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A day in Central Park Glitched


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So I just beat the game and got both achievements for killing and not killing Sarah after that I did not get The 30G achievement for completing the episode and no 150G achievement for completing the game WTF? Can someone please help me!

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Did you skip any portion of any chapter?



EDIT: You need to replay the The Light Bringer Episode. According to your profile, you didnt finish that episode without skipping any sequence.


How do you know what sequence I didn't finish lol? And as far as I remember I havent skipped any sequence but I'll try it and let you know if it works.

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Because you don't have the achievement for finishing that episode without skipping-ergo, you skipped a sequence therein.


Ok I will try it but I also heard somewhere you can't get the achievements if you go to chapter select and select that chapter you told me I had to do.

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