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Easy Clear the drains! achievement

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If like me you missed the Clear the drains! achievement in the story then rather than replaying the case (as you can't go straight into the mission where you go into the drains) instead load up the race Waste Water (Its a City circuit race)


Part way through the race you go into a circle drain, just do a loop de loop around the wall/ceiling and the achievement will pop. I used just a bit of nitro to get around the wall (I actually failed the 1st time and hit 1 of the blue overhead lights!)

If you don't get it the 1st time you do go into another circle drain where you can have another crack.


You have to play this race anyway for the Track tester achievement so this way is quicker (and easier) than replaying the story.

I used Monsans tuned car but you should be able to do it with any of the normal cars.

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