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Any way to keep track of the gold trials medals?

SoG Lord Kratos

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Hey guys,


just started to do some time trials and I started naturally with the one that gives you an achievement, I got the gold medal but I don't know if I'm too tired or I'm totally blind but I don't see any indications on the map selection that I got the gold medal... so is it that retarded that you have to remember and keep track of every one of them or did I miss something? I'll go to bed and hopefully I'll wake up with good news! And by the way, anybody got the exact amount of tracks you have to do? Thanks folks

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its pretty sad they couldnt put a gold medal on the track selection screen for time trials. unfortunatly without going into the race and seeing other peoples times as the above poster said there is no other way to know if you beat it. i used a notpad file on my PC and kept track as best i could and was still missing one when i got done lol. trying to find that last track i missed was crazy i was ready to pull my hair out!!

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There is no indication and it's kind of a pain, and pretty sloppy. They put gold medals or ribbons everywhere else in the game, but not where it really matters...


I've made a spreadsheet on Google Docs but I don't really know how to share it 100% securely. I've also got business documents in there so there's no way that I'm taking a risk on the built-in sharing function. Anyone else want me to e-mail the spreadsheet so they can host it on Google Docs?

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