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Did I get Infected or Glitched?


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So yesterday I started for the first time playing this game. I played a couple coop games with my friend until he left. Then not to long after I joined a couple games or so just to level up and such. ( I get bored by myself). Not to long after I'm in a game with like 6 people (max 4) and the game wouldn't start.


I backed out and than I had all these level 14 items and the Trench was not what was mine. I at the time was a level 5 with a level 14 Trench randomly lol and the kid cjosh or whatever was the guy who had everything that was the same. Was this some weird glitch and I lucked out? Or did I get infected? I have no clue wicked god damn weird, but kind of cool.

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Had something similar happen with a stalled out lobby - had 2 people stuck in connecting mode for about 5 minutes before I quit out and loaded back in, to find a totally different mech and driver. Freaked out, hard powered off, loaded back in and still the wrong stuff. Thought for a sec about it then went into customize mode and all my stuff was there still. REALLY spooked me because I had just gotten the Raz hat and was maybe 1500 shy of the jacket haha

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This happened to me, it fucks with your golds too, I only need to gold fucking volcano. Now Valcano and like 3 other maps are the ONLY golded ones I have done :-/ which means albeit I have the hardest map golded, I now have to gold EVERY other mission spending hours redoing what I've already done. Which isn't too horrible but still, it annoys me.

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