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Microsoft Flight Canceled


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I'm disappointed because I thought it was heading in the right direction. I'd never buy or play FSX or any of the other "serious" flight sims. This one with it's focus on General Aviation and good old Stick and Rudder flying got my attention.


In my opinion there were two reasons that it failed.


1. Basic planes with no cockpits. They needed to release more planes with cockpits. The no cockpit planes just pissed off the more serious flight simmers and drove them away from the game.


2. Too expensive for the DLC planes. It's a digital product, whether you sell 1 or 100 of them your additional costs are low. They should have priced the planes cheaper and went for mass volume in sales, rather than pricing high and getting less sales.


Sad to see it go, once I finish all the Alaska achievements I'll probably uninstall it. If there's no future, then there's no point in putting any more time in it.

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I think the biggest problem was that they were hoping to capture a new audience while still retaining their hardcore sim fans. I guess it failed, I don't think alot of new (casual) players bought it, and the hardcore simmers hated it. If you go to MS Flight's Facebook page and read the comments on the post where they say Flight is cancelled, like 90% are hardcore simmers bitching and blaming MS for ditching their fanbase.

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It would be nice if they brought back the CFS series, but I know that's wishful thinking on my part. I thought the original MS sims did a good job being middle ground sims, they were realistic and you did need to learn a bit, but they weren't so extreme to the point you were learning to fly a real plane. I picked up Falcon 4.0: Allied Force the other day and this is what I'm talking about, this game requires you to read a 700 page manual just to learn how to fly, let alone do anything, I like realism, but that is a bit much, not to mention you seem to need a joystick to fly. If I ever learn this game, I'll probably be about 60% of the way to being able to fly a real F-16.

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