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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough / Collectibles / Sidequests


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At the bottom of the guide there are videos for the collectibles as well courtesy of Powerpyx.


Turn Mini Map rotate off in the options to follow directions more accurately.


About Collectibles: It should be warned that all of these should be done in a single playthrough. The collectibles are side-quest related mostly, so it is important to finish them for that related achievement. The Boatman Coins and Arbiter Scrolls are not required for any achievements, but are mentioned anyways in case people want to collect them. The coins can be traded for elite random gear, which as you play you'll likely never feel the need since you will have found your own. Also the scrolls aren't required at all either because I have the directions listed that they provide. If I could write the entire guide over again, I would have not have even bothered putting either collectible in.




Sidequests nor collectibles related to them will show up in your New Game+. You will get all your gear, money, trained abilities, and Boatman coins.




Overview: This is basically the start of the game. It is mostly a tutorial on everything. Just keep moving forward. You will eventually fight a "shade" which is the boss. You will get your first achievement after defeating him.



Overview: This is the location which is a safe area. Talk to the people in here and gain side-quests and more info about what is going on in the story. You can also use the merchants here for new items.


Items of Interest


Boatman Coin

After talking to Thane and moving forward with the main quest, you will make your way through a door Thane opens for you. Right when you go through, you will see water. Jump in and swim to the bottom for your coin.

Main Quest: The Fire of the Mountain


*Speak to Alya

*Speak to Thane

*Find the Cauldron

Sidequest: The Maker Warrior


*Win a duel against Thane


--Location: Tri-Stone

--Given By: Thane, whom is listed as a trainer. He wields an axe

--How to Complete: Choose the option to fight him. He is tough at early levels and can take you out with one hit. Come back later when you are higher and have better gear.



Sidequest: Shawman's Craft


*Track Karn down and speak to him

*Harvest some Stalker's Bone from a Stalker

--Location: Tri-Stone

--Given By: Muria, the Shaman. You can buy talismans and potions from her as well as sell items.

--How to Complete: This will come naturally as you play through doing other things. Your first goal is to find Karn, whom happens to be on your way to do your main quest.


Sidequest: first complete main quest Fire of the Mountain to talk more


--Location: Tri-Stone

--Given By: Alya, Forge Sister

--How to Complete:




Overview: This is a big area that is just a middle ground to enter other areas. Ride East to The Weeping Crag to continue the main quest.

Items of Interest


Boatman Coin

This coin is located to the West by the gate (to the left of it).

Book of the Dead Page 1

Your first page is located in the North area a little to the right. It's a very obvious area.




Enter this area but don't plan on staying long. You will see a merchant icon on your map. This is Vulgrim. Speak with him before moving on.


Sidequest: The Book of the Dead


Collect Book of the Dead pages scattered across the realms. Once you have 10 sell them to Vulgrim (a completed chapter).


--Location: The Weeping Crag

--Given By: Vulgrim, the merchant. Talk to him once, then back out.

--How to Complete: You will have to find the pages for the book, which will be outlined throughout this guide.






Items of Interest


Boatman Coin

When you enter the area, make a u-turn to the right and go up a cliff. Jump to reach it.


Book of the Dead Page 2

On the East side of the area there is a big statue. Behind the statue is the page.


Boatman Coin

Just South of the statue, there is a wall. On the opposite side up high is a coin, just climb up the wall and you should get it.


Boatman Coin

In the North area is a door to some ruins. Head inside and smash the objects on the left for the coin and a chest.


Boatman Coin

As you are exiting Baneswood to the next area, you will see to your right a chest on a hill. Near the chest on the edge of the cliff is a coin.





Overview: Just passing through


Items of Interest


Boatman Coin

As you make your way through this area, you will see a big hollow tree laying on the ground. On the left and inside of it is the coin.


Boatman Coin

As you venture through, the area to your right (The North side above the area to the left of the "The Charred Pass") you will see a well which is ground level and broken. Jump in and swim down. Once you enter the cavern area look back up to find the coin.


Sidequest: Shawman's Craft CONTINUED


You will find Karn in front of the Cauldron where your main quest is. Talk to him to update the quest and you will now have to Harvest Stalker's bones.




Overview: This is the first Primary Quest.

Pull the switch in the first area and go through the door. Use the bomb you can interact with (yellow and glowing) on the wall the game instructs you to. Then use the bomb on a yellow rock structure to reveal a hidden chest. Continue on through to the next area available. You can't do anything in this room with the purple lock so continue forward to the next.


Boatman Coin

Move forward after the door and there is a slope that leads to the coin.


Now you must get to the other side of this room and grab a bomb. The path to it should be obvious (climbing involved). Throw the bomb at the switch on the wall. Continue through the new door. Fight off the ambush, then continue on again. Grab the Dungeon Map from the chest. Now as you head to the next area, you will see a Stalker fighting the enemies you have been fighting. Kill the stalker.A chest nearby has the skeleton key in it.


Boatman Coin

Destroy the various boxes/vases around the arena


Sidequest: Shawman's Craft CONTINUED


You now have the Stalker's Bone. After this dungeon, you can give it to Karn.


Backtrack to the door with the purple lock on it.You can now enter. Move the glowing blue ball onto the obvious spot it needs to go.


Boatman Coin

Inside this room, climb to the wood post on the wall. Climb to the spot you can shimmy. Now go to the right and jump away towards the coin in the air.


As you progress, you will do a little bit of climbing. Once you get to the growth on the wall, climb down it and enter into a small room with a switch. Go the only route you can and open a door. Use the bomb to blow up the yellow rocks.


Book of the Dead Page 3

Take the orb and put it in the slot that is directly left as you had entered the area. This will lower a gate and in the little nook near where you put the orb is the page.


To continue, dislodge the first orb with the bomb. Now place each orb into the spots in front of the gate to lower it and collect the key. Backtrack to the locked door and open it.


Boatman Coin

When you enter the locked area, to the left is some debris you can smash to gain a coin.


Push the switch and use the wall to shimmy across and jump to the thing that raises. Climb up and to the next level. Grab the bomb and throw it down to where the chest is blocked by the yellow stone. Go down and get it and head back up afterwards. Throw the bomb to hit the switch. Cross the bridge while you have the chance.


Boss: Gharn


Time to fight a boss! Well, it's not much of a boss. It is pretty easy. Keep attacking it when it goes down to prepare for it's own attacks. Very simple battle here.


After the fight, continue on and through a hallway collecting the chest. Now you will enter the big room with another chest. Grab the chest.


Book of the Dead Page 4

Make sure you destroy the boxes to the right of the lever to grab this book.


Rotate the lever to release the flow of the lava. Open the door on the right and head down a few flights of stairs.


Boatman Coin

This coin is in the air. You will see it after about one to two sets of stairs. You must jump to it in the middle.


Exit the dungeon! Go talk to Karn.


Sidequest: Shawman's Craft CONTINUED


Talking to Karn will progress this quest. He will now want you to collect Mordant Dew. Fast Travel back to Tri-Stone, specifically to Alya.




Talk to Alya. She will give you Redemption which also unlocks the achievement associated with it. You can now barter. Once you are done talking with her you will obtain the achievement for completing Fire of the Mountain. Want a secret chest? Aim up with Redemption and shoot the case above the guy hammering. Now head to where Muria is. To the left and right of the stairs leading to her are vases in the side areas. Head to the main bridge. Right before the bridge to the right and left are another two little areas that have vases. One has no lava and the other has lava. Shoot them too and a secret chest will appear. near Muria's area.

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Sidequest: The Maker Warrior COMPLETE


Fight Thane now since you are higher leveled and used to the combat system. You just have to really rely on avoiding all of his attacks. Remember if you need to build wraith to use your special moves, you may always hit the posts too.


Talk to Thane some more to get more sidequests.


Sidequest: Find and kill Bheithir

Sidequest: Find and kill Gorewood

Sidequest: Find and kill Achidna

Sidequest: Find and kill Deposed King


--Location: Multiple

--Given By: Thane, after defeating him in battle.

--How to Complete: There are 4 enemies you must kill for Thane.


Main Quest: Tears of the Mountain


*Speak to Karn




Overview: This area is just a route to a bigger area.


Karn is located in Stonefather's Vale now. Go to the gate to Shadow Gorge on the map. Talk to Karn and shoot the bombs up above it and continue on.


When you get further into the Shadow Gorge, you will fight Stingers. Now that you obtained some Modrant Dew, head back to Karn.


Sidequest: Shawman's Craft CONTINUED


Talk to Karn about Carven Stone. Harvest Carven Stone from a Construct Sentinel.


Now back again where you were going.


Boatman Coin

As you travel forth, you will see a trail leading North. It is called Shattered Forge. Quickly go up that path and jump in the water. On the right side there is a coin. We will revisit this area later.


Go to the West again. Destroy the part with the explosive and climb up.

Boatman Coin

On top of where you just climbed, on the ledge is a coin.


Climb back up and fight off the enemies inside. The doors will open. Continue forward.


Boatman Coin

Collect this coin which is to your right on the balcony.


Drop down and be sure to use the switch to open the gate.




Overview: This is a bigger area and you will meet Blackroot here which grants a sidequest. There are 69 stonebites you have to collect. Blackroot is easily spotted on your right on the very West part of the area.


Sidequest: Sticks and Stones


--Location: Starts at The Fjord.These are a form of collectibles. They are in tons of places.

--Given By: Blackroot (located in the West part.

--How to Complete: There are a total of 69 stones you must obtain. Shoot them with the Redemption gun to collect them.


You have likely seen these before and can backtrack to collect the ones you had not obtained.


Mystic Stonebite 1/34

The first one you can grab is to the left of Blackroot.


Boatman Coin

Use your horse (Despair) to leap off the cliff near Blackroot to grab this coin in mid-air.


Backtrack to gain missed Stonebites


Overview: It sucks to have to backtrack to the areas earlier on. Let's just get these Stonebites out of the way so we can move on and not worry about them.


Mystic Stonebite 2/34 (Stonefather's Vale)

Fast Travel to The Weeping Crag entrance gate in Stonefather's Vale. Go North to the tip where you got the first Book of the Dead page. You should see the stone hanging on the edge of the mountain.


Mystic Stonebite 3/34 and 4/34 (Baneswood)

Fast Travel to Baneswood. Go into the ruins on the North West side. Climb up and shoot across from where you climbed. Now go to the next indention on the map which is North and in the middle. This is easy to spot.


Mystic Stonebite 5/34 and 6/34 (East Trail)

Continue on horse South East. You will get onto East Trail which is just before Charred Pass. As you enter the area on your right is a hill. Go up it and there is a small bit of ruins. Inside of the round roof is one of the stones. Move forward on the trail and you'll go under an archway. There is some ruins on the left. Climb up and look up to shoot the other Stonebite.


Power Stonebite 1/25 (The Charred Pass)

Once you actually get into the Charred Pass (the location pops up on screen) you will go to the North part. The well you swam in before must be revisited. Dive in and swim through the tunnel. You will have to climb up a wall and jump to land. Look up to shoot the Stonebite.


Mystic Stonebite 7/34 (The Charred Pass)

On the map, head towards "The Scar" area which is a path going South. Right before the path there is a Stonebite on the ceiling below the cliff.


Mystic Stonebite 8/34 (The Charred Pass)

Continue on the Charred Path. Halfway to The Cauldron there is some ruins in the middle and South. Climb up the ruins. Go through the broken wall on the side and look up.


Mystic Stonebite 9/34 (Shattered Forge)

Fast travel to this location. Look over the water to the right, and you can shoot the Stonebite from where you stand.


THE FJORD (After backtracking)


Boatman Coin

Continue forward and you will see water to your right. Dive in the water and you will find this by one of the broken supports.


From the coin, continue South and you will find Vulgrim. Trade as you will with him. Now swim to the other side that had dry land (the right). There is a giant there, interact with it.


Sidequest: Silent Stone


--Location: The Fjord. South most area you can swim to opposite of Vulgrim.

--Given By: When you interact with the giant.

--How to Complete: You need a special item.


Boatman Coin

As you ride on the main path from the new sidequest area, you will see a floating coin. Go up the hill and leap off to gain the coin.


Power Stonebite 2/25 (The Fjord)

All the way East and North is a path you can go on which leads uphill to a door in the mountain. Enter inside. Look up above where you entered and you will see the stone.


Boatman Coin

To the right of where you entered is a little area you can find the coin in.


Mystic Stonebite 10/34 (The Fjord)

As you continue on your main path up the hill and inside a cave, keep an eye out above you for the stone.




Overview: This is the next dungeon to complete the Primary Quest for Tears of the Mountain.


To get inside the dungeon, you will need to venture towards the entrance. On the side you can enter a little area to climb up to where a bomb is. Throw it across the way to the orb being held by a statue. Now shoot it. Go down and move the orb to the circle indention in the ground. Now enter the door.


Book of the Dead Page 5


When you enter the dungeon, you will be in a huge room with multiple levels. Go left. Keep looking at the balcony ledge. You will eventually see a broken spot. If you look down, there is a piece of land you can fall on (you are able to grab onto the spot you can shimmy). Grab the card.


Boatman Coin

Jump up to the part you can climb/shimmy on. Go left to the wood post, then to another spot to shimmy. Now drop at the end and turn around for the coin.


Mystic Stonebite 11/34 (The Drenchfort)


Get back up whichever way you want. Now make your way to the opposite of the original balcony. You should see this stone across from the statue. You can drop down and shoot it.


You're going to be progressing now through the East door. Continue on collecting the chests. Skip the first door you see, and the second one contains another chest and some fighting. Backtrack to the first door you saw and enter. This area will need two orbs placed in order to gain access to the next area. For the first one, venture South to some water. Swim to get a chest. Come back up and you should see a spot you can grab on to. Learn how to wall-run, jump, wall-run. Get to the orb and push it to it's spot. Now go to the North part and climb the wall.

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Boatman Coin

This coin is right above the arch on the gate. When you climb up, look above the arch and jump to it.


Continue over the arch where you got the coin and it leads to a Dungeon Map. Now jump down on the opposite side of the gate. Look for the bomb where the wall is destroyed (you have to climb to it). Now throw it to the obvious place and destroy the stuff in the way. Go down and move the orb to the gate. Grab a bomb again and put it on the back side of the orb. Jump in the middle where there is a pressure plate to lower the gate. Shoot the bomb from that spot. The orb will roll forward and you can now put it on the second spot that needs an orb to advance. Destroy the hive in the hallway and continue to the next area. Destroy the yellow crystals with the bomb that is near the door. Now pull the lever. Jump in the water channel now and relax a little. Wait, there's a chest, stop relaxing and grab it on your left up a wall. Continue forward and through the door. You will notice the water raises. Swim through the tunnel on the left.


