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TLB type-B stage-to-stage plan


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After getting the achievement I will describe the techniques I used to make it easier. I do not know if continuing on the true last boss or skipping the ending credits will void the achievement so I suggest doing none of the above. I also do not know if altering the game setting have any effect on the achievement (but it doesn't matter about it as you won't be able to die anyway). This is written as if you're using TYPE B as your ship, any other ships used cannot replicate this plan.



  • If you are in phantom form when a level starts (this happens when you beat the previous stage boss whilst in phantom form) immediately cancel it.
  • Don't be scared to bomb.
  • Whenever you're about to get hit always enter phantom form to sponge the bullet. If you have no energy, bomb.
  • Have 3 bombs when fighting the stage 6 boss.


Stage 1


  • Nothing really needs to be noted, the stage is pretty simple.

Stage 2


  1. Charge up steel orbs at the initial section. launch them at the mid-boss and katana strike the mid-boss for the kill.
  2. After the mid-boss planes will come onto screen. Collect steel-orbs from them. After your descent launch your steel-orbs and katana strike the first boat and train to make this section easier.
  3. Spend the rest of the level gathering phantom energy.
  4. Dodge the bosses pattern of bullets and by the time she finishes her attack you will beat her first form.
  5. During her form change, enter phantom form and place the option on her head. This is crucial as her health drops very quickly. Keep the :abut: button held so the option does not disappear. Form 2 will die fast.
  6. On form 3 just go to the back of the map and katana strike her.

Stage 3




  1. Gather orbs and energy as you ascend.
  2. Launch steel orbs and katanas obtained at the mid-boss for the kill.
  3. Gather phantom energy and around 10 steel orbs during the descent. Utilize the auto-aim feature of TYPE B for the enemies coming from behind.
  4. Boss form 1: enter phantom form and launch steel orbs at the boss. Proceed to shoot him with your option till he dies.
  5. During form change place your option on him, proceed to work your way slowly backwards dodging bullets. Proceed upwards slowly and launch you katanas as soon as you're on the bosses level. This way katanas block his bullets and you can glide across the bottom of the screen and place your option on him and point blank him (Not in phantom form).
  6. Form 3: camp at the back of the map and shoot him. As soon as his laser hits you enter phantom form and shoot him (The laser gives you phantom energy upon contact).

Stage 4


  1. Gain steel orbsand phantom energyduring the first section.
  2. Launch steel orbs and katanas at the mid-boss.
  3. kill the first 2 blimp-helicopters by dodging bullets, save your phantom mode energy and steel orbs for the 3rd one.
  4. katana strike the third blimp-helicopter.
  5. Form 1: Dodge his first sequence of attacks. when he starts causing items to drop from above go behind him from the bottom and slowly work your way up. This way your option will automatically shoot him and you'll dodge most bullets. After this sequence ends enter phantom form and shoot him.
  6. Form 2: during form change lace your option on him, slowly tap back so you move backwards slowly. By the time you reach the left of the screen katana strike him. Follow up and use the cover from the katanas to point blank him with your option.
  7. Form 3: dodge his initial sequence by being on the bottom-left of the map. Alternate left and right to dodge the pink bullets. After his last pink bullet attack phantom form (after his last pink needle attack the area to dodge GREATLY decreases due to the blue bullets coming closer, phantom form here prevents you from getting hit during the last moment where there is very little space to dodge available). During his second sequence Bomb (Number 1) and hit him with your option. phantom mode and dodge his bullets till the sequence ends. On his third sequence exit phantom form (if you're still in it) and retreat to the back of the map. Get hit by his lasers and immediately phantom form and shoot him to kill him (during this you'll also be dodging bullets).

Stage 5




  1. Gather phantom energy and steel orbs during the first section.
  2. Launch steel orbs on the mid-boss then katana strike.
  3. During the ascent gather phantom energy/steel orbs.
  4. Release steel orbs on first tank/cannon duo. Then katana the second duo. gather more energy and steel orbs and enter phantom mode when the cannon becomes visible (The cannon is on it's own) kill the cannon which appeared and the one following whilst in phantom form. Then launch katanas at the 2 tanks.
  5. Gather steel orbs/phantom energy and katana strike the first bi-plane.
  6. Bomb (Number 2) the 2 Bi-planes (or if you're skilled get more energy/steel orbs and katana strike them).
  7. Form 1: dodge bullets from her first sequence. Before her second sequence starts enter phantom mode and place the option on her.
  8. Form 2: Katana strike her when phantom energy is low. If you're low on energy run into the lasers and immediately enter phantom form.

Stage 6




  1. Enter phantom form as the first black pillar rises. Katana strike the third one.
  2. kill the first 2 vertical ships. Phantom form on the third one and place your option where it will land. during the mid-boss (you should have lots of katanas but low energy if you didn't get hit) launch katanas. The mid-boss won't be dead but enter phantom form after the katana strike and kill it off.
  3. Enter phantom form during the first plane and launch collected steel orbs at it and katana strike it. Repeat for the second plane.
  4. Bomb (Number 3) when the tank gets on screen. Enter phantom mode and kill the second tank via katana strike (1 katana is enough to clear space to move and kill it).
  5. Dodge the last laser cannon and kill the rest for phantom energy.
  6. Form 1: enter phantom form and dodge the first sequence. When they summon tanks use the same technique in stage 4 by going behind the boss and slowly moving upwards. this will gain alot of phantom energy. when you get above the boss (should be before their 3rd bullet sequence) Bomb (Number 4), enter phantom mode AND using the invincibility of the bomb place the option SLIGHTLY above their head.
  7. Form 2: simply dodge the bullets and Katana strike them when your energy is low. They should change to form 3, if you did not place your option correctly during form 1 you won't kill them quickly.
  8. Form 3: as they start up their sequence Bomb (Number 5) and move over them and point blank them and bomb IMMEDIATELY after bomb number 5 is over (Hold A to attack them and tap B so the next bomb comes out immediately). Bomb (number 6) will allow you to point-blank them some more to gain around 75% phantom energy. As bomb number 6 ends enter phantom mode and place the option on them (you can do this as the bomb grants you invincibility) and dodge till they die.

Stage 7



You should have plenty lives and bombs. Try and use 3 bombs for every form. Just a note, he is very strong and bombs do very little damage.


Forgive me for any grammar mistakes etc. Thanks to Deexor for stage 5 help.


If i can i'll try and record my replay from my xbox and upload it. If there was only a way i could upload it to the leaderboards.

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