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Nothing is as it seems freezing issues.

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The last mission in the Echo Six Expansion Pack 1 is "Nothing is as it Seems." When selecting the level, a message pops up that says, "Additional Downloadable Content is Required to Proceed." I select OK and it lets me into the game. A little ways into the mission there is a cut scene where you run into Clair. As soon as the scene is over, the game freezes. Same place every time.


Here is what I have tried to do so far to correct this issue:

-Delete and re-download the dlc

-Delete and recover my gamertag

-Uninstall and re-install the disc

-Clear Cache

-Download dlc onto my other xbox360 and try again

-Transfer profile to flash drive


Does ANYONE have any ideas I can try to fix this issue???? :confused:

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