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Can the multiplayer achievements be done in local co op?

Mr W Grant

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Yes. There is no other option (no XBL). I did the ice breaker achievement just then with a second controller (controller is MUCH easier than waving your arms about). I haven't done the other one because I haven't quite worked out how to send a maximum difficulty wave.

On another note, the achievements seem quite easy with the campaign being the hardest? And that's not saying much. I've been playing for maybe an hour and a half and have 8/12 and 130G/200G (why not 400G?).

Hope this helps.

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you're right on the 400g. I though all arcade games were 400 now? Guess its developer choice or something.


Over this period of a couple of months games will be both 200 and 400, until (I think sometime in July?) when all games must be 400. So games that were pre-designed to be 200, will stay that way.

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