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Anniversary Update: Confirmed - No new achievements


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The anniversary update is out today, featuring the Babylon Pro Civilization, the Fertile Crescent Booster, and the Empire Vault. One of the developers confirmed there are no achievements included:



There are no achievements with this patch. We skipped a Live Cerftification pass by skipping them, which saved a week or more of development. We may add them later, but nothing is finalized.


Per my usual approach to DLC, no achievements = no purchase. His full post can be found HERE, while the complete thread with multiple questions and responses can be found HERE.

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The whole dirty details of the update if you are interested:


DESIGN Notes Anniversary Update


Major Features

Now Available: Babylon Pro Civilization

Command the masters of Mesopotamia!

Travel to the fertile plains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and take command of the mighty Babylonian Civilization.

Head straight into battle at level 20 with unique units like the mighty Lancer Calvary, with its Charge upgrade. Construct a Garden or Ziggurat to empower your troops and advance through the Ages. Garrison your units in your mobile Siege Tower and fire barrages of arrows at your enemy.

Get immediate access to Rare and Epic gear, Advisors, and Ranked PvP; increase your Capital City warehouse storage; get more Workshops; and receive Coin when other players buy from your stores.

Perfect for PvPers and those who want to rush to the Alliance Wars.

It's available now in the Empire Bazaar.



Now Available: The Fertile Crescent Booster

Looking for more quests?

The Fertile Crescent Booster offers 30 all-new quests for level 20 cities and beyond.

Located in the fertile plain lands between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and ruled by King Nebuchadnezzar II, Mesopotamia is often considered the cradle of civilization with its advanced irrigation systems and written laws known as Hammurabi’s Code.

But a code of law is only effective if it can be enforced, and the Mad Median’s raiders refuse to follow the rules. It’s up to you to prove that the Mad Median and his raiders are not above Hammurabi’s Code-or fist. You must protect the crown jewels: Babylon and her queen.

It's available now in the Empire Bazaar.



Now Available: Empire Vault

Need more space? Find yourself constantly mailing items to your other civs? This is the feature you need. Release your inner hoarder!

The Empire Vault is a shared Inventory for all of your civs on your current realm. It comes with 4 shared Inventory slots, and can be expanded it to up to 240 slots with Empire Points. With the Vault open, you right-click items to add them and right-click Vault items to send them back to your inventory. The inventory can be filtered by item type (All, Gear, Materials, Advisors, Recipes, etc.).

The Empire Vault can be accessed from its button attached to the minimap near your regular Inventory on the Capital City UI. It can be purchased right there or from the Empire Bazaar. You expand its capacity from within the Vault itself.



Now Available: Rename your Capital

Ever made a poor decision that you wish you could reverse, but couldn’t? Now you can! For a fee.

You can now rename your Capital City from the Civilization Selection screen. Click on the "More Info" button and select "Rename." It costs Empire Points to rename your city, so you'll want to choose wisely this time.



Now Available: New Empire Consumables

This update features six powerful new Empire Consumables. Destroy your enemies in style with Palintonons of the Empire, Resources of the Empire, Crocodile Rampage and more. Take a peek at the Empire Store to see the new consumables.



Now Available: Vanity Ticket, Golden Ticket

There is now a chance to get two new, hard to find items: the Vanity Ticket and the Golden Ticket. Turn in the Vanity Ticket for a random piece of Vanity Gear in Vanity Island. Or, if you’re lucky enough to find a Golden Ticket, you can turn it in to Marcus Pollux for a random assortment of level appropriate gear (up to level 30).



Now Available: New Vanity Gear

This update includes 4 new sets of Vanity Gear! Outfit your units with the Dragon Slayer, Wizard, Lunch Knight, and Pirate sets! Visit Vanity Island today to purchase your own set:

To know all about it: <http://preview.ageofempiresonline.com/en/articles/blog-20120717>



Now Available: New Legendary Items

You asked, we answered. 20 new Legendary items are waiting to be discovered, including Belly Bows, Axes, and Scepters. Find them where you find all of your favorite Legendary items!



New Feature: Milestone Techs

With this new feature, you will now get access to powerful new Milestone techs at levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. At each Milestone, you can choose between two specialized bonuses to improve your effectiveness in all quests (excluding PvP). You’ll find Milestone Techs in your Technology Tree, but choose wisely - they can’t be reset.

Once you pick these Milestones, you can choose one per Civilization to affect your other Civilizations. The more Civilizations you play and level to 40, the more Milestones you'll get.

This feature is available for all players. Discover the feature here: <http://ageofempiresonline.com/en/articles/blog-20120719>



New Feature: Spectator Mode for Arena PvP

Like to watch?

For some, watching an Arena match is as thrilling as sparring face-to-face with the enemy on the battlefield. The new Spectator Mode lets anywhere from 1-3 players observe or "Spectate" 1v1 or 2v2 Arena matches between players. (The maximum number of players in a match is currently 5.)

As Spectator, you have your own UI that lets you see what all players are doing, what resources they have, their build queues, how many idle workers they have, and you can switch between perspectives to see intel. All of these panels can be moved anywhere on the screen. Cast away!

A premium Civilization is required to launch an Arena match, but any free or premium player can be a Spectator.


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Is it me or it seems that most people here stop playing AOE after the latest update which it didnt brought any new achievements cause this forum is really dead.


well yes, most only play because of the achievements, and if they got them all.. well you get the point. its an achievement site after all :)


but yeah, its a shame since the game is fun. but not the pvp, some guys steamroll you if you just play for fun :eek:

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