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Finally, 100%


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The best suggestion I can give is when you highlight a level, you can press X to show the leaderboards. Go to Overall and some people have posted videos. I didn't realize it until I was about level 16. You can watch the videos and get some ideas on how to 3-star each level. Most are just keeping your chain going, but the last two levels are a pain. Spent about an hour apiece on levels 13-17. 18 and 19, a couple of hours each. The last two, 20,21, easily spent 10 hours+ finally putting all the combos, plus you have to get some bonuses (like GIGANTIC (15 bombs) and HUMONGOUS (30+ bombs)) just to reach the 3-star level. Can get very frustrating.

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Watch other peoples' playbacks in Combo Nation and try to emulate what they do. If you watch the playbacks that are closer to the score required to 3-star, those would probably be easier to duplicate. The top scores are impressive, but not very easily imitated.


Be prepared to be frustrated with the last few levels. You literally need to have a strategy with each one of your splatters going in to each level.

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