Boatman Coin

You will likely get this as you swim into the next room that has you climb. If not, it's right at the end of the tunnel.


Climb up and you'll do some fancy wall jumping (go left) eventually leading to a chest. Now jump down and start again, but go right. You'll get ambushed in the next room.


Boatman Coin

This is just sitting in the room you get attacked in.


Move on and you'll pass a door needing a key. As you go down the stairs opposite the door, go left and jump down into the mostly empty water channel. Now follow it until you see a chest on your map. Go to the chest to obtain the Skeleton Key. Backtrack to the door and open it. Once inside grab the chests. Climb up to where the bomb is and use it against the crystals blocking your path. Grab the ball and the game will tell you to press :rtbut: to push it with force while going up an incline. Put it in the spot it needs and it will lower a platform that is in ahead of the orb. Now grab another bomb and put it on the orb. Get on the platform that lowered, and shoot the bomb to blast the orb away and go up. Go through the door. Continue forward and you will come to a lever. Before the lever, there is a set of stairs. Go up them and look ahead to see a bomb you can shoot (above the channel). Go for a relaxing swim again.


Book of the Dead Page 6


Once you are in the pool of water at the end, look forward to see an area you can jump on with rubble. Get up there and behind the stone is a page.


Swim below and go through the tunnel. Come out and jump up and climb until you get to the next lever. Pull it.


Boatman Coin

Turn around from the lever. Look over the edge and you will see the coin to jump to.


Use your map to get you back to the main area. You can do so by jumping over the lever you pulled and using that hall. You can now enter the final door (South) in the area. Continue on until you get to the room with the ball. Shove it with :rtbut: into the thing growing on the ground in the middle.


Boss: Karkinos


When the boss charges you, dodge. Now quickly grab the ball and shove it towards Karkinos. Kill the enemy that pops out and then wreck havoc on the underbelly of the monster. Do so and Karkinos will eventually dive under ground and roots will come from the ground to attack. Keep dodging them. Then the boss will repeat the normal charge and you can finish it off.


After the boss is dead, continue forward and pull the lever. Now you can fast travel back to Tri-Stone to turn in the quest.



Once you are here, run through the main door into the Maker's Forge. You will receive the "Maker's Key". You will also gain the achievement related to completing the quest.


Mystic Stonebite 12/34 (The Maker's Forge)


Go behind the main middle area where everyone is standing. Look up to shoot the stone.


Primary Quest: To Move a Mountain


--Location: Tri-Stone, in the Maker's Forge.

--Given By: Alya

--How to Complete: Find the lost temple and complete it.


Sidequest: The Hammer's Forge


--Location: Tri-Stone, in the Maker's Forge.

--Given By: Alya

--How to Complete: Find the lost hammer in the Shattered Forge.

--Required Item: Deathgrip - You cannot do this quest until you have this item.


Sidequest: Silent Stone CONTINUED


Fast travel to The Fjord. Swim across to where you obtained the quest near Vulgrim. The giant will talk to you. You will receive Oran's Heartstone Fragment.


Sidequest: Silent Stone COMPLETED


Sidequest: Wandering Stone


--Location: The Fjord, South of the water.

--Given By: Oran, the giant you awakened with the key.

--How to Complete: You are tasked to find all 4 of Oran's limbs (left and right arm, left and right leg).




Head inside and activate the rocks with the blue aura. Roll it to the circular pressure plate. Fire the chain to the wall indicated by the game. Run across and jump up and go into the next area. After defeating the enemies, use the bomb to blow up the crystals. Climb to the next area which leads down some stairs and into a courtyard. There is a well here that has some boxes/vases by it.


Boatman Coin

Destroy the vases/boxes around the well in the courtyard to gain the coin.


Find the lever by one of the closed gates in front of a door. Pull it. Now go to the left down some stairs into a place with lava. Move on and go to the next available door. You will have to return later with a special piece of equipment to get anything. Leap on the wooden beams. On the second one, go up the wall and to the top beams. Sit on the golden one to lower a gate for the orb. Press :bbut: to drop down. Now the orb is free for you to move around. Move it to the circular lift near a switch. Push it there (using shove) and pull the switch and quickly get on.


Mystic Stonebite 13/34

At the top of this lift, look in the corner for the stone.


Now shove the orb across the opposite way to another lift. Pull the lever to bring it up. You can now move it near the gate to open it. Pull another lever to exit. Now you'll find yourself back in the courtyard. Go to the North part of the courtyard and enter the door.


Boatman Coin


Follow the stairs down, which go into water. Keep swimming down and following them. You will get to a room with the coin.


Head up the stairs now. Just continue through on the pretty obvious path to the next door. It leads outside and you'll find Karn in front of the temple.




Enter and continue until you see the yellow crystal formation. Activate the construct. Punch the yellow crystals and continue on through the door after leaving the construct in the circular spot. Continue to the courtyard area.


Boatman Coin

Destroy all the objects/vases around the area for a coin.


Sidequest: Shawman's Craft FINISHED


Once you kill the sentinel in the courtyard, you may fast travel and talk to Muria. She will give you the Grim Tailsman which you must be level 9 to wear. Now you can fast travel back.


Jump up the wall that peg that showed up after the fight with the sentinel. Continue on until you get to some water.


Boatman Coin

Dive into the water and grab a coin.


There's a hidden cave in the water if you want some loot. Climb to the other side after and activate the construct. Shoot the chain and break the crystals on the other side. Go pull the lever that is revealed. Go down the very obvious route back to the main courtyard area. Destroy the crystals in the area.

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Mystic Stonebite 14/34 (The Temple)


After using the chain after breaking the crystals, fall down the gap instead of going on the chain. Look up to shoot the crystal.


Grab the chest down there too then climb back up. Now for a really easy puzzle. Once across the chain, blow up the bomb by the orb. Put the orb on the slot, and run to where the gate opened. Throw a bomb to the orb and blow it up so that the opposite gate opens. Now grab the Skeleton Key and climb up the growth area to get back to the door you need to open. Go through and follow the path to pull a lever. Now get back to the construct and move it, breaking all the yellow crystal. Pick up the Map from the chest. Park the construct on the right and shoot the chain. Grab the loot at the end. Detach on your way back and bring the construct to the North where you can now proceed through a gate. Before going through the gate, if you do not have health potions, it would be wise to teleport and go buy the max amount.


This new circular area has a ton of enemies and have annoying sentinels. You will have to fight some waves of enemies, which eventually lead into 2 bigger enemies. Continue through the next door after the battle. Go through the next door available, and wall jump back and forth across the pit.


Boatman Coin

When you land from the wall jumping, look back and to your right.


Move on and wall jump back and forth vertically by a waterfall. Collect all 3 chests in this new area.


Boatman Coin

Past the well behind a tree is the coin (left of the door you have to enter).


Once you find the construct, put him on the elevator. Now jump on the side and climb up to a peg. Wall run until you get to the opposite area with another construct. Move it to the circular indention near the elevator to raise it. Use that construct to lower a gate just up the stairs (another indention to park on). Switch yet again to the other construct and bring it through the now open gate and it leads to another indention. Use your chain (have to break the yellow). Now you can cross. Go to your right, and again, roll that construct to the indention.


Book of the Dead Page 7


Make sure you go back across the chain and around the corner. A Book of the Dead awaits where that gate also lowered.


Continue on, moving outside. Go the obvious acrobatic path to the door. Fight off the enemies there. Enter and climb the wall. Blast the bomb to dislodge the orb.


Power Stonebite 3/15 (The Temple)


Aim to the left of the bomb/orb area and you'll see this stone in the corner.


Book of the Dead Page 8


Before leaving, jump across the beams and get to a book of the dead.


Roll the orb to it's place to open the door (up the small steps). When you enter, you will have to fight some enemies.


Boatman Coin

Make sure you break all of the boxes and vases around for the coin.


Continue on until you finally get to the boss.


Boss: Construct Hulk


This is a boss you won't be attacking directly. When he pounds the ground, bombs will fall around the area. Grab and throw them quickly on him. When they explode, you will attack. Just keep doing this, it's the only thing to do and the battle doesn't get any tougher.


Activate the giant Warden after looting the chests. You will return to Tri-Stone. Make your way to the to the Forge. Then go talk to the Warden to access the bridge to go to the Foundry.


Boatman Coin

After crossing the bridge, go to the right of the door and you'll discover the coin.




Enter the Foundry.


Resistance Stonebite 1/10


You will see some giant cauldrons when you enter another door. Wait for the 4th one which will have the stone attached to it.


Continue forth. You will see a hammer (trust me, you will not miss this hammer). Continue around it until you pass the last giant chain. Karn can toss you over the gap. Keep going using your acrobat skills to venture forward. Pull the lever when you get to it. Enter the next area and look at the door needing a skeleton key. To the right is a lever to jump on. Go under the door Karn holds for you. Find the entrance that has the yellow crystal formation. Once you exit, you will get an area with a round gate on the grate on the ground with chains. Karn will toss you up where the treasure chest is. Grab it and fall into the water.


Boatman Coin

When you swim, to the right in the water there is a coin.


Swim to the next area you can resurface at. Climb up. Continue forward for more swimming. You can grab a chest if you want. You'll get to a room with the orb. Once you step on the pressure plate it will open the gate and Karn will hold it. Roll the orb under. You will need to push it up a slope (shoving it) into the indention in the wall. It should stick, if not just keep trying. Activate the construct and kill the enemies. Locate the yellow crystals with the chest behind them and get destroy them with the chain. Go back the way you came with all the yellow crystals and destroy them while you move. Park the construct on the indention ahead and walk on the chain. To the left is a growth wall. Climb it to the top and jump backwards to the pole. Keep on that route. You'll enter a door and have to wall jump. There is some lava that spills which you will have to wait for to wall jump, so just be patient. Open the door and fight. Head the obvious way and grab the Skeleton Key from the chest at the end. Jump down to the chain. Get to the door needing the key and open it. Continue up the steps and at the end through a door, you can get tossed by Karn. Fall down on the right side of this area to grab the Map. Open the door and attack the purple thing before you. You now have Deathgrip! Finally you can gain some of the items you couldn't before.


Book of the Dead Page 9


Cross over to Karn, then turn around. Look down over the ledge to the other side and you'll see a ring. This is just for reference. Go back and hang on the ledge, then let yourself fall. Press the trigger (can do early and keep pressing) to try and grab the ring. Once you latch on, climb into the tunnel. In the small chamber at the end you will have to jump and latch to a ring on the wall. Climb the wall and on the path, look right to find the page.


Exit this area and when you get to the stairs be sure to grab the bomb on the right and blow up the crystals to get a chest. As you progress, Karn will tell you to follow him. He is a lot easier to follow than Dust is (the crow). Too bad he wasn't always around! You can backtrack for a treasure chest if you want (the one to the right of the construct chain). Follow Karn and get to a bridge that is not raised. Use Deathgrip to grab the bomb and throw it to the switch on the left. In this next area you will have to climb the beams and pull a lever, then climb up and use Deathgrip to get to some growth on the ceiling. Get to the other lever and pull it. Cross the drawbridge. Pull the lever in to lower the elevator when you get there. Then have Karn throw you when you get to the Heart Stone. This area is very obvious and straight forward. Once you get down to the lower area with lava you will board a construct and smash through some yellow crystal (yes, it can travel in lava). You'll get to a indention you can park the construct on and run up the chain. Once you get to the top, use Deathgrip to make the Heart Stone drop and Karn will carry it for you. He actually uses this main quest item as a weapon, smashing enemies with it. Don't worry he can't break it. But did he know that? Lead the way and get back to where the Guardian is.


Use the new loop to cross the lava. Head through the pipe. Continue until you get to a room with a pressure plate, which allows Karn in. have him heave you over the next area. Head outside and kill the enemies.


Boatman Coin

After taking care of the enemies, smash the objects around to get the coin.


Grab the construct and move it to the indention. Shoot the chain out. Go to where the rotating switch is and use it to bring up the chain. Go to the exposed wall now (the part that lifts on the left) and use it to get to the chain, then up the wall. Continue the acrobatic route until you pull a lever which raises some bridges. Head back and board/ride the construct. When you get to the bridges, go on the one with the yellow crystals and destroy them. Roll the construct to the outside area and kill the enemies. Go to the switch and dismount.


Boatman Coin

Jump into the water near the lever to grab a coin.


Swim opposite of the coin and you'll enter a wider area of water. To the left on a wall is some growth, which you should climb. Keep going along this path Once you get on high ground, head to the chest on the left. Then look to the water and on the left.

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Boatman Coin

There is a coin in the water. Grab this before heading up to the lever.


Use Deathgrip on dry land to start heading up to the lever. Pull it then jump to the chest nearby (on another stone area). Break all the breakables for a hidden chest to appear.


Achievement Awareness


Once back up and ready to leave, you can jump off 3 different balconies. This achievement is called The Triple Lindy. Two of the balconies are broken and one you just have to jump off where normally it would be broken.


Once back to where Karn is, look at the cauldrons going by. On the bottom of one is a bomb (this is by where you left the construct). Throw the bomb at the yellow crystal and have Karn throw you to the Skeleton Key. Open the door with the purple lock. Fight the enemy inside, then smash all of the boxes and vases. Now go back and get the construct and wheel it to the the crushing mechanism that is located by the level in that same area. Pull the lever (poor guy) to release the orb. Now roll the orb inside where you unlocked the door with the skeleton key and put it on the indention in there. Wall jump back and forth where the gate lowered. Make your way to the second Heart Stone. Backtrack with the stone being carried by Karn. When you get to the pipe area, you will see some walls to climb on. Go on them and through the pipe.


Boatman Coin

This coin will be in a pipe to your left as soon as you make your way through another pipe.


Cross the gap and go into the pipe that leads straight so that you can let Karn through. Now journey back and then into the main chamber with the guardian yourself. Run to Karn so he can throw you. Pull the lever in there and come back out to ride the construct. Roll in and smash all the yellow crystals in your way. Roll the construct over to the indention in front of the heart stone. Climb up and take the scenic route around to grab the heart stone. The nearby construct will awaken.


Boss: Corrupted Custodian


This boss is essentially just a really strong enemy. If you can avoid it's attacks it will be an easy fight. If not, you may have to depend on Reaper Form and potions. After a few deaths you will likely have it down.


Head back to the Guardian area and place the last stone. Sadly the fast travel option is not available. Look at your map and go on route to "The Maker's Forge" at the very north part. Make your way to Tri-Stone on foot, then through that to Stonefather's Vale.




