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Who's your favourite Grand theft auto character and why?



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  1. 1. Favourite?

    • Brucie Kibbutz
    • Lazlow
    • Luis Lopez
    • Luigi Goterelli
    • Phil Collins
    • Carl Johnson
    • Yusuf Amir
    • Little Jacob
    • Niko Belilc
    • Other

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Little Jacob.


"Wa'gwan Niko, Ya real badman inna jah, sight? Dis real bumbaclot take rob me coal."

I have no idea what he is saying at any point during the game.


Lil Jacob was one of my favorites. It was fun to get high with him. Smoke some good stuff then play some GTA IV, ride around with Jacob in GTA shooting bad guys with him on missions like ''Concrete Jungle'' and driving him around with reggaie music blasting in the car.


I think Jacob was saying from that quote


''Whats goin on Niko,you are a real badass around here, See, theres this one real motherfucker that has robbed me of my money.''



Thats my interprtation of it I think its pretty accurate ;)

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Claude Speed because he is so cold blooded and it doesn't talk. He was the first character I felt identified with and also my first GTA was the third entry.


Honorable mentions: Trevor and Michael because they are so funny and make me laugh every time.

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