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Achievement Trading & Co-op (Campaign/Infinity)


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Looking for reliable players to beat co-op with and possibly get all of the terminals on the same playthrough. I will have it on launch day and will play every day for the next month or so. Add me on XBL or send me a message and we'll do this ASAP.


Also willing to boost any other possible co-op/multiplayer achievements.


GT = I Draxus I

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I will be getting this game tonight at midnight and want to Finish the whole campaign tonight/into the next morning


I am looking for people who are/wanting to do the same. Preferably on legendary and we can get as many achievements possible in one run


Msg me if your interested. I currently don't have anyone :)


GT: Beat You Silly1

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Hi ive just the got the game today im looking for Spartan co-op players an people for Campaign story mode.please note im in the UK but USA all gamers are wellcome im looking to play or normall and HARD but i will need players for the hardest settings.If your intrtested in co-op Spartan or Story mode add my gamer tag below.:drunk:locked:woop::);)


GAMER TAG HERE---------- WizardFlipper :uzi:

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