Time for a boss fight!


Boss: The Guardian


This boss looks a lot tougher than it actually is. When it swings the hammer down at you, just do your best to avoid it (it's very difficult to) while riding Despair (the horse). Try to aim at the arm and shoot the bombs on it with the gun. Once successful, you must go to the stone heart and use the deathgrip on it and attack it. When the Guardian shoots the yellow spike thing at you, shoot it until it floats into the air. Now go around so that when it aims to fly at you, it hits the Guardian instead. Once down, run up to his other arm and climb it and get to the other stone on his head.




Now that you have the equipment needed, you can go grab more things you weren't able to get before. There isn't a ton really. You can visit other places, but not fully complete them, so why bother with them now?




Sidequest: The Hammer's Forge

Now that you have the Deathgrip, you can complete this dungeon and sidequest.


Enter the dungeon and once inside, you will see a chest you cannot get from where you stand. That is the chest you need to complete the sidequest.


Boatman Coin

Jump in the water surrounding the chest to find a coin.


Get out of the water and head through the next door. Jump in the water here and go to the bottom where there is a cave. Grab the Map when you see the chest after surfacing. Go through the only door you can at the moment. This next area is somewhat tricky. Nothing is in the water, what you have to do is wall jump and then jump back and forth with the two walls close together. Continue on and you'll find another place to wall jump. You will find a bomb. Take one, and go backwards, falling off where you just wall climbed. Destroy the crystal to get Omega Blades. Now continue on and destroy the crystals in the main path. Continue on until you see a lever. Pull it, and now you can get to a bomb to destroy the crystals you originally saw from before. Move forward, collect the 2 chests, survive the ambush, wall jump without falling to your death. You'll wind up in a room that has a skeleton key door. Jump into the nearby water and swim through the cave until you surface. Climb up and you'll find a bomb. Throw it across to blow up the crystals, then pick another bomb up and jump down. Now up and around to see more crystals to destroy. Do so, and then climb to where you blew up the crystals. Continue through the door and keep going until you get attacked by enemies.


Book of the Dead Page 10


In the room you get attacked in by the sentinel and other enemies, break the vases to find this page, which completes a whole chapter.


Head through the door and open the chest for a Skeleton Key and pull the switch to lower the gate. Once you go through the locked door, you can now claim the Splinter-Bone, the hammer you must return to complete the quest.


Sidequest: The Hammer's Forge FINISHED


Return to Tri-Stone and into The Maker's Forge. Talk to Alya to finish the quest.


Vulgrim Shop


Return to Vulgrim. Now that you have 10 pages to complete a whole chapter for the Book of the Dead, you can visit your first Death Tomb. Sell the book to him which is one of your quest items. You will receive a Bone Key.




Fast travel to The Lost Temple entrance. As you move forward you will see a door with different colored gems on it and a dragon statue above. You may now enter it. Grab all the loot. In the back there is an object you can move. Behind it is the Blade Master Talisman.




This is completely optional, all that is to get here is a chest. You could have wall ran up and grabbed the boatman coin, which is what you were informed to do earlier.


Sidequest: Wandering Stone CONTINUED


Let's put Warden back together. You must find his limbs which are really easy to spot. Activate them and they will find their owner


Left Arm: Found near the entrance of The Scar.

Right Arm: Go to The Shadow Gorge(fast travel to The Shattered Forge). Run to the "W" on the map in the word Shadow.

Left Leg: Travel to Baneswood. Make your way towards The Charred Pass. You will find this after the archway, a little before the second "S" in "pass".

Right Leg: Fast travel to The Fjord and run East. You will find this in the South indention in the map.



Sidequest: Wandering Stone FINISHED


Now that you have all the limbs found, return to Oran in The Fjord.




Ride North of Stonefather's Vale until you get to the Tree of Life. Approach it and watch the scene.




You will now be at the Tree of Death and will be given a primary and side quest.


Main Quest: The Lord of Bones

*Find the Eternal Throne


Sidequest: Lost Relics


--Location: Tree of Death

--Given By: Ostegoth (automatic)

--How to Complete: This is yet another collectible type. They are relics. You must find 15 Relics of Etu-Goth, 10 Relics of Renagoth, and 5 Relics of Khagoth.




Travel South from the Tree of Death. You will eventually reach a vast bridge.

Relic of Etu-Goth 1/15


This is located East of the bridge. Follow the cliff's side to find it.




Continue South from the bridge until you get to Breach. Enter and make your way forward. Don't bother climbing up, just keep on the path that leads down to a pressure plate that has two walls with spikes blocking your path. Stand on the plate and quickly wall run through. Head through the only door you can. The door on the right will be your next destination after defeating the enemies. There is a switch and a bomb before a bridge. Grab the bomb and stick it to the switch. Grab another bomb and place it on the black square to the right of the switch. Run across the bridge and to the other side. Now just shoot the bomb that is on the black square and the bridges will raise/lower. Grab the Skeleton Key in the chest. As you come back, you will see a wooden post. Climb it and go up to get some chests, then back down to wall run and return to the door that needs they key.


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Boatman Coin

After proceeding through the locked door, make your way until you need to fall down a ledge. Once you exit through a door, look to your left immediately.


Continue on and you will enter a room with 2 statues to the left and right.


Boatman Coin

Grab this behind the left statue.


You can grab some chests here (not all of them) but by this point it might just be a waste of time if you want to come back later to get all of them. Either way, you will exit back outside.



Make your way South on the bridge. In the middle there is a spot with different route choices.


Boatman Coin

When in the middle of the bridge, go East to a part that is a very steep decline which leads to a coin. You cannot see this from even ground.


Head West now. As you make your way back onto regular land, head South.


Boatman Coin

This is easy to spot while going South.


Now go North and drop down to some ruins.


Boatman Coin

There is some boxes you can destroy that have the coin. It's near where you get attacked by enemies.

Power Stonebite 4/25


You haven't forgotten about these have you? Look opposite of the statues in the room. Up and to the left is the stonebite.


Back on your way to Serpent's Peak, just keep going South instead. All the way at the end you will find a chest.


Relic of Khagoth 1/5

There is a switch opposite the chest. Pull it, and quickly climb the path up to the relic.


Back on the path down Serpent's Peak.


Mystic Stonebite 15/34


Right at the "P" in "peak" on the map, you will see a symbol for Vulgrim's Shop. Before going down that path, look up.



Once through Serpent's Peak, a scene will happen and you will be at The Eternal Throne. You do have to do a bit of climbing and jumping here, but luckily there is nothing to collect besides to chests.


Once you reach the main deck of this floating ship, you can explore it. Talk to Draven in the middle to train if you want. He has all skills you can buy (there's an achievement for all skills). If you go past him and down the stairs, you will find lots of things to destroy.


Boatman Coin

There is a Boatman Coin found when smashing the breakables below deck.


Stone of Resistance 2/10

Down the stairs below deck, there is a Serpent's Tome. To the right on a support beam is the stone.


Talk to the guys upstairs. Now you will talk to the door stop ghost.

Main Quest - The Troll of the Kings


*Find the entrance to the Gilded Arena

*Summon the Arena's Chamption

Afterwards, go back through the door you entered and enter the opposite door.


Book of the Dead Page 11


You will see Ostegoth in front of the next area you will be going to. Behind him and in a corner is the first page of the next chapter.




Mystic Stonebite 16/34


When you enter, you will get to some stairs. Look right at the statue and you'll see it on the sword.


Enter the first door you see and rotate the statue backwards to open the door. Fall into the area ahead and grab two chests, then climb out. Continue on to see the arena. You will find out what you need to do. Once you have control again, look for the nearby place to climb, then go right and climb, then left to climb. You should be on the 4th level (depends on how you see it I guess).


Relic of Renagoth 1/10


Head straight on the top balcony area and use Deathgrip and then wall run to find this relic.


It's your choice if you want to locate the various chests around the area. There are 3 chests to be found here. Continue through East door on the balcony level. Just go down the stairs and you will eventually run into some enemies.


Mystic Stonebite 17/34

In this room you get attacked in by all the skeletons, look straight up on the ceiling.


Boatman Coin

As you travel forward, you will see a green laser statue. Look right to see the easily spotted coin.


Go to the pressure plate and stand on it. Use Deathgrip on a nearby bomb. Grab another bomb, and carry it to the green laser statue and blow it up. Use Deathgrip to grab the lantern and place it on the pressure plate. Go through the lowered gate by the bomb and wall run around. You will get to a switch which you pull and can now grab the lantern with Deathgrip again. Place the lantern in the statue you find back down the stairs you had passed. Rotate it to lower the gate. Now continue on.


Mystic Stonebite 18/34


As you go to the first Animus Stone, look left and you will see it on a hanging cage.


Backtrack to the statue with the lantern and you can now go another way (East).


Power Stonebite 5/25


When you open the next door, look right as you walk. You will see a skeleton hanging from a grate with it in it's hand.


Soul Arbiter's Scroll


Go into the little area that the stonebite was in. There is writing on the wall and you will automatically obtain this. This is for another quest, later on.


Head to the nearby chest to get the Dungeon Map. Climb up and pull the lever to get back into the arena. Go use Deathgrip on the purple hook in the area. Go through the tunnel and make yourself back to the balcony area. Head to the West door which is now open to you. When you first enter, you may think you went the wrong way since the layout seems very familiar. Look to the right and you should see some yellow crystals. That is how you know it is a new area. Follow the green laser to the stairs and go up them. A bomb can be found on the bridge that is lowered. Use the bomb on the crystals nearby for a chest then grab another bomb and use it on the original crystals you saw. Rotate the statue with the laser to the other door it can open. Go through where you blew up he crystals and grab another bomb. Run to the room where the green laser is now pointed and blow up the crystals above the gate. Run back to the bomb and you can continue by using wall jump.


Boatman Coin

There is a coin here you will easily spot and get while wall jumping.


You'll enter another room with a statue and might be confused where you are, but this is a new area. Turn the statue so the laser points towards the statue that's across a gap of a lowered bridge.


Book of the Dead Page 12


The bridge will now be raised and you can run across to claim the page.


Run back and turn the statue again, lowering a gate. Go through and grab a chest to your right, then move forward a little.


Soul Arbiter's Scroll


The next right you can take you will see this scroll.


Continue forward and grab the lantern. You must take this all the way back. Put the lantern on the pressure plate found in the room where the statue is. Leave it there and head back to the wall jumping part and pass through. Deathgrip the lantern from the other side of the gap and set it down in the room with the statue. Put it down to rotate the statue to let you back up the stairs again. Take the lantern with you. Place the lantern in the empty statue. You can now go across the bridge. Head through the door to find yourself at some broken up stairs.


Relic of Etu-Goth 2/15


This is found on a set of the broken stairs. When you get to the set where at the end there is skeletons and crumbled stair pieces below, head back up the stairs to grab it. It's the last set of stairs before you go to the door so you can try call jumping back to it if you get to a door.


Destroy everything in the next room, specifically 3 cross grave stones. It will reveal a secret chest. Head to the Animus Stone and grab it once you have killed all enemies. Head to the area where the gate just lowered.


Boatman Coin

This is above the area where you can smash things. You are able to climb to it and it's in some breakable objects across from where you climb.


Climb up the main the wall that has you using Deathgrip to assist. Grab the chest behind you then pull the lever ahead of you and exit. Put the 2nd Animus Stone on the skull above the door just like you did before. Head through the side passage to get up a floor and make your way to the North door, which is the one above the skull you have been placing stones into. Head through and go right (the only way you can) and fight off tons of enemies. When you reach the other side of the bridge that is lowered, grab the bomb after standing on a pressure plate with Deathgrip. Stand in front of the throne behind you and toss the bomb to a nearby switch. You'll fight a somewhat tough enemy in the chamber ahead, but it isn't too bad. Once you destroy it, grab the final Animus Stone. Pull the switch and run to the throne to exit this area. Time to place the final stone.


Boss: Gnashor


Wait for when the enemy jumps out from the sand and deathgrip it and start hacking away at it. Once enough damage is done, it will get into it's true form which is a standing enemy. Attack it relentlessly and it will again expose the skill which you need to Deathgrip and attack it while it's on the ground. It will keep regaining life if you miss the exposed skull. It will attack from the ground a few times then rebuild itself to the true form. Repeat until it dies and you obtain the Golden Skull.


Main Quest - The Troll of the Kings FINISHED

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Fast travel here to gain an audience with the Lord of Bones by talking to the Chancellor.


Relic of Etu-Goth 3/15


This is located behind the Lord of Bones throne.


Main Quest - Court of Bones






Fast travel back to the entrance. Go inside but keep going down the stairs all the way to the bottom. Pull the lever in front of the massive door and proceed outside. Head to the right and follow the path. As you approach where you must turn, don't. There is a big rock with thorns around it. It is on the edge of the cliff.


Relic of Renagoth 2/10


This is behind the rock described above.




You can utilize fast travel to get to The Maw area if you have that available (from venturing South before going to Serpent's Peak). If not just use horseback.


Boatman Coin

To the West of Sentinel's Gave (the dungeon) you can go down some steps to grab this coin.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll 3


In the same area but back, is a peg to climb. Continue up and around it, ignoring the chests. it is in it's own nook without anything blocking you from obtaining it.


Climb the wall near the scroll. On the roof, turn the statue. Fast travel back to the South entrance of Breach and enter. Wall climb up to hole in the ceiling to access the roof.. Rotate the statue. Outside here is a chest to the side of the statue you could not have accessed before.


Resistance Stonebite 3/10


Look up and to the right of the chest to find this.




Fast travel to this dungeon which is just to collect a few things. There isn't much to it, head all the way down the stairs.


Boatman Coin

Find one of these on the left side of the bottom area.


Climb up a wall opposite the coin. There is a bomb and two lanterns.


Relic of Etu-Goth 4/15


This is behind one of the lanterns by the bomb.


Take the bomb and fall directly down from where you found it to break the crystals and gain a chest and some weapons.




Fast travel out of the dungeon


Mystic Stonebite 19/34


The very South area of the mall has a wall blocking you from leaving. Look up at one of the windows in the structure that blocks you and shoot it.




Enter and go to the crystal on the elevator. Strike it to go down.


Boatman Coin

As you go down some stairs make a hard left to grab the coin. Easily spotted.


Continue forward through a few doors and find yourself in a room with corruption crystals. Climb up nearby to grab a bomb and destroy them. Fall down and grab the chest you can now get. Use Deathgrip to grab the pillar that is right near the chest almost on ground level. Push it to the front of the gate. Grab a bomb, stand on the pressure plate, and throw the bomb to the pillar. Now the pillar blocks the gate from closing. Proceed through the door. Run up to the elevator.


