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new gold rush challenges?

Atari Addict

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I did all three last night. The time crunch you had on ford island really doesn't exist on these. The "hardest" one, second on the list, took me about 6-7 tries (crashed twice being reckless) and could easily be done in half the allotted time given someone with better flying skills than me. Ford island took me over 20 tries (maybe a lot more) but I think was more about learning the right path than it being technically difficult. I can do ford island on the first try now without much effort.


All of the Alaska ones seemed easier, but I think the new gold rushes are more fun than the Hawaii ones.

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They aren't too hard once you figure a pattern for them. The A5 doesn't really cut it in Alaska (need more speed than in Hawaii), so I went voom with the RV instead, and I could nail them quite easily. I streamed it to Reborn while doing them, who as you can see, agrees that they aren't much of a problem.

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