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This game still worth the buy?


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I just started playing it a couple of days ago after nabbing it in the sale weeks ago.


I must say the gameplay / gunplay is very fun and also addictive.


A bit like that excitable childish feeling when you're playing a Call of Duty game on first week after launch.


Great stuff for the 600 I spent, also well worth 1200 from what I have played so far.


Feels very old skool, a touch of Borderlands (gunplay-wise) and Team Fortress with the customisable classes and overall look. Awesome!


Oh, and for the record, I've never had a single problem with lag or finding a match in TDM, been playing it less than a week.. join us ;]

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Theres still a lot of people playing GCI and me and a friend never have trouble getting into matches. There is of course the random "disconnected from server" if the host quits. The only game mode you might have trouble finding matches in is Bounty Hunter. But the majority of the active community play Team Deathmatch :)


Hope it helps anyone considering buying the game, cuz it is a lot of fun and definitely worth it, specially if its on sale :cool:

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it is a great little game.. i just started playing a week ago or so.. only lvl 40 something.. sux sometimes running into the lvl 1000's.. but overall super fun game


and depending on your time zone.. i usually find more european players before 5pm eastern.. then a lull from 5 to 6.. then the east coasters get on after 6'ish.. community is still pretty good.. especially in Team Deathmatch

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