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Layton Raceway TT


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This thread has a more suitable name so we should probably continue Layton discussion in here. My two cents on it:


I didn't have a problem with classes 3 and 4, so I have no tips there, but I found that the most vital tip for class 1 (n-Dura) for me was to always stay on the "middle" of the track, right between the black and grey tarmac. I used the top-speed car and boosted by tapping the button in a rhythm on the straights, then I fully boosted around the long turns to try to get as close to a drift as possible (since n-Dura is too slow to really be able to drift). Most important for me was staying between the black and the grey, though. The n-Dura just slips around the track like it's covered in ice if you drive only on grey, and driving only on black takes too long.


For Evo GT, it's all about drifting the large turns by holding A+LT+RT throughout the entire turn. Some people say to brake first, but I boost first and it's been working out so far. Like with n-Dura, you will want to drift right between the black and grey, but ideally you will want to drift only on the grey though that's incredibly hard to pull off and not entirely necessary. To get out of the drift and straighten out properly, you will want to stop braking and boost again earlier than you might think. It's hard to explain exactly when, but you will cut precious time by straightening out before you hit the end of the turn. This applies to both Long and Short variants.


Can't stress enough how it's ALL about how perfectly you drift the curves. You can even bump a wall or two on the rest of the track if you hit the curves perfectly.

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