Mystic Stonebite 20/34


On the elevator platform, look up and to your right to shoot the stonebite.


Go through the door ahead of the elevator. There is a chest to grab.


Book of the Dead Page 13


Look up from the chest to see a statue. The book is behind this statue.


Back at the elevator now, look at the crystals. In front of them is a number. Strike the crystal marked with "III". Now strike the "II" when you see that the third floor is locked. The elevator will fall to floor 1 after this. Proceed through the only door you can. When you get to where you can use Deathgrip, instead climb the wall to your left.


Boatman Coin

There is a coin near a hanging cage and from the wall you are on you can jump backwards into it.


Pull the lever where you land and jump on a newly lowered hook with your Deathgrip. Jump across to find a chest containing the Dungeon Map. Look up to where you just used the grip. On that hanging cage is a bomb. Grab it and throw it to the switch you pulled earlier. Run up the nearby wall and get back to where are in front of the first hanging cage. Shoot the bomb on the switch, then when the cage lowers quickly Deathgrip twice to get to the next area. Open the chest there for the Skeleton Key. Now you can drop down to the pit below and navigate back up towards the elevator. You will be ambushed by a new enemy type. Back at the elevator, attack the crystal with the "III" in front of it. Head through the locked door. You will face some enemies as you progress.


Relic of Etu-Goth 5/15


After destroying the Undead General, smash all the breakable objects to find the relic.


Boatman Coin

You will also find a coin in here (via breaking things).


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


As you leave the area down a hall, when you get to the stairs look left before descending. There is a scroll behind a hanging cage. As you continue, you will get to the elevator again but it's where you had left it. Use the walls to navigate to the next area. You will enter a door and see a statue.


Power Stonebite 6/25


This is on the statue and easy to see.


Destroy the bomb on the left to wall run to a pillar. Navigate down and around the pillars until you get to a lever. There is a bridge with enemies now. Dispose of them.


Book of the Dead Page 14


On the bridge, look to the right and up. You should see a place to Deathgrip. Climb up there to claim the page.


Go grab the pillar and bring it across the bridge to a pressure plate. Now that it is in place to catch the elevator, go back over the bridge and to the growth you can climb on the wall. Head left on it to the wooden beam. Climb back up and make your way to the elevator again. Now attack the crystal with the "II" in front of it. Head through the door and to the pressure plate, then roll through the lowered gate.


Boss: Phariseer


There is no real special way to do things, he only attacks you with pretty normal combos. He doesn't have any phases or anything, just a fight where you need to lower his health all the way.


You can now summon Phariseer with your power. Aim and use the :rtbut: to have him stand on a pressure plate so you can pass. Get back to the elevator and drop down on one of the sides to the first floor. Go to the pillar and pass it to the door. Once you open it, you will see a place to summon Phariseer. Do so and command him to stand on the pressure plate. You can now enter an area with a good amount of weapon racks to destroy. After doing so, find the bomb in the room and destroy the yellow crystals behind the statue. Fall down and summon Phariseer to stand on a pressure plate. This can be a very dangerous area, specifically if you had decided to be greedy and open all chests before fighting. Each time you open a chest, a different wave of enemies attacks. Therefore it is best to just open one chest at a time and kill the enemies.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


Before leaving this area, be sure to check the corners. One of the corners has some hard to read writing on the wall. Go to it to automatically obtain the scroll.


You can fast travel out of here now.

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Fast travel to The Maw and head South. You can now get passed the blockade because you can summon. Do so to the left lever, but go through the right passage. When you climb up look behind you.


Boatman Coin

Jump to reach this coin after climbing the wall and looking backwards.


Continue on grabbing a chest before dropping down. Drop down and after running down the stairs, you should see a very obvious collectible.


Soul Arbiter's Scroll


This is easily spotted before turning and going down a small flight of stairs.


As you exit the, look to your right and climb up using Deathgrip. Once up, go around the wall to the chest and open it.


Power Stonebite 7/25


From the chest here, look up and to the right where you were climbing. You will see the stone.


Head North on the path towards the Arbiter's Maze. Once you get there, turn around.


Relic of Etu-Goth 6/15


From Arbiter's Maze, look to the left and go towards the cliff to find this.


Head towards The Spine. When you are on a bridge you will get to some cross roads.


Book of the Dead Page 15


This page is located East on the bridge. It is near the two fires.




Make your way South of the bridge. You will see a giant door leading to the Judicator's Tomb.


Boatman Coin

There are some rocks near and in front of the door and on the side of them is a coin.


Now head East to find some ruins. Find where the pegs are sticking out of the wall and turn around.


Relic of Renagoth 3/10


Run from the wall above to the cliff area and look left.


Climb up the wall and you will eventually drop to where a chest is.


Power Stonebite 8/25


Opposite of the chest and looking up on the wall, you will spot this stone.


Boatman Coin

As you exit this area, you will see a boatman coin hovering where you must leap off. Before leaping, grab it with your Deathgrip since the distance is too far to jump. Now head to the Judicator's Tomb.



Enter through the main door, then through another door. There is a lever you must pull by summoning, and the summoning circle is nearby in a side area. Move on to a giant with a pit in the middle.


Power Stonebite 9/25


In this room look straight up. It's hanging on the bottom of the cage.


Go to the area to your right. Enemies will attack, so summon at the circle and kill them. Pull the lever then head back to the pit area. Across, you'll see a pressure plate. Use your Phariseer to stand on it. Drop into the pit and drag the pillar to the middle. Jump back up to where you were and you can now jump across the pit. To the left is a chest.


The Soul Arbiter's Scroll


This scroll is located opposite of the chest, on the right side of Phariseer (assuming he is on the pressure plate of course).


Exit outside to talk to the Judicator. Afterwards head through the West door and cross a bridge and enter inside again. Deal with the enemy and continue through a door and up some stairs. Summon Phariseer. The next area has a bridge that is lowered. Use Phariseer to stand on a pressure plate on the other side. You'll see some corruption crystals after crossing on the opposite end. Use Phariseer to stand on the pressure plate to raise that bridge. Half raises, but use Deathgrip on Phariseer to finish crossing. Grab the Dungeon Map in the side area, then find the bomb where there is a hole in the wall. Blow up the crystals to finish raising the bridge. Before going back over the bridge, turn around to find a lantern. Put it in the middle statue and rotate it to the area with the chest. Now rotate it opposite to where you haven't been yet and use Phariseer to stand on the pressure plate. Cross and head through the door, cross a stone bridge, and then to an area with water and stairs.


Relic of Khagoth 2/5


Swim in the water to find the relic.


Once back at the stairs, climb up the wall you can climb and work your way up using Deathgrip. You'll get to the top and collect your first soul in a cage. Fight off the enemies and drop down and backtrack to the Judicator. You can now go through the East door. Cross the bridge, enter the next area, and be ready for a fight.


Boss: Tormentor


This mini-boss is extremely easy and with the right gear, should be easier than the last group of enemies you just fought.


Boatman Coin

Smash the crates in this area to get a coin.


Soul Arbiter's Scroll.


In this same area you just killed the Tormentor, you'll find a chest in a middle side room. In the next room over, you'll find the red writing on the wall for the scroll.


Run up the stairs to advance. In the next room summoner Phariseer and have him stand on a pressure plate nearby. Run along the walls after and have Deathgrip equipped. Once you get to the end, jump and use it on Phariseer to cross the gap. Enter the passage way.


Book of the Dead Page 16


After entering the passage, look to the left on some bones before crossing a gap with Deathgrip.


Jump the gap using Deathgrip and continue on to find a lever. Once pulled, backtrack down the stairs and look on the wall to your left. Climb and up around it to find a chest.


Relic of Etu-Goth 7/15


After the above chest, drop down one level in the hole (or use the handhold part of the wall to drop down) and claim the relic.


Run passed the lever and into the next area. Loot the chest on the left side for a Skeleton Key. Backtrack to the skeleton key door (same way you went for the relic). Open the locked door.


Boatman Coin

Dive into the water if you want a coin.


Once back at the top, you will notice a place to Deathgrip. Head up. You'll see a Book of the Dead page to the right of the hook.


Book of the Dead Page 17

Deathgrip the hook and you'll be on a handhold. Go to your right and jump to a broken staircase with the page on it.


You will now be using Deathgrip frequently to climb up, having to do 180 degree jumps backwards and all. Once at the top, release the soul. Now backtrack to the Judicator. You can now enter the last area you haven't been to yet. Continue through until you get to a summoning circle. Use it and head onto the elevator. Hit the "II" control to go up. Yellow crystals will block your path. Order Phariseer to stand on the pressure plate to the left of the crystals. Go to the opposite side and do some wall climbing. Once you make it to the part above Phariseer, command him to stand on the opposite pressure plate. Continue climbing up and around to get to the bomb. Toss it on the crystals. Now you can head through a door when the elevator reaches it's destination.


Boatman Coin

Jump in the water for a coin.


Head up the stairs and use Deathgrip.


Book of the Dead Page 18


Before moving forward to the last soul, run around to the opposite side of where you just climbed up.


Mystic Stonebite 21/34


When you enter the area with the candles, turn around and look up. Above and to the left of the archway is the stone.


Collect the soul and a skeleton will get angry as you leave. You will want to destroy it with Redemption or you can grapple it with Deathgrip to attack it with melee. Killing it destroys all skeletons too.


Boss: Bone Giant


Another easy mini-boss with no real special method to handle.


Travel back to the Judicator. Afterwards feel free to backtrack to the very first area where you had to move the pillar. You can summon both the Judcator and Phariseer now. Once summoned, go to the lower area and have each one stand on one of the pressure plates behind the bars. The way to get to the chests from here is to climb back up, and go down the stair area. Completely optional.

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Head back to the arena via fast travel. Go down the stairs and enter the first room with a door. Rotate the statue to the opposite door. Continue through and wall run across using Deathgrip. Now you will be outside in the actual arena part. You will have to fight and survive the next part. Head to the only possible area and summon on the circle. Stand on the square platform (it's level with the ground at the moment) that has a circle with a skull emblem. Now order the two ghosts to stand on each pressure plate to your left and right. Enter the door at the top, and summon again at the next circle. Order one to go to the nearby pressure plate. Head over the bridge that raised, and command the other ghost to stand on the next pressure plate. Now use the other ghost to stand on the pressure plate in front of you so that you can pass. Continue on and you will see a pressure plate over a gap to your right. Have one of the summoned dead stand on it. Leap towards him and use Deathgrip on him to safely make it over. Grab the chest and turn around. You will see a gate below on the other side, so command the other Dead Lord to stand on it, then Deathgrip over to him. Go straight and drop down into the next area. Summon the Dead Lords again on the circle, and look to where the 3 switches are. Command to pull the middle, right, then left. Open the lowered chest for the Skeleton Key. Backtrack by climbing up the wooden post. Once you get back to top area, look up to see the glowing purple hook where you can Deathgrip. Climb up it.


Relic of Renagoth 4/10


After using Deathgrip to climb to the top, you will find this in plain site.


Fall over the edge of where you got the relic and use the skeleton key. Do your summoning when you get through the door and have a Dead Lord stand on the pressure plate nearby, then have the other stand on a pressure plate on the opposite area to your left. Go through the lowered gate that is behind you on the narrow path. Order a Dead Lord to stand on the plate below then wall climb to get to a wood post you can slide down. Jump and Deathgrip the Dead Lord. Follow the first set of stairs but don't continue going up the next. Instead go straight which curves into another pressure plate, which you should have a Dead Lord stand on. Use the switch to raise a bridge. As you move on you'll pass by the other Dead Lord. Run past him and to the door on the left. Summon the Lords again to help you fight the next enemies. Afterwards, continue through the next door and wall run to a switch to raise a bridge. Go through the door to the left of the switch. You'll go through a hallway and then exit. It is a brighter area that leads down.


Mystic Stonebite 22/34


Turn around to the door you just came through and look up.


Cross the wooden bridge to a more circular area.


Relic of Etu-Goth


To the right and up some stone steps after the bridge you will find the relic.


Continue on and you will eventually get to the boss battle.


Boss: Basileus/Achidna


There's not much going on in this battle. You may have to use a potion or two. Basically attack Basileus and he will eventually jump onto the giant spider which you then attack. Then he jumps off and does some quick dash moves against you. Once you get enough health down he will jump back on the spider and you can finish him off.

Sidequest: Find and kill Achidna COMPLETE (after turning into Thane when you want)


This sidequest was given quite a while ago and is your 1st of 4 creatures Thane wanted you to kill. You can turn it in later when back in the Forge Lands.




Fast travel back here and talk to the Lord of Bones.


Main Quest - Court of Bones COMPLETE


You will get a new ability called Soul Splitter.


Main Quest - The City of the Dead


You will automatically get this main quest update.




Now that you have this new ability, you can grab a few things you weren't able to before.




Fast travel here and make your way down the stairs. Go up the side structure that has a bomb pod. Remember this area? There was a relic behind one of the fire pots. Stand there by the bomb and use Soul Splitter. Run the other soul to the middle structure and climb it heading left. Once up, you will see the corruption crystals. Have your other soul throw a bomb to you and you will catch it. Now you can destroy the crystals. Head up the new passage.


Power Stonebite 10/25


At the top of the area, look at the back of the statue. The stone is on it's back.


You can now get a chest on the roof after using Soul Splitter again to throw another bomb to destroy more corruption crystals. Behind the chest is a hole. Drop down to get to a new dungeon.




Once you reach the bottom and enter the dungeon, kill the enemies that await. Stand on the pressure plate until the gate ahead is all the way up, then make a run for the opening. Follow the path and after using the bombs to destroy corruption crystals. you should see two pressure plates to the left and right of another gate. Use Soul Splitter to stand on both, then turn off Soul Splitter and run through. Go on the high trail and you'll climb up and drop down to another narrow area. As you make your way down the path, you'll see a chain.


Mystic Stonebite 23/34


Near the chain on a jagged rock sticking out, you'll see the blue stonebite clearly.


Kind of behind and to your left after shooting the stonebite, you should see a bomb. Carry it down with you and blow up the corruption crystals you see. There is a pressure plate and a chest that has a Dungeon Map inside. Run over to the gate in this area and do Soul Splitter. Leave one form on the pressure plate nearby, then the other on the plate by the chest.


Boatman Coin

Right behind you and to the left in a nook is the coin after going through the gate.


