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Demo Out Now!

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Well guys, the demo's finally here. Personally I'm pretty excited, I had a blast playing it at PAX with some of the developers and I think the overall game should be pretty badass.


Content: Americas Army: True Soldiers Demo

Price: Free

Availability: United States

Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) BLOOD,VIOLENCE] Play the Xbox 360 debut of the only Official U.S. Army game. America’s Army: True Soldiers - Created by Soldiers, Developed by Gamers, Tested by Heroes. Team up with up to 15 other players to take on the enemy forces that have occupied the Coastal Village in a dynamic Co-Op mission or play an 8 on 8 Squad Engagement match vs. another team of highly trained soldiers. Use the real High-Tech gear that the U.S. Army uses in the field today, equipment such as the Blue Force Tracker or the Raven UAV. Opt-In as a Squad Leader to gain the ability to call in an Artillery barrage or turn the heat up a notch by enabling the ‘True Soldier’ mode.

Size: 535.46 MB

Sadly since it's a US release only, the demo's also only for the US. However I'm sure some crafty silver account work could solve that ;)

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I had some what of an interest in this game, being that its a tactical shooter from Ubisoft you'd think it would be very similar to GRAW. I was sadly disappointed that its not.


In GRAW and R6V the controls felt fluid, light and smooth, but if this game is anything like the demo they're nothing like that of other Ubisoft shooters. Moving the character around felt heavy and kind of clunky to me. The button sequences aren't too bad and I like the weapon/equipment selector dial thats brought up when you hold down 'B'. Precision aiming was off on the default setting, again it wasn't smooth; you'd try to just move it a fraction but it was difficult to line up.


I guess I just had my expectations a little too high figuring Ubisoft would update a few things to GRAW's code and slap some new character models in but I was wrong.

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In GRAW and R6V the controls felt fluid, light and smooth, but if this game is anything like the demo they're nothing like that of other Ubisoft shooters.

I may be wrong but if I remember correctly you start off with shitty controls then while you play you earn points which you can add to certain attributes that'll in turn make the controls easier.


I do remember when I played at PAX that everything was extremely sluggish and hard to control.

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the demo kicked ass, cant wait for the game to come out!!!!:uzi::uzi::uzi:


I must have played a different demo because mine was horrible.


I'm glad you liked it but I think I'll stick to COD 4.


Oh and by the way most people hated Two Worlds but I loved it so remember that opinions are like assholes....everyone has one.

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the demo was so bad it made school seem fun. It was so damn bad, it was like the Ghost Recon series (Which I'm not a big fan of to begin with) but worse. The controls sucked, gameplay sucked, only thing that was ok was the airstrike. I'll get my airstrike in call of duty 4. I think i am defiently gonna pass on this crap game, Ubisoft dissapointed me after comming out with the great Rainbow Six Vegas and Assasins Creed. I thinki'm going to say No on Americans Arm and keep playing Call lof duty 4 and save my money to get assasins creed and either Kane and Lynch or Gh III, who knows.



BUT BEWARE: This game is worst then playing tic tac toe with a hobo

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