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All Of The Above/Grind Guide


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GOLDEN WEAPONS: These are collected throughout the game.





Each Grind has four stages: Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum :These colors will represent the total for each of the in game Grinds. Some of these are very self-explanatory but some can be a little tricky to understand. I've done my best here to give good examples and even a few tips and tricks for farming. If you have any questions, comments, or tips that would be useful per Grind, please post or PM me and I'll try and post as quickly as I can. Lastly, these numbers were pulled from the BradyGames guide, Rockstar's Social Club, and my own progress. Not all of these sources match up but I've tried my best to make sure they are as accurate as possible. If there are any discrepancies, please let me know and I'll adjust accordingly.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_01_BLOODBATH.pngBLOODBATH: Kill 200-500-1000-2500 enemies.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_02_HEADMASTER.pngHEAD MASTER: Get 100-250-500-1000 headshots.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_03_ARMSDEALER.pngARMS DEALER: Shoot 25-50-100-250 enemies in the arm or hand.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_04_LEGPAYNE.pngLEG PAYNE: Shoot 25-50-100-250 enemies in the leg or foot.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_05_DEJEWELLED.pngBELOW THE BELT: Shoot 25-50-100-250 enemies in the groin. (Shoot just below the waist to ensure you're getting these kills to count. They are also two/three shot kills so you'll know when you get them.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_07_DODGEBRAWL.pngDODGE BRAWL: Kill 100-250-500-1000 enemies during ShootDodge. (By clicking :rbbut:, you enter ShootDodge. Any enemy you kill during this time will count towards your total. Chapter VIII:Checkpoint 5 is a good place to load up. This also helps with shoot dodge kills and if you get the chance to go prone or lie on your back, you can rack up a few this way as well.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_08_ARTDOGER.pngARTFUL DODGER: ShootDodge for 5-10-20-50 minutes total. (This is all the time you spend in the air using ShootDodge. It will take some time but shouldn't be an issue over time.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_09_TAKE_YOUR_TIME.pngTAKE YOUR TIME: Kill 100-250-500-1000 enemies during Bullet Time. (This is any time you use ShootDodge or click :rs: to use Bullet Time.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_10_BULLET_RIVER.pngBULLET RIVER: Shoot 1000-2000-10,000-25,000 rounds. (Very easy to get over time. No sense in worrying about it.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_11_LOAD_OFF.pngTAKE A LOAD OFF: Shoot 25-50-100-250 enemies while prone. (Any time Max is on the ground and you kill an enemy, this will count.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_12_SLOW_DIVE.pngSLOW DIVE: Preform a(n) 5-6-7-8 second ShootDodge. (You must stay in the air for a total of 8 seconds to get this one done. Where I found the best was in Chapter III, once at the top of the high bleachers, you can dive down with a good running start and get 8 seconds no problem.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_14_CAM_LOVER.pngCAM LOVER: Watch 100-250-500-750 bullet cams. (You must see the bullet all the way through to your target. You can slow it down by holding :abut: and can even continue to fire rounds if you'd like.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_16_WRECKAGE.pngWRECKAGE: Blow up 25-50-100-200 vehicles. (Almost all vehicles are destructible. With enough bullets or explosives, they will explode counting towards your total. Loading up Chapter VIX:Checkpoint 12 is a good place to start. Blow up every vehicle, this will also count towards some explosive kills and Fall Man kills. Don't destroy the armored truck at the end and you can reload the checkpoint as much as you please.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_17_DOUBLE_DAMAGE.pngDOUBLE DAMAGE: Kill 150-300-750-1000 enemies while dual wielding.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_19_BLOW_OUT.pngBLOW OUT: Kill 25-50-100-250 enemies with explosions. (This is any kind of explosive, i.e. grenade launchers, RPGs, fuel tanks.)

