and did all of the above and got the zodiac fight.

If done right the cop is replaced with the zodiac AC


Mission 04:

1.) kill nothing but the scavangers

2.) lose 10K or less health

3.) Enter the city in 4 minutes or less

4.) must be done alone


If you do those steps as soon as you enter the city the zodiac AC cutscene will begin.


Mission 06 part 1:

1.) kill no enemies, except the 2 that are blocking the way in the tunnel.

2.) Destroy all bases

3.) Kill the LLL

4.) Kill all enemies at the tower

5.) Lose no more then 20K health

6.) Complete the above steps in 4 minutes or less


Green AC will be replaced with zodiac no.6


Mission 06 part 2:

1.) kill everything

2.) destroy the bases

3.) destroy the LLL

4.) Lose 20K health or less

5.) clear out the tower square

6.) complete all of the above in 6 minutes or less


Green AC will be replaced with zodiac no.6 reverse emblem AC


Overall the one you will have trouble with is mission 01's requirements. The rest are very easy

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