Continue to your right which is a path that winds up. You'll get to an area with a gap where you can use Deathgrip. You'll go down a tunnel with lots of side nooks to the left and right.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


Inside the third nook on the right side of this tunnel is the scroll.


Continue on and take a right at the pressure plate. Keep going and you'll find another pressure plate.


Boatman Coin

When you see the second pressure plate, turn around completely. Opposite of it in a nook you just passed by, is the coin.


Head back and to the right of the pressure plate is 2 mounds that spit out enemies. Destroy everything here. Stand on the pressure plate and do Soul Splitter. Take one form back to the initial pressure plate you had seen. Now exit Soul Splitter after you hear the gate stop raising and run through the gate. Run through the next tunnel and just continue running until you get to a wide open area. Kill all of the mounds and enemies here, then you'll find another gate with more pressure plates to Soul Split on. You'll find yourself in another tunnel with lots of little nooks to your right and left. In the first nook on the right you'll find a nice talisman.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


In the 4th nook on the right you'll find a scroll.


Exit the tunnel looting any chests and you'll find yourself in another open area with one last chest to open. Now you must make use of fast travel to leave this area.



Fast travel to the Lair of the Deposed King entrance or to the top Breach entrance. Navigate North to the bridge and to the left a little bit there is a wall that you climb to go down eventually. This area is right above the "L" in Leviathan's Gorge when looking at the map. Climb all the way down then go up the stone ramp. Climb the wall look down to your right to see a bomb. Shoot it and it will blow up the corruption crystals. Use Deathgrip to travel ahead and to jump down there to the new bomb. Use it to destroy the crystals ahead, then get to where the pressure plates are. Use Soul Splitter on one of them and stand on the other. Now use your remaining form to shoot the bomb. Jump over to that area and grab a bomb and toss it back to the other corruption crystals guarding a chest. You should still be standing near the bomb in front of the chest.


Resistance Stonebite 4/10


Look above the bomb, a little to the left for this stonebite.


Use Soul Splitter again and open the chest if you'd like. You are done with this side area.




Fast travel to the Tree of Death and go through the portal. Now fast travel to The Fjord. Go to the structure East that is by the water.


Boatman Coin

Using your Deathgrip, climb up and you'll see a broken corner (before traveling to use Deathgrip to cross a gap). You can jump to get the floating coin.


Follow the trail all the way East and North where there is a door. Inside is two pressure plates and a lift. Park yourself on the lift in the middle. Use Soul Splitter. Put each form on the pressure plates. Once it is all the way up, exit Soul Splitter and jump quickly before the lift lowers. Now use Soul Splitter while standing on the pressure plate. Have one of your forms run up a nearby wall to wall run to the other pressure plate which is blocked off.


Book of the Dead Page 19


Once you have both plates down, the gate will lower ahead that gives you this page.


Fast travel back to the tree of life and we can end our backtracking for now. Let's continue with the main quest.

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Fast travel here if you have it open, or travel here on via the bridge. The gate is locked, so now you can open it using Soul Splitter. Now take each form and use them to pull the statues to the left and right. Now you can enter. Move on until you get to a fight with two enemies and a shielded enemy. After killing them, had back to the door you had originally came through to fight them. Facing away from the door, go right and up some small steps.


Book of the Dead Page 20


This page is up the set of steps behind some candles.


Soul Split in front of the door and put one form on the pressure plate then use the other form on the now exposed opposite pressure plate. Switch again and go up the wall to push the switch. You can now enter the door. Circle around the pit and go to the North door. There are some stairs that lead down and two grates on the right and left have steam coming through them.


Relic of Renagoth 5/10


This relic is on the right grate with steam coming up.


Head to the West part of the area where there is a tunnel. You'll come to a statue, go to the right through a door. Entering this new area, turn left and look at the wall as you turn. You will be able to climb to get the Lich Spines. Head into the next area and find a lever to rotate. Use Soul Splitter and have one form rotate the lever. Have the other form grab a bomb just beyond the gate that lowered. Use the bomb on a switch in the area the lever is. Now you can pull the platform to the middle. Jump on it and use Soul Splitter. Have one form rotate the lever and the other push the platform with the stone statue of the Reaper. After moving it through the open gate, exit Soul Splitter. You can use it again if you want a chest ahead. Move on through the right passage and continue up to a balcony for a chest. As you run back down, look to your left for a hole in the ground. Fall down it. Open a chest behind you, then in front of you for a Skeleton Key. Push in the switch nearby to open a gate and go to the locked door. You'll get to a bridge after unlocking the door. Soul Split in the middle and climb the wall ahead using Deathgrip.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


Once you fall back down to the ground, go to the opposite side and look for red writing on the wall in a corner that says "SWEEE".


Now continue on and climb on a wall. You will have to climb and use 180 degree jumps going from wall to wall. You'll see a lever in the middle.


Book of the Dead Page 21

On the right side of this area with the lever, is the page on the balcony.


Switch to your other form.


Boatman Coin

Once you have switched forms, you can run to get this coin to the right.


Continue on going left and you'll find a switch to push. Exit Soul Splitter and backtrack to the room with the pit in the middle. You can now grab the lantern with Deathgrip. Head back through the passage to where the statue was (you will have to drop the lantern, wall run, and use Deathgrip to grab it again). Spin the statue so that it faces left and lowers a gate.


Book of the Dead Page 22


Enter where the gate lowered to find this page.


Now turn the statue so that it faces out over the balcony and raises a bridge. Head on through the door and you'll see a spot to climb on the right. After the acrobatic parts, you will drop to ground again. Head through the door. When you get through, go to the right.


Relic of Etu-Goth 9/15


Tucked in the right corner opposite of the switch, is a relic.


Boatman Coin

If you look up and around, you should see this coin floating. Standing at the right distance and angle, you can use Deathgrip to grab it.


Run to the bridge and use Soul Splitter in the center. Have one form pull the lever that was by the relic. Once the bridge is turned, exit Soul Splitter and enter again. Have one sit on the orange glowing lever on the wall. Have the other grab a bomb and throw it to a nearby switch the opposite way of the bridge. From the switch, you should see a passage to go through where there is a chest.

Power Stonebite 11/25


From the chest, look right and up on the wall.


You will see a growth patch as well in this area by the chest, which was the way you could have also obtained the boatman coin if you couldn't find the right angle.


You can now enter the North East door that had been opened with the bomb used on the switch. Do some wall running until you get to a switch. Open the door by it and you'll be on a balcony. Continue on to find yet another switch to push. Go down the stairs to your right and drop down a hole you come across. Wall run and go through the East door on the bridge. You will fight a pack of enemies and then 3 Tormentor enemies. Collect the treasures and enter the next door. You will have to climb up to a lever on the wall and it will lower. There is a trap triggered and you must wall run and climb up to the top before you get killed. Pull the nearby lever and proceed through the door. Wall run to the left to grab a chest with a Dungeon Map in it. Going back, you will get ambushed and have to fight some enemies.


Resistance Stonebite 5/10


Before turning to go up the steps, look straight up pm the tower ahead.


Continue on up the stairs, fighting enemies to continue. Open the door at the top. Fall into the next area to grab a chest, then climb out and climb to the opposite side where you can enter another door. You can't do anything in this new area, so move along through another door. Advance up the steps and climb the wall. You'll find a pressure plate, stand on it and use Soul Splitter, and take one of the forms over to climb and get to a switch. Push it, then switch forms to grab a chest beyond a gate after a door. Exit Soul Splitter, and step off of the pressure plate. Now enter Soul Splitter while off the plate, and put one form on it. Take the other form and climb back how you were to do the switch, but stop on the center hand hold location. This part rotates when the pressure plate is down, so switch forms and step off it. Switch again to find yourself in a secret room.


Boatman Coin

Smash some crates in this area to grab a coin.


GnoMAD's Gnomes 1/4


Head down the stairs to open a chest, then look to the left of the chest to find a floating figurine of a gnome.

Sidequest: GnoMAD's Gnomes


--Location: City of the Dead

--Given By: First time you find a Gnome figurine.

--How to Complete: There are 4 Gnomes scattered around as collectibles, you must find them all.


You may now return to the door after exiting Soul Splitter. Push the switch in in the next area. Hop across with Deathgrip to where the green beam of light. Turn the beam of light to unlock a lone door. When you enter after hopping over with Deathgrip, you will be attacked. After killing the enemies, you can grab a bomb. Destroy the nearby crystals and climb up to the balcony.


Boatman Coin

Before using Deathgrip to cross the gap, look straight up and angle yourself to use Deathgrip on the coin.


Use Deathgrip on the hooks to get to a chest, then backtrack back to the original balcony. You should see where the door is open and leads outside. Grab the chest outside to obtain the Skeleton Key. Backtrack to the chamber with the green beam and look for the locked door that you need the skeleton key for. Notice where you need to climb up to the right of it and jump down to do so. Unlock the door and proceed. As soon as you enter look to the left.


Book of the Dead Page 23


There are some crates ahead to the left that contain the hidden page.


Continue on and wall run and climb until you get to a wooden post. Drop down and get to some pressure plates. Stand on one pressure plate and use Soul Splitter. Use one form to stand on the remaining plate. Now wall climb to the floating platform you can move. When you get to the platform, turn around.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


On the wall you will see WSSEN in red. Go examine it for the scroll.


Now push the platform so that it is outside of the gate. Exit Soul Splitter and climb on the platform, then enter Soul Splitter again. The pressure plates each lower one gate, so lower the front one, move the platform inside again, switch forms, and lower the next gate. Rest the platform on the new pressure plate that will allow you access through the door. Push the switch, grab the bomb, and destroy those crystals. Deathgrip forward and finally the platform with the green light will lower. Rotate the beam to unlock the door. Proceed through the area where it's obvious there will be a boss.


Boss: Wailing Host


This is a pretty big enemy, but is stationary. You will have to attack at the front. Keep attacking and after some health down, it will send some skeletons at you. Dispose of them and start your own "wailing". After knocking the health down a bit, you will be prompted. Follow the prompt icon and you will tear off the mask. Kill more skeletons. There are a lot of them, so just keep attacking. Once it shows again, attack it until you are prompted again. Be sure not to miss the prompt or it will regain some health. Continue forward to figure out what to do next.


Travel to the Tree of Death, talk to the Crowfather, and travel through the portal.


Main Quest - The City of the Dead COMPLETE


This only completes after you actually travel through the portal.

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Main Quest - The Key to Redemption


This is the next quest you get automatically. You need to go to the Angel Outpost of Lostlight and attempt to acquire the Angel Key.


Head North and you will eventually you will see an area to the East that has a chest and a Vulgrim shop. Go to the shop.


Relic of Etu-Goth 10/15


Right near Vulgrim at the top of the steps is the relic to the right, behind a tree.


If you haven't already, sell your 2nd chapter to Vulgrim for the Book of the Dead. Go ahead and continue to head North. You should see a familiar door with the colored gems on it and a dragon above (Dead Tomb). You can't use the key on this door that you just got from Vulgrim, it's for a different door explained later.


Mystic Stonebite 24/34


Right above the door with the gems is a stonebite to shoot.


Boatmain Coin

To the left of the door behind a pillar, is the coin.


Continue on until you reach a bridge. There is a structure to the right with steps.


Book of the Dead Page 24


This is tucked away hidden near the structure.




Once you are here you will have a battle to fight. Afterwards you will talk to the angel.


Sidequest: The Lost Soul


--Location: The Crystal Spire

--Given By: Nathaniel

--How to Complete: Deliver the scroll to the Chancellor


Boatman Coin

Behind Nathaniel is a coin.


Head around and to the right to find a statue.


Mystic Stonebite 25/34


This is located on the sword of the kneeling angel statue.


Keep circling around the Spire until you get to a dead end.


Relic of Renagoth 6/10


This is at the dead end, to the right.


Head back to Nathaniel and you will see another kneeling statue more to the North.


Mystic Stonebite 26/34


On the kneeling angel statue is another stonebite to shoot on the sword.




Head inside the Spire and pull the lever to go up. Head to the balcony and circle around until there is a gap you must climb around.


Power Stonebite 12/25


Before crossing, look up and to the left above a statue.


Boatman Coin

Fall into the gap and collect the coin.


Climb back up. Use Soul Splitter and have one form cross to grab the bomb, then throw it to the other. You will need to adjust if it's too far. You can now climb up and get a new quest from an angel.

Main Quest - The Rod of Arafel


You must travel to Earth to gain this relic.



Before venturing to Earth, it's time for a little bit of backtracking. Fast Travel to the Kingdom of the Dead (you have to use the portal at the Tree of Life).




Head to the Eternal Throne. Head up the stairs and talk to The Chancellor.


Sidequest: The Lost Soul CONTINUED


Now that you have spoken to The Chancellor, the quest will be updated to talk to Nathaniel again. This can come later when you go back at another point in time.


Sidequest: The Chancellor's Quarry

--Location: The Eternal Throne

--Given By: The Chancellor

--How to Complete: Travel to the Arbiter's Maze. You will want to collect all of the scrolls first, so do so before attempting.




Travel here to talk to Muria. She is in the spot you found her the first time.


Sidequest: Spark of Life

--Location: Tri-Stone

--Given By: Muria

--How to Complete: Travel to The Scar and find the Mad Construct named Ghorn and destroy it.




Fast travel here. You will see a wall to climb, but look way up and above the Deathgrip location. There is a giant broken pipe.


Power Stonebite 13/25


Shoot this from the ground at the right angle before going up the wall.


Head up the wall and Deathgrip across.


Boatman Coin

There is an easily seen coin floating in your path.


Head inside The Scar. Keep going until you see Ghorn, whom smashes a bridge and you fall. Again, keep going ahead and you will eventually have to climb up a circular room where lava is rising. When you are at the top, use the door on your right. You will find a construct to get on. Roll on over to the West area and park it on the circular part on the ground. Use the chain to navigate ahead and to your left is a Deathgrip. Jump across. Continue on this pretty easy path and you will find yourself at a chest containing a Skeleton Key. Look beyond it.


Boatman Coin

Deathgrip this coin ahead of you.


Now turn around and wall run on the left. Continue this path to get to a ledge.


Book of the Dead Page 25


This page is right where you will fall off to backtrack.


