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Stuck at 99.90 Please help....


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I followed the guide posted here, and after 6 hours of this, i got stuck at 99.90%. I followed the guide to the T, and done all the red recollection squares. The only thing i see is a single blue tile on the 11-1 fourth square down in the first coloumn.

Does anyone know what i needto do or what save i can reload to get this to red?

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I had the same problem but in my case it way a blue tile on 10/7

I managed to find my problem using this guide:




It's sorted after dates so you can see which date belongs to which tile and to which person.

I found out that save 4 (x360a guide) is save 9 in the one above and save 5 is save 15.


In my case I missed a bad ending...what a stupid mistake >_>

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