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Add me gamertag: Grantbear


If you have two friends who complete the third challenge, you can get 10 credits. The only other way to get credits is to pay real money for them. You can also get free Reactix and Soda which normally requires credits.

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EDIT: Dont bother messaging me...I dont play this game anymore because it glitched on me and I can no longer launch the game without being in airplane mode (offline).


Please only send me requests if you actually do complete the co-op challenges EVERYDAY or most days. I accepted a lot of people that do not do challenges and they are a waste.


GT: Arsenic 17

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Add me for co-op challenges.

Need extra cash to buy more expensive weapons, but mainly need credits to unlock more informants and the guns that can only be brought with credits. I refuse to use real money for in game purchases :)

Only add me if you do the co-op challenges as its kinda pointless if you don't ever complete them. Thx


GT - PunkTsar


UPDATE... OK there's probably not much point adding me now (thx to the people that have) but thanks to this game developer being totally useless I now can not play this game if my data is active (cellular and WiFi) F'ing useless. Will they ever make a game that works? Due to not being able to run the game online I can not connect to friends and complete any challenges until it's patched.... If they can be bothered.... which judging by deer hunter, I'm not going to hold my breath....

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Cant play online anymore, and game crashes
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I play this pretty much every day, I don't always try for the co-op challenges, but I will if they're not too much of a pain! If anyone wants to add me to help us both out, send me a message saying Contract Killer. I'm also playing Gun Bros if anyone wants bros for that!


GT: I Manface

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