Get back on the construct and use it to destroy the corruption crystals. Continue on to jump the lava pit and head through another door. In this area, look for the bridge that is almost completely vertical. You are heading to the locked door on your map. Wall run to the right of the bridge to get to the locked door and enter. You will have to navigate this area using Deathgrip and being fairly quick, since the stones you are jumping on sink. Enter the next area after and you'll see a caged construct. Destroy all of the enemies here. Look for the peg and climb until you get to a lever. Pull it and it will open the gates. Jump down and grab the chest for a Dungeon Map. Now get on the construct and roll forward to the corruption crystals and smash them. Turn left and roll to the circular spot to park it. Wall run carefully until you reach the crank to turn. Do so, and head back through a tunnel behind you that contains a chest. Drop down. Now roll to the other side with the construct. Use the chain to get across the area and Deathgrip to the other crank. Turn it to finish raising the gate. Head through it with the construct and wall climb over the raised spiked gate. Finish off the enemies and the gate will lower. Continue forward with the construct. You will see the corruption crystals on your right. Destroy them with the chain to fix the bridge. Roll over the bridge and to the circular spot to park the construct on your left. Use the chain and cross it. Head forward to the big area where you will battle a boss.


Boss: Ghorn


Because you have waited so long to come to this area, Ghorn is pitiful in battle. He bashes the ground and summons some friends, but in the end, you destroy him easily.This may have been a tougher battle at earlier levels, so patience has paid off.



Return to Muria and speak with her.


Sidequest: Spark of Life FINISHED


Let's go ahead and fast travel to The Nook so we can kill Bheithir for Thane. You have already explore this area before, but you weren't able to use Deathgrip yet.




Head inside. The area you want to get to is the basement, which is floor B1 on your map. When you enter the main door, go to the door on the right. Make a hard right turn (like a U-Turn) and head down the stairs. You are now in the area you could not navigate before. Use the first Deathrgrip hook.


Boatman Coin

This coin is in plain site and you will have no trouble getting it.


Now use Deathrip again to the narrow bridge.


Boss: Bheithir


You will not have much room to avoid the attacks from Bheithir, but you won't be fighting for very long. Unleash plenty of attacks and watch the life drain. Because you have waited so long for this battle, it is very easy.


Sidequest: Find and kill Bheithir COMPLETE (after turning into Thane when you want)


You might as well turn the quest in. You get money and experience.




Get to the Tree of Life and use the portal to get here. Talk to Nathaniel to update his side quest, which you can just turn in later when you are back in Tri-Stone. No need to waste any more time. Now Fast Travel to the top of The Crystal Spire and take the portal down to Earth.


After the scene, fight off all the enemies. The Rod of Arafel quest gets updated. After you finish talking to Uriel, you will gain another quest.


Sidequest: Light of the Fallen


--Location: Earth

--Given By: Uriel

--How to Complete: There are 10 Trapped Hellguard you must release.


You should have the Salvation gun in your hands that you are given by Uriel (unless you find one as well on the ground). Go West and to the top where there is a car at a dead end. Destroy it.


Boatman Coin

After destroying the car above, you'll find the coin.

Mystic Stonebite 27/34

Turn around from the coin you just got and look up high on the building to the left.


Boatman Coin

There's another coin in the South building (East most).


Head North East and fight off more enemies, continue on and you'll see a pit where the ground caved in.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll

Follow the way down to the bottom of this pit to grab the scroll.

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Head North inside the building. When you exit, you will see an angel trapped to the wall. This is the Trapped Hellguard 1. You can shoot it with Redemption or the Salvation on the ground next to it. You might as well keep Salvation on you, so you can easily kill the next enemy (a bigger enemy). Continue on and you'll see red corruption crystals. There will be some that look like an archway and a bunch of enemies will run from that area and attack you.


Book of the Dead Page 26


Turn around to the other corruption crystals you passed by and you should see one tucked away to the left, in front of the crystals.


Now go forward and down a slanted path that has lights. You are in a subway now. When you get all the way down the stairs, look to your right. You will see a grate leaning against a pipe. Go in that area to find Trapped Hellguard 2. As you move forward fighting more enemies, you will come to another set of stairs. At the bottom, head East and find Trapped Hellguard 3 in the second little nook. You will have to fight a bigger enemy again, and then you will be at an area that has a couple of bridges. At the end of the area is a green obstacle that is glowing. When you are passing the big bridge in the middle, get to the middle of it and look straight forward.


Mystic Stonebite 28/34


Look up and to the left to see this while standing on the bridge.


Head to the green obstacle in the middle and the right of it (North) where there are a bunch of red corruption crystals.


Relic of Renagoth 7/10


This is behind the corruption crystals.


Now go ahead and destroy the green obstacle for the Staff of Arafel. Continue to the stairs and as you walk up the first set, look straight up to a pipe.


Book of the Dead Page Page 27


You will see this page on the pipe. You need to use Deathgrip to grab it.


When you exit after the stairs, head back to the area you started in where Uriel is. This should have been your right as you exited. A new area will be opened for you. Go inside the tunnel and the path leads to what looks like a sewer. Look left when you see the water on the ground.


Book of the Dead Page 28


This is at the start of the sewer area before you fight the smaller enemies.


Exit the area and you'll find a grenade launcher type weapon on the ground which is good for the bigger enemy that will be attacking you. You shoot it then must detonate with the opposite trigger. As you move forward you'll be on an overpass. Turn around.


Mystic Stonebite 29/34


You will see this stone right above the awning.


Move on forward and you'll pass a chest, and then open a second one for the Dungeon Map. As you go on, you'll see a building you can enter. Ignore it right now and continue North on another overpass.


Relic of Renagoth 8/10


This is on the right side at the end of the overpass in a dead end.


Turn around from the relic and look up and to your right to shoot Trapped Hellguard 4. Backtrack back to the opening in the building you saw and enter. Once through, you will exit and be heading North. Look to the corner on the right where there is an opening in the building.


Book of the Dead Page 29


This is inside the building.


Exit the building after getting the Book of the Dead page, and look to where there is a police car and a dead angel. Go to that area and pick up the gun. Before the angel and police car is a light pole. Head back to it, then look straight up and to the right. Way up on the building is Trapped Hellguard 5. As you move forward, you will get to a wider area. Before dropping off into this area, go near the edge.


Resistance Stonebite 6/10


Look to the right from the edge to find the stone.


Drop down into the area.


Boss: Noss


This boss is extremely easy, just use the Salvation gun or find one around.


Boatman Coin

Before leaving, look for the police car next to a car flipped upside down in one of the corners. Destroy the car to get the coin underneath.


As you pass the red corruption crystals, you'll be inside a tunnel. The swarm enemies get flat out annoying here, as they keep rushing you. As you progress you will see a chest on your mini-map. Go to it and open it.


Power Stonebite 14/25


This is up above the chest and to the right.


The next area is blocked off by corruption crystals, so go up the ramp to the right. Cross over to where the gun is by the railing and look right to find Trapped Hellguard 6. Move on until you enter a wider open area where one of the bigger enemies attack you. Before heading forward down between corruption crystals, look on your mini-map to see a small tunnel in the South. Inside you will find Trapped Hellguard 7. Now you can move on. As you go through the tunnel you will cross a small grated bridge.


Boatman Coin

Look right after getting passed the above grated bridge.


Now head up and exit back into the upper tunnels. Right as you get to the top of the incline, look left to spot an opening into a very small room. You may have to fight off enemies before entering.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


Inside this alcove is the writing on the wall "NSEW". Examine it to get the scroll information.


Get to the second green demonic growth and destroy it for The Eye of Arafel. Continue on, exit, and find Uriel after a ways. She will grant you another path. Don't enter just yet though!


Boatman Coin

To the right of the entrance to the next area surrounded by red corruption crystals, is the coin.


Book of the Dead Page 30


There are two angels also in this area and to the right of them is a blue car. Grab the page next to the car.


Go through the path that was granted to you now. When you exit, there will be another Noss mini-boss. Destroy it and clear the enemies. There are 4 post office boxes in this area before the bridge. If you destroy them all you get a hidden chest. Look over the West ledge where the street is broken (it is a dead end). Trapped Hellguard 8 will be down in there. You'll fight two bigger enemies on the bridge (the Suffering). As you progress keep an eye out to your left where there is a big hole and a support column.


Mystic Stonebite 30/34


This is on the side of the big support column.


As you move forward, you will see red corruption crystals. To the left of them is a little side room.


Boatman Coin

In this little room is the coin.


You'll make your way to the top of the bridge and fight another Noss mini-boss enemy. There is a giant arch in the middle of the bridge. Pass it and turn around. Look on the right part of this arch to find Trapped Hellguard 9. Now continue on to see lots of corruption leading to the glowing green demonic growth. Destroy it to get The Rod of Arafel. Inside the building you enter you will come to a chest and a dead angel nearby. Go to the dead angel and turn around.


Relic of Etu-Goth 11/15


You should see this relic in the hole in the wall.


The next room is wide open and you will run down a slope.


Power Stonebite 15/25


This is in the North and West corner of the room. Look up and to your left after getting to the bottom of the slope.


If you look back up the slope you came down, to the left is a secondary weapon called Fists of Elhazar. You can jump to grab them. Enter the hallway and spot a hole in the left wall.


Boatman Coin

This is in the corner in the destroyed wall.


You'll see some corruption crystals, and the finall Hellguard whom is easily spotted. Shoot it for Trapped Hellguard 10. Drop down to talk to Uriel.


Sidequest: Light of the Fallen COMPLETE


Head East into the building nearby to use the portal and return to The Spire.


You will watch a scene take place and be automatically transported to another area. But don't worry, you can always fast travel out and in.


Main Quest: Rod of Arafel COMPLETE


You are done with this quest, but put right back on another.

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Main Quest: Rod of Arafel COMPLETE


--Location: The Crystal Spire

--Given By: The Archon

--How to Complete: Reach the Citadel and seek out the Scribe.


Enter the Citadel. Climb on up the left wall and turn the crank to lower a golden orb. Drop down the hole and enter the next door. Head forward and you'll see a small path to the right while outside.


Boatman Coin

Grab this on the small path.


Use the Deathgrip ahead to continue to a hallway. The circular area you enter next only has one door to enter for now. When you get outside, go up the stairs to your right and into the broken part of the concrete. Once you get to a wall and climb up, wall run to the dead end behind it to get to a chest.


Mystic Stonebite 31/34


Opposite of this chest is the stonebite.


At the end of this tunnel is a statue, and you will be taking a left at it. Use Deathgrip to get to the ground below and fight off some enemies. Look at the yellow corruption crystals ahead.


Boatman Coin

To the left and behind the wall near the corruption crystals is a coin.


Go to the crystals and to the right, look over the ledge. Drop to the little island. Open the chest down there to get a Dungeon Map. Now climb back up. Do some wall running to the right of the crystals to the peg sticking out of the wall.


Boatman Coin

Once you are done wall running, follow the wall to your right that is a half circle, and you'll find this coin at the West point.


Find the circular golden door on the ground. Use Soul Splitter on top of it. Now put a form on the pressure plate nearby (it's a smaller golden circle). Go under the part that opens and look left to see a place to climb on the low wall. Step on the pressure plate up there. The statue of Death will fall into the hole. Now you can exit Soul Splitter and continue over the wall after exiting the tunnel. Look for the bomb on it's own little floating island and use it to destroy the corruption crystals nearby. Then another to destroy behind you (it's where the 2nd pressure plate was). Head back and go to where you destroy the crystals by the pressure plate and discover a lever to pull. Instead of climbing the wall, look to the right to see a new passage under the aqueduct. At the end you will find a weapon called Goldbringer. Backtrack and over the wall again, it is now time to use Deathgrip to hop over and go into the door. Fall down and destroy the glowing blue chained statue head. You have now obtained Voidwalker. You can use this to use portals. Test it out on the round blue surfaces. Go to the North ledge and look up and use your new ability on the blue surface across the way, then to your left on the wall. You can throw a bomb and destroy the corruption crystals to get a chest or hop through it yourself to deliver the bomb. Once you get back after looting the chest if you chose to, use the portal on the wall and to the new section outside you have not been to. Go under the broken aqueduct and pull a lever, then fall down the hole. In the tunnel, look to the left in the middle to find a portal to use. Now go do the the other end of the tunnel to find a portal on the floor. For this one, hold the trigger to charge it. Now enter the one on the wall and you will fly up. Deathgrip and continue on, and fight a new enemy type. Once you kill them it will lower the gate. Shoot the portal to the North, then next to you and walk through. Go along the path and look back out to where there is a golden orb. Activate the portal next to it, then to the other one that is close by. This will destroy the black corruption crystals blocking your path.


Boatman Coin

Before leaving, look to the very North and East tree to grab a coin behind it.


Cross the bridge, and you will circle around a structure. Keep an eye to the left, as there will be a hole in the side. Hold down your trigger and create a portal on the ground inside, and on the wall inside. Then climb out.


Boatman Coin

As you move forward right after that hole, look left to find the coin.


Mystic Stonebite 32/34


Before going up the stairs, shoot the stonebite above them.


Climb the stairs to the door. Enter and defeat the enemies. In the center, use Soul Splitter and have each one of your forms climb to the levers on the walls. This will let you go crashing through a gate using the portals from before. Climb the wall and get to the top. Circle around to the North ledge. Open the portal by the golden orb. Now turn around and do it to the wall next to you. Follow the new water stream. You'll drop off once, and then a second time.


Relic of Renagoth 9/10


After dropping down the second fall, turn around to grab the relic.


Follow the stream until it ends, using the bomb on the wall to destroy the corruption crystals. Now climb the wall. Enter the door above, then again into another area. This has some water that is good and some that is corrupted still. Move on through another hallway until you exit outside. Go to your left in front of the stairs. Drop off and as you continue on you will have to fight a new enemy type again, called a Corruption Champion. Enter the tower before you. You'll see an angel statue. Go left outside, and follow the left wall all the way around.


Book of the Dead Page 31

This page is behind the black corruption on the wall and ground.


Head back inside with the statue, and near it is a cracked part of the ground you can fall into. Head outside and defeat some enemies. Look around to find a hook to Deathgrip on. Wall run and climb to the next area. Pass by the two cranks to get to a switch to push in.


Relic of Renagoth 10/10


From the switch turn completely around to notice the relic.


Activate the portal near the switch with Voidwalker. Go between the two cranks and use Soul Splitter, then have one form rotate the crank nearest to the portal and switch. Go to the portal and turn around to see a new portal. Use it. Now have the other form release the crank and switch again. You can now fire a charged portal through. Both of the portals near you are gone. Switch to the other form, and have it rotate the other crank (North one). Now change back yet again, and open a portal on the wall again. You will fly across a gap. Pull the lever to open the gate. You can now exit Soul Splitter and go through it. Use wall run, defeat some enemies, and open the chest for the Skeleton Key. Climb the nearby wall to grab a bomb and destroy the corruption crystals. Go past and up the stairs to the locked door and open it and enter.


