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the answer to the age old question dc or marvel? i prefer marvel to dc because i think that the characters backstories are a bit more believable than the ones of dc, and i think the characters are alot more interesting (i bet you cant get who is my favourite), i only like batman from dc but i absolutely despise superman because he is the most stupidest superhero out who cant be hurt by nothing but bogeys.

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Tough choice for me. I was never really into comic books. I love most of the movies though. I think I'm gonna have to lean towards Marvel because DC has more movies I didn't like, like Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Greenlantern and Superman (the list is longer). Marvel's list of movies I didn't like is smaller.

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Easy choice, DC > Marvel;)


I personally find the DC characters more involving and find myself more invested in their stories (even Superman:p I think i could be biased as i grew up with an older cousin who was a big fan of the justice league so i watched a lot of the cartoons and even read some comics.


However when it comes to movies i think Marvel has done a better job and i think it's creatively impossible to make a great Superman movie.

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I picked Marvel because I know more about each comic book figure, while DC I barely know any of the superheroes back stories except Batman.


Pretty much this for me too. Well I technically know about Superman too, but I hate him and choose to ignore him. Batman is awesome though, probably my single favourite superhero overall.

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marvel has a much greater list of characters from different series that i liked(prior to their portrayal in films) but they also got alot of corny ones which are really popular and i just do not like them based on the entire concept of believability of their powers and how it incorporates with their existence itself (Hulk is number 1 on the list) or just corny overall like Captain America and the Fantastic Four.


its not a coincidence that most of the characters i wound up being attracted to, looking back, all had some what believable concept of their existences/abilities.











War Machine (lol prolly the best example, just a normal guy, with a way cooler suit than Iron Man)


an many others, all mostly from the X-men series



for DC i love everything about the Batman universe and everyone in it but never got into any other DC series apart from the Christopher Reeves Superman films


id have to go with DC just for the Batman universe cause ive liked almost every portrayal of it and the concept based on all the characters are believable, from the old tv series style, to the Burton films, animated tv series, recent Nolan films and obviously the Arkham games and is it a coincidence the best LEGO games are the 2 based on Batman:drunk


havent really liked the Marvel films, loved the Animated X-Men/Spiderman series but the only video games i liked was the old X-men Arcade, the X-men game on Genesis, but recently its just the 2 MUA games, the Wolverine Origin game and this recent Arkham style Spider-man game


they could definitely incorporate the darker Arkham style take on Marvel, any of those Marvel characters i listed and their associated storylines could perfectly fit into a realistic/believable/serious game series....if Activision allows it =\

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I like Batman, JLA, Nightwing, and a LOT of the more obscure DC subsidiary (or whatever they call them) publisher's comics.


That said. I grew up on X-Men, Punisher, Spidey, Deadpool, X-Force, Hulk, Iron-Man and Cap. So, Make Mine Marvel homie. I have a lot of love for so many Marvel characters.

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