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Alaskan Wilderness (and assorted add-ons)


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anyone got them? What are they like? How are the achievements?


And do I read correctly that the new 'free' updates are all graphics based tweaks or are they essential if you purchase the new Alaska DLC?


Ta :D


alaska's ok, much better value for money then some of the other packs acheievements arn't to hard either, you will need at least the hawaian adventure pack, or the maule or the p40 to be able to get the landing achievement though the rest are very easy


one of them is essential for alaska i belive, will let you download that one when you download alaska, bareley noticed the difference with the others but thats probebly because i have them from before alaska so maybe if you get alaska first you may notice, if your machine has the space though they can't do any harm :D

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