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Hero of Midway Help


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I have been reading the other threads concerning 'Hero of Midway' here, all of which state that you can have 0/1000 on Midway, as long as you have a save file. Upon selecting the hard drive after pressing start in BSP, this is supposed to pop. I cannot seem to get it to pop. I have a save file on the memory device with the first mission in Midway completed, but it still will not pop. Could someone who has obtained this while having 0/1000 on Midway give me a step-by-step list of what they did? I _really_ do not want to have to play Midway. Thanks in Advance. I am amazed this achievement got by MS...

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Quick update-I tested this on my dummy account, and it would not unlock for me until I had popped an achievement in BS: Midway. This appears to directly contradict Creech's guide which stated that you needed only a save game in order to pop this achievement. Does anyone know anything that could help me not have to complete Midway in order to complete this game? Thanks in Advance.

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Hello, mate!! I was very happy when I saw there was someone as me here ;)


I'm in the same situation as you. I'll explain my testings to see if we can solve this, as the achievement guide is not correct, as you say.


I've tried the following steps with different dummy accounts:


- Create savegame in BS: Midway and the play BS: Pacific = NO ach.

- Play a couple of Naval Academy missions in BS: Midway and then play BS: Pacific = NO ach.

- Play ALL Naval Academy missions in BS: Midway (achievement "Naval Academy Graduation" popped) and then play BS: Pacific = NO ach.

- Play the first story mission in BS: Midway (achievement "AA Marksmanship" (100 AA hits) popped) and then play BS: Pacific = HERO OF MIDWAY Achievement.

- So, the last thing I tried, thinking that saving after clearing a story mission was the key, was to clear the first mission without using the AA to avoid "AA Marksmanship" popping. This can be done easily if you do not shoot with the PT boat. But when I played back in BS: Pacific = NO ACHIEVEMENT.


Then I made the disc of the game fly through the window!!! I'm joking, but what I did was to give up on this stupid achievement.


I hope this helps and maybe with our stories, someone can clarify how to obtain this achievement with 0/1000 on BS: Midway so we can clear it from our profiles.


PS: sorry for my english, I'm spanish :)



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