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Achievement Trading Thread (PC)


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just about to start this myself mate, i'll join you if possible, think i can make myself available most times aside from fridays


just looked online with it, and found 0 games in any gametype...played tutorial and did a few challenges, then looked again, and still nothing, so it looks like boosting is the only option


send me a friend req & message with when you're available mate, i'll try n make it happen

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I made a session on TrueAchievements for this Sunday at 1pm eastern time. If you're a member then join the session. If not then send me a private message or a message over xbox live and I'll keep you in mind if we don't get enough people in the session. The reason I say that is if I get 6 I can't kick people out because someone here said they want to join but weren't in the session.


Anyways, here is the link,


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