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Boss Strategies

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*you cannot get the boss achievements as a mercenary


Here is a guide for each of the boss battles. They can only be fought during weekend events. To fight the bosses you have to select the icon under mission select just like you would if you were playing an order mission. Each boss has territory requirements (the shield icons that are displayed under your team name). If you are not in a team with at least 2 "territory rating" you will need to join one. I highly recommend taking a full squad of 4 in the fight with you because you will need the firepower for these guys.



Giant Killing- LLL

2 "territory rating"


This is the same LLL from the story mode, but stronger. You still only need to take out 3 legs but the big difference is each leg has 4 laser eyeballs instead of 1 like in the story mode. It also has a laser thingy underneath it but i'm not sure what it does (I never got close enough to find out lol). Just keep your distance and take out the legs one at a time just like in story-mode. KE and CE both seemed to work pretty well against the legs. You will get hit a lot while fighting this boss but the bosses attacks don't do too much damage, just make sure you don't prolong the battle too much (which is easy to do b/c LLL takes its sweet time opening up its legs).


Sea Monster- St. Elmo

2 "territory rating"


This one isn't too bad but you need to watch out for the giga missile that the ship fires above everything else. The ship will stagger you a lot (doesn't do very much damage) but the giga missile WILL insta-kill you. I would highly recommend to have at least 3 people on your squad equip duel howlitzers & other explosives, anything with a blast radius is great because all the turrets on the ship are so close together. I would recommend to climb a building and shoot down at it. There are 2 ships you will need to destroy so concentrate fire and take them down one at a time and **watch out for the giga missiles.


Air Master- Raijin

1 "territory rating"


This one is pretty easy. Raijin will start by flying around the canyon. Take it down as soon as you can (Someone in my squad shot it down with a sniper cannon very easily, if you are having trouble taking it down try this). Once it crash lands it will spawn a laser cannon which you will want to keep your distance from!! Just follow the mission path and take your time to kill all of the turrets along the way. When you get to the landing site take the right path (with 10+ turrets) because you will be out of the line of fire from the giant laser. Once you clear it out use CE (KE works very well also) and destroy the cannon which will end the mission.


Earth Master- Type D. No. 5

1 "territory rating"


This is probably the hardest boss IMO. It has 2 arm units which are weak to KE, a head unit which is weak to CE, and two back units which are weak to TE. The boss jumps back and forth between two areas of the map and note that when it jumps the boosters damage you ALOT, if not insta-kill you. You have a very good vantage point on the bridge in between the two spots the boss jumps from, but it is not worth camping that area for this reason. We started by destroying both the arms with concentrated fire, then the head, and then the back units (which are the hardest to destroy). I would recommend 2 gatling guns and 2 battle rifles. The only thing you will need the BRs for is destroying the head. The back units are minorly KE resistant, but with enough people shooting at them they won't stand a chance. Oh yeah, watch out for the chest-laser, it will insta-kill you!


Blackbird- Exusia

2 "territory rating"


This the easiest boss IMO. It starts out with 300,000 health and is weak to KE and CE. Gatling guns worked like a charm for my squad. Start out the battle by rushing and doing as much damage as possible before it throws up its shields. Keep your distance once it starts flying around because it will shoot giant lasers at everything underneath it. Its shields will still be up and you can't do any damage to it anyways. You should be able to destroy it when it lands before it is able to use its shields the second time.






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Is it easy to find bosses? Any pressure to failing? In CH, if you failed the unidentified weapon you won't be seeing it again for a few months. You also had only a 10-15 minute window where it was available.


you can fight whichever boss you want, whenever you want. there is an icon for the boss battles in the mission selection. it is just like doing an order mission.


you do loose a lot of money if you fail, potentially over 300,000, and you don't really get much money when you win. i think the most i got was when i fought exusia, and i only got about 500,000. that's pretty low considering you get about 1,000,000 for the final mission of the story. for some of the other bosses i only got 50,000. it doesn't pay very well but it is fun.

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