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The Mile High guide/Discussion

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1) The AI squad cannot be killed. As you move up, they will finish off stragglers. Don't waste time killing everyone.

2) You must use flash bangs.

3) Switch to your pistol. You can reload your primary weapon as you advance or recover health.

4) Practice on regular or recruit to get a idea of how many enemies there are and when and where they spawn


You can choose to knife the guy in the bathroom if you wish but half the time he will either kill you or cause enough damage so that one bullet will. Take the left passage way. Gun down the guy in the doorway and toss a flash all the way into the T-shaped hall in front of you. The four or five incoming enemies will get flashed along with the two camping the doorway. I decided to run into the next room and let the rest of the team kill the incapacitated enemies. On the right you should see a seat and part of the wall to hide behind. Move up when you can and prone in between seats. This will trigger more enemies to run down the stairs but the friendly AI should kill them.


Take the left stair case up and move into the next room and hide behind the seats. Peak out the left side and shoot up the wall. There's two guys behind it: one on the left and one on the right. Run into next room, toss a flash down the hall. Peak down the hall and kill all that you can but don't risk dying. Toss your last flash in the same place and re-load. The friendly AI can kill these guys so just kill the ones that aren't blind.


As you approach the last set of doors, the game will go slow-mo and the last enemy will have taken an innocent as a human shield. Don't shoot his leg. You have to score a head shot. He will shift to the left and this is probably the best time to kill him.


Additional video below:


Thanks to the OP and this video posted by Ze Alpaca I have FINALLY completed this level. 1000/1000 baby.


This level is very much about luck but it does require a lot of skill and with the right plan you can do it. It got VERY frustrating, but once I had the right plan of attack it seems a lot easier. I can honestly say that I'm probably never playing this level again. Ever.


Below is the video posted by Ze Alpaca, because it NEEDS TO BE SEEN.


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Added in video link thanks to HeroFromHyrule
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I did that two days ago and got that achievment. Basically I used the same strategy I built up on the first mission FNG....It a trick Infinity Ward pulled on us.....The first training mission basically trained you for the last.....if you can pass the first you can pass the last and vise versa. The only diff with me is that I never killed the guy talking a shit, I just ran past him and stopped in front of that wall that is curved then shot the guy with the mosberg, thru the flash and did my thing.......It's actually pretty easy. I re did the mission on veteran 5 times already two of which were in a row. It seems hard, but if you disregard all that strategy shit, and just rush through it's easy. I got 1000/1000 on this game too. Pretty easy achievements for the most part.


I noticed this too. The whole finish as fast as you can thing. Whether they did it on purpose or not, the cardboard enemies wont fire back. Thus making the airplane level a lot harder and makes you come up with a new strategy.

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i actually killed the guy in the bathroom real quick with my pistol, switch back to my mp5 and started blasting down the hallway...it always seemed that if i bypassed the bathroom guy that he would always end up hitting me with at least one bullet...knifing him takes too much time in my opinion...i also didn't bother throwing one flash bang in the first room, i just threw them all upstairs

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I get stuck whenever I get to the stairs, any help from after that point? The strategy is good but it never seems to work out for me. I have about 28 seconds left on the stairs, which I have heard is enough. Please help, its the only achievement I need, and yesterday it pissed me off so much that I threw my controller at my guitar breaking the controller, my headset and taking some of the paint off of my guitar. I have never been that angry trying to do something before and I love my guitar and would never want to damage it, help me for the sake of my sanity please.

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I just got the achievement. I did the same strategy as the youtube video I watched. It worked pretty well. Im so glad I never have to play that again haha.


s6boysam - If you're having trouble at a certain point try backing off for ONLY a few seconds maybe your teammates can help out a bit. And when you go up the second set up steps try throwing a flashbang if you aren't already. I used my 3rd one right there. And then my last in the immediate next room, let my teammates clear our the next room a bit.... then sprinted to the finish killing the 2 people in my way as fast as possible. Then just sprint to the door.


Theres no secret, just keep trying and trying, and with some luck you'll get it.

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i wouldn't take the chance...once i finally got to the VIP within a minute i was so damn nervous about screwing up this simple shot...if i can remember correctly you get a good chance at the very beginning of the slow motion sequence which I missed, and then near the end of timer, which is where i blew his freakin head off.

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It takes a lot of time. It seems like a lot of it is luck based. I finally got it earlier. I can easily say that while it does take a lot of skill, it takes just as much luck.


I followed the directions given in the original post. I had the most trouble getting past the first floor. Once I got past it I was fine.


I did however fuck up and kill the VIP twice. :(

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No, their is no luck in it... it's skill and knowing the layout / positions of where to throw the flash grenades. It isn't completely random...


After doing it so many times, I managed to clear the 1st room basically everytime, and I only cleared the next room when I threw my flashbang in the right area. I'm usually prone in front of that wooden wall around 35 seconds. And at 26 seconds I'm up the stairs and throwing two flashes, mowing anything down with my auto, charge into that next room and pick up the stack of flash grenades, and those I spam into the next hallway, run into the group with my auto, then pull out my pistol for the last corner...


Then hauled ass to the hostage / matrix mode shoot his head... boom blood!


Only time I died is when I messed up... not because of crappy luck...

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The only luck that comes into play is where your other two squad memebers. I remember before I got the achievement, I had really good runs but ended up dying at a later point in the level because my squadmates were lagging behind. You simply can't do the mission without them at some points.


Other than that, I agree in the end it really comes down to speed, accuracy and memorization on Veteran difficulty.

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