Resistance Stonebite 7/10


Right when you enter the locked door, look up and to the right and the stonebite is above the arch.


Create a portal on the wall with Voidwalker. Turn around and exit, running back down the stairs. Take a right when you get to the bottom. Drop down, and go inside the structure with the angel statue. Drop down the crack in the floor and shoot the portal on the wall to connect the golden orbs. This will give more clean water. Head through the portal so you are back in the room the skeleton key unlocked. Jump in the water stream. Go North and drop off the first mini waterfall. Turn around.


Relic of Etu-Goth 12/15


Grab this relic within the mini waterfall.


Continue on following the water. You should see the bomb on the left with it's yellow glow. Jump off at it, then drop down a level. There is a hole in the wall on the right that is now clear.


GnoMAD Gnome 2/4


This is inside the little cave.


Backtrack to the steps and inside where you unlocked the door. Now head South and use the two Deathgrips. Continue on this route until you get to a door at the East that you can go through. Open it and enter. Look at the giant statue in the middle of the room.


Power Stonebite 16/25


On the chest of this statue is the stonebite.


After defeating the enemies here, continue on and exit. Keep going and you will be inside an area where you drop off into some water.


Boatman Coin

Inside this shallow pool is a coin.


Head forward and exit exit outside. You will come to some stairs, a chest, and then a second set of stairs. You will come to a ledge with Deathgrips. Shoot the two blue portals with Voidwalker and jump into them using the purple hooks. Once through, walk a few feet forward and look up and turn around. You will see another place to put a portal. Use a charged portal and head through the other to be launched into wall running.


Boatman Coin

Where you land, there is a coin behind a tree.


Look to the right of where you got the coin and shoot portals at both locations on the wall and a charged one on the statue. You will climb up a wall when you launch out. Move forward until you get ambushed by that annoying enemy that kept vanishing. After you fight off the enemies, head down the ramp to the golden orb. Head straight past it to the opposite opening.

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Book of the Dead Page 32


This is to the immediate right in a corner when stepping through the opening by the golden orb.


Head back to the golden orb then go up the ramp. You will find a crank. Use Soul Splitter and have one form turn the crank, then switch to the other form. Pull the moveable platform out near the crank. Now exit Soul Splitter, jump on the platform, and re-enter Soul Splitter. Have a form do the crank again, then have the other move the platform back. Exit Soul Splitter to be inside the circular wall. Head through the opening and you'll get to another crank.


Power Stonebite 17/25


Look up from the crank and see the stonebite above, a short distance away.


Drop down the ledge in front of the crank.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


This is in a corner where you drop down.


Climb back up to the crank and use Soul Splitter. Use one form to turn the crank, and the other to shoot the portal that is revealed. Exit Soul Splitter and drop down the ledge in front of the crank again. Use a charged portal on the wall. Now shoot a regular portal through it. Get back up to the crank. Optionally, you can use Soul Splitter again to use the crank and to jump through it with the second form. This allows you to get a chest by the orb. Head back to the original area that had the platform you had to move to get inside the walls. Outside of it allows you to climb back to the first crank. Look beyond the crank over the cliff to the right and shoot the portal by the golden orb there. Now return back to the other crank, and rotate the wall so that the orbs get fired up. I am not sure why you have to keep moving the platform every time you want to go back and forth, it gets very redundant if you mess up the portals. Release the crank and the orbs will blast the black corruption away. Shoot a portal onto the wall where the corruption was destroyed. Now continue East through the black corruption you destroyed to another golden orb, and look up to shoot a portal above. This will activate it. Go to the North East part of this area.


Relic of Khagoth 3/5


This is behind some corruption near the wall.


Now you can go ahead and jump in the water and move forward in the stream. Hop out at the end of it. Wall run over and use the portal on the wall, then look through a chunk missing from the wall nearby to shoot another one above. Jump through and climb down the obvious path in the middle. There is water around the path you are on.


Boatman Coin


Run a little ways up the path, and jump off it to your left into the water for the coin.


Go on the path again and you'll get to a locked door which you can fix by pulling the nearby lever. You have now cleared all the water up. Jump in the shallow water and head through the door.


Relic of Etu-Goth 13/15


As you enter the above door, look left by the statue.


Shoot the bottom portal, then shoot a charged one above. When you land, look up and shoot another charged portal above, then drop down to the original bottom floor and open the portal. Go through it. There's a chest nearby under a portal in a spot you can't jump to. Shoot the portal above the chest (you have to refer to your mini-map to know there's a chest). Now shoot the nearby wall. Wall run and drop to the chest. More importantly, look straight up.


Resistance Stonebite 8/10


Near the portal on the ceiling is the stonebite.


Head back to the top part again and wall run to the door. Go up the long stairs to a boss fight.


Boss: Jamaerah the Scribe


Arm yourself with Voidwalker if you don't have it equipped. Your goal for now is to shoot a portals so that when the scribe attacks you, you dodge and it goes through a portal to hit him instead. Depending on what he shoots, the bigger shot will knock him out and you can attack. Repeat as needed and he will rise up and fall which is very hard to avoid. You will have to fight off some summoned angels and then repeat using the portal so he knocks himself out again. Once he is almost dead, he will pound the ground revealing a portal. He will then stay hovering in the air. Shoot a portal on the ground, then one of the higher portals. When he does his laser attack on the ground, make sure it hits the portal below him so that it finishes him off.




Make sure you have all your potions and are ready to do another boss battle. Travel here and fight Archon. He is fairly basic as far as his attacks go, but has an annoying golden shield that wraps around him at times. When he is in the air, use Deathgrip to attack him when his shield vanishes. There isn't much else to the battle, but when he hits you he hits you hard.




Now that we have the Voidwalker, we can finish up a bunch of things.




Make your way to Vulgrim to sell off your Book of the Dead chapter(s). Once done, move North on the path and keep an eye out for the Tomb on your left. Once you find the colorful door, head in. Once you enter the main chamber, walk a few feet forward and turn around.


Boatman Coin (x2)

To your left and right are 2 boatman coins. Grab them with Deathgrip.


Head up the stairs to raid the chests, and obtain the Hoardseeker Talisman. If you smash all the pots in the tomb, you will get some extra gilt around the center area.




Fast Travel back to the Tree of Life. Go through the portal to get back to the Forge Lands. Now travel to The Fjord. Swim to where Vulgrim's Shop is, at the South part of the area. Go to the area behind Vulgrim. Use Voidwalker on the portal on the wall, then climb on the side wall. Once up, look for the mound in the middle of the room. Get on top and look straight to see another portal. Shoot it and now you can go back down to the first floor and jump through the portal.


Resistance Stonebite 9/10


As soon as you land from traveling the portal, look straight up above the crack in the wall.


Grab the bomb in this room and throw it through the crack in the wall. You will have to aim it pretty perfectly. After blowing up the corruption through the crack, you will see what awaits you. Grab another bomb and jump through the portal. Destroy the corruption with the bomb for a chest. Now climb back up to the 2nd floor area.


Book of the Dead Page 33


You will find this in the corner, where you destroyed the corruption from the other side of the crack in the wall. Time to Fast Travel out of here.




Oops. We forgot something! Seems we were too excited to destroy that enemy for Thane. Let's travel back to the entrance part of the Nook. Head through to where you must jump on the beams, then go down some stairs to a big courtyard. Look for the purple hook where you can use Deathgrip to climb up. Grab the bomb, and destroy the corruption crystals that are in your way.


Book of the Dead Page 44


Grab this behind the corruption crystals.


Now we can go to The Weeping Crag and fully explore it.




Move towards the bridge in this area, but before going on it, look straight up and to the left.


Mystic Stonebite 33/34


This is on the front of the drawbridge up on the stone pillar.


Run to the middle of the bridge. Look over the water to the Deathgrip hooks. Fall off into the water.


Boatman Coin


This coin is underwater, directly below the bridge.


Climb out of the water and climb up the next wall and head up the stairs. It leads to a door that demands a skeleton key. Wall run to the right of the door. There is one spot you can hang from and drop to use the Deathgrip hooks but it's for some basic chests. It's up to you if you want to bother with them. Once you get to the area above, you will need to go through the door on the left. Continue on until you get to a pressure plate. Stand on it, and then after the wall rises, jump to it and climb up. Look left to spot a portal on the wall. Blast Voidwalker at it, then head down the stairs. At the bottom, look left and straight up to see where you place the other portal. Run back to the original wall and jump through and head into the door. The area you enter is much like the Tombs. Head towards the back chest, and loot it. As you turn around, look to your left as you move forward to see stairs leading into the water. Go down them and swim to find a secret area.


Gnome 3/4


There is a gnome at the end of this secret area.


Go ahead and leap off from where you got the gnome. Swim to the West pat of this area and look up and around.


Boatman Coin

Wall run up and leap to get this coin above the water.

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Climb out of the water by using the East side pegs. Exit through the door and go down the stairs. Use your wall running abilities to get to the chest in this area to obtain the Skeleton Key. This will unbar a door. Exit and jump down to the door that needs the key. Unlock and continue in. Get the chests here and go down the nearby stairs. Drop down once, and you'll see more stairs. Look up to see that you can wall run to get to the grip above. Keep wall running, jumping back and forth.


Book of the Dead Page 35


This is at the end of the wall running.


Drop into the water below and venture through the passage. It's a good thing you don't need to come up for oxygen! Once through, you'll see an open area with a waterfall. Head to the middle.


Boss: Gorewood


Because we have waited so long and you are likely level 20 already, this fight is extremely easy. You might see Gorewood get off an attack here and there, but you will punish him severely for trying. After he is dead, you will have him checked off your "hit list".


Power Stonebite 18/25


After killing Gorewood, look at the waterfall. Now look up and to the right to find the stonebite before leaving this area.


Sidequest: Find and Kill Gorewood CONTINUED/COMPLETED


Turn this into Thane when you want to. You can also wait until you kill the last enemy on the list and turn them both in. You will be visiting Tri-Stone next anyways, however.




Head to Muria so we can progress a side quest. Talk to her and find out you are still not done with the quest.


Sidequest: The Lost Soul CONTINUED


Fast travel to the Tree of Life. Head to the portal for The Kingdom of the Dead.




Fast travel here and let's kill the final enemy for Thane. Continue running downstairs, going in many circles. The very bottom door leads to a Death Tomb for you to use your Bone Key that has been sitting in your inventory. You'll find the door amongst many skeletons frozen in ice.




Before entering, you can snag a stonebite.


Power Stonebite 19/25


On the dragon's head on the Death Tomb door.


Head through the door to the Tomb. Move the statue on the left and on the right to gain chests and the Demonheart Talisman. Destroy the weapon racks and any boxes you want. There isn't anything else to do after looting.




Dizzy yourself by running up to the second door via the spiraling stairs. Off the ledge, you will make your way down to a beam and them leap and Deathgrip to another beam. Climb the wall using another Deathgrip hook, and make your way to a chest that contains the Skeleton Key.


Boatman Coin

To the right of the chest is a wall. Wall run up and leap to get a coin.


Backtrack to the spiraling stairs, and move up the stairs to the first door. In the new area, head down the stairs ahead. You will see a wall where you can climb. You will do a small amount of wall runs/climbs and find yourself on higher ground.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


This is on the top area where you just climbed to.


Drop down from where you got the scroll, then drop down once more. Head down the stairs again but this time, keep going down another set of stairs that lead to a drop off. Right when you land from dropping, turn around.


Relic of Etu-Goth 14/15


This is below the stairs you dropped off from.


Now continue on, going through a door up a small set of stairs. Continue straight, ignoring the locked door for now. Wall run in the next area over a pit, and you'll see boxes on your left (this is before going to the chest using Deathgrip).


Boatman Coin

Destroy the boxes to find the hidden coin.


Backtrack to the locked door and unlock it. Go to the elevator and look left to see a peg to climb. Follow the path to a lever and pull it. Back at the elevator, attack the crystal in the middle. You will go down. When you get to the bottom, notice the red marking on the wall to your right telling you there is a Arbiter Scroll nearby. There are two areas with frozen skeletons in them. The area on the left (South) has a big statue. Go towards it and wrap around behind it.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


You'll find this behind the statue with the sword.


Afterwards, head forward in the main chamber to the frozen enemy in the middle.


Boss: The Deposed King


This boss hits extremely hard, but only has a few attacks. His overhead swing is the worst, and freezes you. If you don't escape fast enough, you may actually lose up to 3/4 of your life! To make this fight easy, only attack when his weapon gets stuck in the ground when he does an overhead swing. If you hit his shield, he will instantly try to ram you so you have to dodge right after hitting the shield if you do so by mistake. Once you get enough energy down, he will raise his weapon and then spin at you. When he raises his weapon, that is a good time to put a lot of distance and dodge when he gets near. That's really all there is to the fight, just keep slashing his health away. It takes a little longer to get his health depleted. Make sure you use potions when low to avoid having to retry the fight over and over.


Sidequest: Find and Kill Gorewood CONTINUED/COMPLETED


Fast Travel to the Tree of Death and go through the portal to the Forge Lands. Travel to Tri-Stone.




Talk to Thane to turn in the last "find and kill" quest(s).




Travel to Lostlight and visit Nathaniel at the bottom of the spire.


Sidequest: The Lost Soul COMPLETED


Just by talking to the angel Nathaniel, you will complete the quest finally.


Now travel back to the Tree of Life and go through the portal to Shadow's Edge.




Upon entering this realm, you will be given a quest.


Primary Quest: The Mad Queen

*Explore Shadow's Edge


As you move forward, you will talk to the Crowfather. Head forward to open a door. Inside, go left. Right in front of the exit is a wall to climb on the right. Once up, you'll notice a pressure plate. Go stand on it.


Book of the Dead Page 36


While facing forward on the pressure plate, look left to find the book.


Still on the pressure plate, use Soul Splitter. Run one of the forms back to the entrance and go to the opposite direction from when you first entered.


Relic of Khagoth 4/5


You will find this at the end of the path you opened with the pressure plate.


Exit Soul Splitter and leave. You will find Ostegoth outside. He will tell you more on what is going on. Trade with him if you need, then head to the fortress.




As soon as you enter, walk forward and look left to see some black corruption crystals.


Boatman Coin

Behind the crystals there is a coin.


Go through the door on the right and up the stairs. When you enter the door, you will meet Lilith. She will give you Phasewalker, which is an enhanced version of Voidwalker. It now allows time travel.


Book of the Dead Page 37


This is in the East part of the chamber where Lilith is. You should see a spike pit with something above it. Behind that you'll find the page between some candles.


