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hey everyone, I am planning on picking up skyrim tomorrow and also thinking about getting dawnguard while I'm at it, if I do get dawnguard do crossbows open up world wide or do I have to start the dawnguard quests to get access to crossbows? I am really interested in the crossbows instead of the regular bows. I have played many of elderscrolls in the past but this will be my first time in the land of Skyrim.

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You could just go to Fort Dawnguard and pick one up. Despite being badass vampire hunters and this being there secret hideout they don’t seem to mind a vampire coming in and taking there stuff! Infact there leader will give you one when spoken too … =/


Really? Even if you're a vampire? When I went there, the place was deserted, but that was after completing the Dawnguard questline on the vampire side. Does that make a difference?

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