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Hard game?


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is it just me or is this game BALLS hard? i couldnt even beat Story 4 so i had to get a merc to help. now i am on 5 and keep getting owned too. there doesnt seem to be a Garage anywhere on the 5th mission, and you have to fight no less than 2 ACs, the 2nd one has a super OP ultimate weapon that he bombards you with from long range.


i have the highest AP and fairly good defense that i can buy for my AC and i am still getting rolled. usually when i hire a merc i can at least make it close to the end of the mission between the 2 of us, but there is hardly any mercs available at a given time.


i havent really had this much trouble in an AC game before. it seems like they were trying to push the co-op features so much with this game that they just felt they needed to ramp the difficulty up to stupid levels to compensate for additional players, but didnt make it dynamic so that when you arent with other players its a bit easier.


if i pull my internet cord out and go offline, will the game lower the difficulty? ive heard that's the case with territory control missions.

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AC games are simply difficult ina different manner to other games. If a certain mission is too difficult then change your build to suit the mission. Adaptation is often the only way to survive in AC.


As for that mission with the Giga Cannon, stay in scan mode and move cover to cover using the rythm of his attacks to judge when to move, then you trigger a cutscene when you get to him.

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