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Mike Tyson - Pre-order Bonus + Gameplay Trailer


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Yep, pre-order WWE 13 and receive a code to unlock the baddest man on the planet.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv3ciEWi9ls]WWE 13 - OFFICIAL MIKE TYSON GAMEPLAY TRAILER - Pre-Order Bonus! - YouTube[/ame]


I hope, I seriously hope, that this is exclusively a pre-order bonus and not something that will be made available later on down the track.

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I'm really not interested in this Pre-order Bonus after watching the trailer it just seems very cheesey!


But then again this game is NOT good with giving up DLC content despite making you pay for some stupid season pass where you barely get ANY released content consistantly.


I'm still up in the air about buying this one I almost just wanted to gamefly it and add another notch in the old GS I've personally completed all WWE games possible so I will still end up playing this one lol.

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