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50 Panic Slaps made easy

Chief Trees

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Easy as possible at least!


When the other team plants the battery always make it your mission to "defuse" it. Meaning hold defuse until its almost defused and then release and repeat...keeping your team from defusing it.


A defensive loadout is also a GIANT help, use:

Body Armor

Horse Healthy

Somewhat Bulletproof

Using the third body type seems to be working best for me, you get a good health amount and decent melee damage along with some extra speed. Wouldn't recommend using either of the smaller classes


Use Angry Hedgehog as your rampage and feed yourself to the enemy 5 times so its ready when you enter panic mode...this 75% decrease to damage is GOD for gaining Panic Slaps


I'm a level 40 and have spend most of my time in Team Deathmatch and currently have 40/50 Panic Slaps


Hope this helps!!

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Just started running this LO on PW.


Question: do suicides add to rampages based on 5 deaths? If so using the thundergun adds to the 5 deaths rather easily, don't kill yourself with it but just lower your health down to like the 20s and then run out.


Also, first game I tried this I got 4 panic slap kills in the last 15 seconds of the game (that's how long it took for the other team to get the battery in place)


Def. the best way to do this so far

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When i did that achievement i used a mighty with rollerskates, horse healthy and hard target for perks. Also used body armor for extra damage reduction. Rampage was angry hedgehog. The rollerskates allow the mighty to move at the same speed as a tough. Hard target was more effective for me since headshots negate the protection body armor gives and gives them extra damage for each bullet to the head. Even with angry hedgehog going, headshots from some of the stronger guns still drop you 30-40 per hit if you dont use hard target.


Another effective technique I've seen is to use beartraps instead of body armor. Get yourself to a room with an easy to watch entrance. Throw beartraps at the door and smack 'em up when the trap gets someone.

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this is a worthy strat if not boosting.. i go with the burly body and roller skates and everything else listed.. got put on some bad teams.. got 10 slaps in 3 games..


if you like your K/D ratio.. then don't do this strat.. 1 game when going for the rampages I went 5 and 38.. all 5 kills were slaps.


sure would be nice if people stood still ;P

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All of this info here should help me get the achievement. Thank you everyone for your posts!


I made a few attempts at some panic slaps last night but had no luck at all. I kept getting mowed down and not even getting close. My best strategy was to get behind a few people but that didnt work either lol. It is a very luck based achievement unless you go specifically for it.


I will come back later and update my progess, hopefully with some tips to help others!


Edit: I finally got my slap achievement and it wasnt too bad.


I used the mighty body type with heavy armor. I also used ninja smoke to stalk people before the timer would start so I could get 1 easy slap kill right of the bat. Along with horse healthy, bullet sponge, and angry hedgehog.


It is a very luck based achievement. Some games you can get 4 or 5 slaps and other games you can get 0. Just keep at it and you will be done before you know it!

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