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Scoring 50,000 points in Anarchy mode is hard as nails....


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I've had the game since it came out and I still don't have this achievement. I've tried many many times but I just can not seem to get to 50k. I usually do it with one other person. The main problems are the bosses. The one with the Penetrator often one shot kills me from far away. Also, when trying to go for Team Whiplash, I often only get Bossed on its own which is worth less points. I buy all the defense and speed upgrades but still get downed in a few hits by the regular enemies. I try to do the strategy where you leash enemies into the tornado with your partner, but it's pretty tough on wave 20 with all the bosses. I was just wondering on a couple of things. Do you guys think it would be easier with 2 or 4 people? Also, is it worth using any weapons apart from the PMC and the Flail? Any other tips that worked for you guys? :) It's embarassing really as I know of a few people who got to 50k the day the game came out. I still don't have it, lol.

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Same happened to me, tried couple of time, but its never like the videos.

They seem to be able to do it slowly at own pace, kicking ppl one by one, with only hand full of bosses ever showing.


Reality is, we either get swamped, or there's like 20 bosses in all with 2 at a time, and normaly electric with penitrator, that spawn behind U.


We can complete at 25k but too many bosses to take slow.


My main problem, find any1 who dedicated to get it done. I'm coming on everyday 7-9pm GMTuk, and ppl only want to sit in when hit 50k or they're cba after the initial FR.


So if ur b on same time, and can get 3rd player to Hurd bosses, lets do this

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hey ive been hearing people dont have this acheievement its easy and hard i did it with bsome buddies a few days ago and i just got the game the dlc achievements are the only ones i need if u dont have this acheievement just message me on xbox live and i am more likely to come and help got up to 56000 points just play on dead rock message me if you want this achievement



Gamertag: Achvment Freak

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Here are some tips on getting 50,000 points. Use the Dead Rock map.


1. Communication is the most important thing. "Are you ready to leash?" is all you need to say if you don't like to talk much.


2. 1 person flails and slides/kicks the enemy and your teammate leashes them into the tornado. You get 4 different skillshots ("Not in Kansas" - "Shocker" - "Yoink" - "Sadist") which gives you maximum team points. You want to use this method on as many non-boss enemies as you can.


3. When bosses spawn, everybody should focus on them. After you stun a boss for the second time, 1 designated person should leash him for the "Whiplash" bonus. When 2 people leash at the same time you only get the "Tug-of-War" skillshot instead of the "Bossed" and "Whiplash" skillshots. The boss with the drill gun who's electrified should be taken down as fast as you can, since he has a 1 hit kill weapon.


4. There's no shame in retreating when you're getting overwhelmed with enemies. This also makes it easier for you by separating the faster and slower enemies when they chase you. It's also better to run away than kill an enemy solo, because you don't get team points, which is the only way you can get to 50,000 points.


5. Execute as many team challenges as you can, which gives 500 points to everybody.


I still need to get to level 65 because I hate grinding solo and I get annoyed playing with people who don't understand the concept of teamwork, so if anyone is still having a hard time getting this achievement, message me and I'll help you.


Gamertag: AkaDad555

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