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http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_20_GUESSWORK.pngGUESSWORK: Kill 25-50-100-250 enemies with blind fire. (Must be in cover but must not aim. Just blindly fire but take your time and wait because most enemies will rush you after some time. Chapter X:Checkpoint 11 where you are inside the bus is a great spot. You have unlimited ammo and close to 20 enemies to kill.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_21_TURTLE.pngTHE TURTLE: Kill 100-250-500-1000 enemies from cover. (Must be in cover while you shoot for this to count. Once in cover, use :ltbut: to aim and take fire.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_22_BACK_FROM_DEAD.pngBACK FROM THE DEAD: Win 25-50-100-250 Last Man Standings. (When you're shot down but have painkillers on you, you have the option to shoot the person who shot you. You may not always get a clear shot. Keep on eye on your aim indicator to turn red. Once you get back up, that counts as one. Loading up Chapter VIII:Checkpoint 5 again on easy, you start out with 5 Painkillers. Just let the take turns downing you and kill the guy you shot you. Be sure your aim indicator is red once its on the enemy responsible. You should be able to get five in before you have to reload the checkpoint.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_23_FIREWORKS.pngFIRE WORKS:Shoot 25-50-100-250 explosives out of the air. (Chapter VIX:Checkpoint 10, Becker shoots grenades at you which you can shoot out of the air. If you can, ShootDodge to your left after taking out the first wave of enemies and lay a little bit behind the first jeep that pulls in. If done right, you can lay here for a number of minutes unbothered to shoot Becker's grenades.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_25_SCRAPPER.pngSCRAPPER: Melee 25-50-75-150 enemies. (An easy way to farm this is load up Chapter I:Checkpoint 2 on easy. There are five enemies that are easy to run up to and melee. Just rinse and repeat.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_26_PHARMICIST.pngPHARMACIST: Use 50-100-250-500 painkillers.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_28_FALLGUYS.pngFALL GUYS: Cause 25-50-100-250 enemies to topple over railings. (This counts towards anytime someone falls over something when they are killed. Even in the final chase scene where you grenade launch the jeeps. A decent spot to load up is Chapter X:Checkpoint 7. You will want to shoot the catwalk they are standing on.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_29_KEEP_SIMPLE.pngKEEP IT SIMPLE: Kill 50-100-250-1000 enemies with hand guns.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_30_SHOTGUN_DUES.pngSHOTGUN DUES: Kill 50-100-250-1000 enemies with shotguns.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_31_RAPID_FIRE.pngRAPID FIRE: Kill 50-100-250-1000 enemies with sub-machine guns.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_32_AINT_BROKE.pngIF IT AIN'T BROKE: Kill 50-100-250-1000 enemies with rifles.


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_33_EAGLE_EYE.pngEAGLE EYE: Kill 25-50-75-100 enemies with sniper rifles. (There are two sections where you use sniper rifles. Once in Chapter III and the other in XII:Checkpoint 9. Both areas can be loaded up from checkpoints.)


http://cdn.sc.rockstargames.com/images/games/MP3/grinds/150x150/single/SP_34_LOUNGE_KILL.pngTHE LOUNGER: Kill 25-50-100-250 enemies while lying on your back. (Preforming ShootDodge, you will land in a prone position. You MUST be on your back when killing an enemy for this to count towards a kill.)

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Chapter X:Checkpoint 3

thank you but i read that one in the first post.


i found a real fast one chapter 10 checkpoint 7 really fast



FIREWORKS : chapter 8 checkpoint 4 really fast too just kill the 2 guys coming from left and right stairs then use soft lock on the grenade

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Do melees not count towards the 100 melee kills achievement? Am I not supposed to be firing my gun after I whack them?


I smack 'em twice then it prompts me to pull the trigger. Am I doing something wrong?


no it's ok but i don't know if it also counts for the weapon when you shoot them in the end

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So I shouldn't shoot then after the smacks? How do they die then?


You're all good. Just as long as you're prompting the melee animation and killing them at the end, you'll add kills towards the grind. It's a little goofy. I got stuck with the same one but have since unlocked it and the achievement so you're on the right track. You go ahead and pull that trigger mister.

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for the lounger where can i find a good place to unock it fast please. ty


EDIT : usefil tips for the lounger chapter 8 checkpoint 5 just shoot once then go to the left and activate shootdodge going backward then kill 8 guys reload checkpoint i also used this for the 500 shootdodge kills

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hey man i made a video guide for the grinds..can you put it on your thread..think it'll help :)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYkPUX39Op4]Max Payne 3 : All of the Above Achievement/Trophy Guide(BEST SPOTS TO GRIND) - YouTube[/ame]

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Is this sill getting updated, LOCATIONS, BEST SPOTS...cause you started out so great!?


I still need DOUBLE DAMAGE (my last one) and doing it in Chapter 8 - Checkpoint 5 but it's quite boring. Oh well a 600 more to go.


Oh and yeah it's 8 kills in 10 seconds.

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