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last mission freezing again!!!

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oh my god! capcom really? thats two dlc's now where i cant get passed the last mission without it freezing.sort it out capcom dont you test stuff before the public spend hard earned money on your crappy dlc? talk about embarrassing.i really hope this wont happen with resi 6,otherwise you have lost a loyal fan...

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why is it every game gotta glitch on me especially this piss of shit,, first some how my game get corrupted when i only need 10 more games for 98 versus . |N this dam dlc freezes at last level tryed all the tricks no fix all i know is capcom better fix this or im rape there website with hate mail.

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Message me for those achievements :

Devided we fall


Rocket socket

Gamertag : DarkofHeartness

& I'll be online tonight at 10:00 PM pacific time

PS : I hadn't faced lany lag so far and I had played the game since it release date , my game region is Japan maybe that's why , anyway for all who face lag just message me and I should host the game for you and if you get kicked out you can just join back :)

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Well me its the second to last mission. Froze 2 times in a row at the same place. When you open containers with crimson head in them and have to cross them.


And its not even a full freeze, its that kind of shitty freeze where you remove the disc and your xbox is fine, goes to dashboard and you don't have to reboot it.


Well its the final nail in the coffin for me and this game. Sucks ass that there is not even a checkpoint/save system for DLC too, so just to try it out again i have to redo everything... NO WAY. 2 times is enough.


All was fine until that point... 2 missions of expension 2 left and it does that... pffff

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