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Armored Core 5 Workshops?

patient zero

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Ok, I am relatively new to the armored core series, I've always been a mech fan. But this game confuses me a tad. What is the Workshops for. Like is there something specific they do? Should i invest in getting all of them or what? any help would be much appriciated :D



Thanks again for any help you can give :D

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Workshop is for customizing your mech. Don't need all the parts, just what you want to equip. If you play a lot you will eventually get to the point where you have enough to buy them all though.


Different weapons are used against different types of mechs. Most bipedal mechs have low TE resistance (Energy Weapons) and tanks usually have lowest resistance to one type of weapon, though it varys based on the design each tank chooses. Most tanks go for high KE / CE resistance (since those are the most commonly used weapons in PvP)


In short, the best weapons for campaign / order missions are the gatling guns. The best weapons for PvP are TE with CE or KE as reserve.

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Thanks for the intel, but i was talking more specifically the workshop items that don't do anything to your mech, that just make the area your mech assembly area more full of stuff. idk what the point of it is? does having them all give you something?

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