Backtrack down the stairs and head through the North door. There isn't really any way to do anything here, so use the portal on the side and try out time travel. You will be in the same place, but now you can actually progress.


Boatman Coin

Head around to the right part of the balcony to find this coin behind the demon statue.


Fight off the enemies in the middle. There are a few doors in this area, but you will want to go through the South East one right now. Grab the chest on the left if you want. Head down the stairs and you'll see a spot to wall run over lava. Continue on this path and enter a hallway with some small sets of stairs. Jump and use Deathgrip at the end of this hallway. Drop down from where you are holding onto to find a secret hand hold. Circle around and enter a new path. About halfway through this passage, look up and to your right to spot a Deathgrip hook. This is not a hook above lava, but one you have to wall climb to first. Once at the top, fight off the enemy. and go to the right of where you climbed up.


Boatman Coin

This coin is near the railing where you climbed.


Move forward to find the Demonflame Renders. As you head back, look South and way up. This is over a railing behind a statue with a red glowing circle.


Resistance Stonebite 10/10


This is way up on the ceiling.


Now backtrack by falling down the hole you climbed up. Now you may use Deathgrip on the wall above the lava. This route takes you to the Dungeon Map chest. After grabbing it, wall run back to your original path. Now you will actually climb up after the Deathgrip this time around.


Book of the Dead Page 38


At the top of the pit, look directly to your right.


Now you can enter the door to the next area. Pull the lever in front of you.


Power Stonebite 20/25


From the lever, look up and to your right to see a big statue (looks like Lilith). Shoot the stone on the stomach of the statue.

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To the right of the lever and on the wall is another spot to time travel using the Phasewalker. Create the portal and jump through.


Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll


Directly to your right after jumping through the portal is the scroll.


Grab the nearby chest if you want and jump down a floor. Deathgrip up the wall ahead and open the door. Go left and head into a hallway then down some stairs. As you exit from the stairs, to your right is a time portal to jump through. Smash all breakable objects in this room to get a secret chest. Jump back through the portal. Continue forward down more stairs and when you exit another passage, you see some stairs to your right. Head up them, go right, then up more stairs.


Boatman Coin

After the second set of stairs you will see this coin at the end in front of the railing.


Back down one set of stairs, you will notice the corruption crystals on your right which are blocking a chest. Get in front of the crystals.


Power Stonebite 21/25


Look up and to the right up the corruption crystals to spot the stonebite.


Head back down the other stairs and go forward to the time portal ahead. Blast it with Phasewalker and jump through. To the right of you is a path up a small set of stairs.


Boatman Coin

Follow the path up the South stairs and gain the coin at the end.


Defeat the enemies at your leisure. Up the first set up steps. to the East you'll see some hanging corruption crystals.


Power Stonebite 22/25


Look to the right of the hanging crystals on the wall.


To the left of the first set of stairs is a pressure plate. Destroy any nearby enemies, then head down and look left to spot a portal for Phasewalking. Shoot it and then use Soul Splitter on the plate. Run down the stairs with one of the forms and enter the now open path to. Wall run and you will be attacked in the next area. After killing the enemies, look straight ahead (East). You will see two horn statues.


Relic of Etu-Goth 15/15


Behind the horn statue on the right is the last relic of Etu-Goth.


Pick up or shoot the bomb to destroy the crystals around it (for later). Now use the portal on the wall by the bomb. Swap forms and have the other stand in front of the initial portal you made. Switch again and toss the bomb to yourself through the portal. Now run up and destroy the hanging corruption crystals, then exit Soul Splitter. Now go to the West and use the time portal. When you appear, look straight ahead to see the corruption crystals are cleared and you can open the chest to obtain the Skeleton Key. Turn around and go to your right. Shoot the portal above (this is the same place you just were shooting the portals, just now in the present). Now go down the stairs and shoot the other portal, then jump trough using Deathgrip.


Soul Arbiter's Scroll


When you get through the portal, go to where you had gotten the bomb from the past. It's located directly to the left when you exit the portal. Examine the wall.


Book of the Dead Page 39


In this same room, exactly where the relic is, you will find the page. It is behind the statue of a horn in the corner.


Look to the side of the portal and see where you can climb. Wall run and grab the chest, then jump down to exit and arrive back near where you obtained the skeleton key. As you run back, head South to the portal that is on the side of the wall. This will lead you back to the locked door. You will be ambushed before you get to the door, so hopefully you survive because it's a pain where your last checkpoint was! You may enter the locked door after defeating the enemies. Continue forward to a door and then another lever to pull. The game will show you a route to take using the hand holds. Climb or fall down, and use the Phasewalker on the portal near to get back into the present. Look to your right to see a gap and a Book of the Dead page across. Go to the very edge and you'll see a portal. Go to the very corner and shoot the portal. Now leave and turn around to see another portal. Head through it.


Book of the Dead Page 40


Once through the portal, collect this.


Exit the portal and and to your left is a wall to climb, so do so. Once up, head to the door on the right. Just to give you fair warning, this door does not have yellow glowing circles around it. That door is the door to the boss. If you see the yellow glowing things, you went up the wrong wall! Open the door heading West and into a passage.


Gnome 4/4


Grab the final Gnome. To complete the quest, you will have to access a Tome later on.


Backtrack back to where you climbed up, and look for a peg on the opposite side. Climb up to spot the yellow glowing circles. Enter if you are ready to fight Samael. Enter, then move to the spot to use Phasewalker. Jump through.


Boss: Samael


Samael will attack quickly and you must dodge and then attack yourself. It's hard to describe the way the damage points work. There are going to be a lot of 0 damage hits, and then some that are very low. If you look at his life bar, however, you will see it is dropping at a normal rate. Continue to attack and he will flee to his throne and commence his same routine again after. After he retreats with enough damage done to him (roughly half) you can run across a bridge that forms and attack him. Look for the button prompt during the small scene. He will now grow stronger. Attack like before, but when he sits on the throne avoid the summoned fire below your feet. Keep attacking until the final scene plays out.




Fast travel here. You will automatically open the door to the Well of Souls.


Main Quest: The Lord of Blackstone COMPLETE




You must collect everything you want before entering the Well of Souls. Do not progress unless you are 100% ready!




Go through the portal to the Forge Lands and fast travel to the Weeping Crag to visit Vulgrim. Talk to him and you will complete the quest. Remember to actually sell him the last chapter in order to get the key!


Sidequest: Book of the Dead COMPLETE


Travel to Tri-Stone and go to the Serpent Tome (or any tome you want). While in the Tome menu, find the GnoMAD gift and you will complete the quest.


Sidequest: GnoMAD COMPLETE




Fast Travel here and go through the portal back to Shadow's Edge.




Fast Travel to the entrance of The Black Stone. Now head South and to the East little area where there is the last Tomb to enter.




Once upon, you will see what is in your path.


Relic of Khagoth 5/5


Collect your last relic from the path ahead.


Power Stonebite 23/25


Turn around from the relic and look up. The stonebite is on the statue's head.


Power Stonebite 24/25


Turn around again facing away from the door you entered. Look up to spot the stonebite on the claw near the ceiling.


Finish looting and leave the Tomb.




Head South from the Tomb and talk to Ostegoth. Sell him the relics. You will gain money, a skill point, and Health and Wrath points. Not a terrible trade off, for an extremely annoying task! Exit and talk to him again if you need to actually complete the quest.


Sidequest: Lost Relics COMPLETE



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Travel to the tree and go to Kingdom of the Dead. Now Fast Travel here. If you had not obtained the Fast Travel when venturing around, Fast Travel to the City of the Dead. Now go South on the bridge and turn West. Then when you get to the split directions, go North to find the maze. Enter the maze.


Boatman Coin

Smash the boxes in the East as soon as you enter the maze.


Go to the North and climb the wall, then use Deathgrip to get to the switch to push in. Look up and to your right.


Power Stonebite 25/25


Shoot this last Power Stonebite near the ceiling before pressing the switch.


Now you can press the timed switch. Notice the West wall has spots that rotate for you to climb up. Jump down and climb up them, then use Deathgrip to cross to a lever. Pull it. Go North through the door. Follow the passage North and down some stairs to another door. Ahead is the another entrance (green torches by it). Head through.


Soul Arbiter's Scroll


Head around the table and grab the scroll.


Read the book on the table. Enter the portal to get to the actual maze. Fight off the enemies, and now we can begin the maze. You must fight off enemies to unlock the routes, then follow the appropriate portals with the letters above them for each direction. Each floor has a secret area by going through certain directions but once you are done you still have to follow the regular directions to actually move up a floor. Because of this, you may decide not to go out of your way to gain anything else because each time you go through a portal you must fight off the enemies again. Doing every secret area will cost you a ton of time and you may not get much of a reward out of it.


Floor 1: Declination


Secret Area: S,E

Exit: N,W


Floor 2: Apprehension


Secret Area: N,N

Exit: E,S,N


Floor 3: Opposition


Secret Area: N,S,E

Exit: W,E,N,N


Floor 4: Separation


Secret Area: W,E,N

Exit: E,W,N,S


Floor 5: Deception

Secret Area: W,N,S (Grants you the Black Demise weapon)

Exit: W,W,N,E


Floor 6: Isolation


Secret Area: E,E,E,S

Exit: S,E,E,N,N


Floor 7: Revulsion


Secret Area: S,S,W,N,N

Exit: S,W,E,E,E (Read below for the stonebite, do not exit Floor 7 until you get it)


Mystic Stonebite 34/34


Before you exit Floor 7, look up above the portal on the wall.


Floor 8: Inversion


Secret Area:N,S,S,E,N

Exit: N,W,N,W,E


Floor 9: Benediction


Secret Area: S,W,E,E,N

Exit: E,N,E,N,S


Floor 10: Ascension


Secret Area: N,S,E,W

Exit: W,E,N,S,W


Boss: Soul Arbiter


You have probably been wondering if this boss would actually be difficult, or a pushover like many of the other bosses. The boss has some heavy swings you must avoid or your life will rapidly decrease. After taking chunks of life out of him, he will go into a shield and you must defeat the enemies that are summoned. Everything is pretty up until the point a shielded enemy comes into play. This is because the Soul Arbiter will also be attacking, but still invincible. You will likely be caught in his vicious attacks and struggle to use potions before you die. You may decide that reaper form is a good idea here if you are struggling. After you defeat the Soul Arbiter, you will gain the items and be able to return to the Chancellor.




Fast travel here and go to the Chancellor. Talk to him to finish off the quest.


Sidequest: The Chancellor's Quarry COMPLETE

Defeat the boss and return to the Chancellor to turn in the sidequest. Then return to Blackroot and turn in the Stonebites. You will now have all sidequests done!


Time to turn in the last quest. Fast Travel to the Tree of Death, enter the portal to the Forge Lands.




Fast Travel here and return to Blackroot. It's been quite some time since you have last talked. The rewards for the stones actually pay off. You can combine the different stones 3 at a time to get different results.


Mystic (x3): Arcane 5

Mystic (x2) Power (x1): Arcane Critical 2%

Mystic (x2) Resistance (x1): Arcane Critical Damage 10%

Mystic (x1) Power (x2) Critical Chance 2%

Mystic (x1) Power (x1) Resistance (x1): Health 30

Mystic (x1) Resistance (x2): Wrath 20

Power (x3): Strength 5

Power (x2) Resistance (x1): Critical Damage 10%

Power (x1) Resistance (x2) Defense 20

Resistance (x3): Resistance 20




Are you finally ready? Have you done all side quests and completed everything you wanted? If so, then you may now continue to the final fight. Stock up on whatever you need and make your way to the Tree of Life. The only thing you really should have remaining is The Crucible. You can't even unlock it right now because you must be level 25 in order to do the last waves. Therefore, you will be doing it on the New Game+. We can go over that in a little bit, let's finish the adventure at hand. If for some reason you do happen to have not completed your quests, the game will give you the warning that you can start a new game+ or go back to your last save before the Well of Souls. This is nice if you went too far and didn't realize.


Walk into the Well of Souls.


Boss: Absalom


I was planning to have to write some detailed tips and strategies for this boss. Fight him as you would any normal enemy. You have to use the prompt when he is on one knee, but there is nothing special about this boss. Destroy him easily and gain all of your end game achievements and enjoy the final scene.




This is the real point of no return. Once you do a New Game+ it will overwrite your previous save from before the Well of Souls. Once ready, choose yes. You will see your save file on "The Veil" and there is a plus symbol to the right above the difficulty. If you were on normal, make sure you up your difficulty to "Apocalyptic" where it asks you the gamma options as well. This run through should be a bit faster since you need not worry about collectibles and side quests, as well as skipping all scenes that the game lets you. Your journey now is to get to level 30. If you already beat the game on Apocalyptic, then once you hit 30 you can fast travel to The Crucible and finish it (can put it on Easy if you'd like). If not, beat the game on it, then load your last save when asked and do it.


For more information on The Crucible, visit this guide HERE.





Congratulations on beating the game and doing all side quests. It wasn't very difficult, but it was very time consuming and in my opinion, boring to have to pay attention. It kind of took your attention away from the action because you constantly had to worry about your surroundings. This guide took a lot of work and I appreciate everyone who has commented and gave me feedback. This was my first actual full walkthrough of any game. I might tweak a few things as far as layout goes in the coming week.

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Video help thanks to PowerPyx


Book of the Dead Pages



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNCAGt62tO8]Darksiders 2 - All Book of the Dead Page Locations (The Book of the Dead Trophy / Achievement) - YouTube[/ame]






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBM_MZ-MdTQ]Darksiders 2 - All Stonebite Locations (All You Can Eat Buffet Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube[/ame]







[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUs_EAyShy0]Darksiders 2 - All Relic Locations (Antiquing Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube[/ame]




Gnomad Gnomes



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvLJqLzhju8]Darksiders 2 - All Gnomad Gnome Locations (Gnomad Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube[/ame]




Death Tombs



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df5f_ro_Wxg]Darksiders 2 - All Death Tomb Locations (Abracadabra Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube[/ame]




Trapped Hellguard



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f-zRDg1mAc]Darksiders 2 - All Trapped Hellguard Locations (Light of the Fallen Side Quest) - YouTube[/ame]




Wandering Stones



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocbxRDtQ06I]Darksiders 2 - All Wandering Stone Locations (Wandering Stone Side Quest) - YouTube[/ame]

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Is this guide complete? I can finally start playing the game now. Thank the heavens!!!


(I'm not being sarcastic. I am genuinely excited. I held out on playing the game til this was completed as I have no intentions of missing out on a collectible and then having to do it all over again when going for my NG+ on apocalyptic.)

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