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The Weapons, Shields, Mods, Relics & Skins Trading Thread


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Please use this thread to trade, sell or simply give away any equipment you have. This involves, guns, mods of all sorts, shields and every type of customised skin.


Just let everyone know what you're looking for or what you have to offer and put your GT. Simply add each other as friends and trade away!


Please put the best specification as possible for what you want/have if its a gun, mod or shield.

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For those who messaged me on Live for legendaries, please be patient. Whenever I'm online, I'll message a few of you so I can make the drop for you. If you've messaged me, rest assured I will reach you and I'll do my best to arrange a drop for you :)


I'll be on at around 8 PM Central to dupe some guns for a few people, then I'll play something else. If you're interested, try to be on at that time. Plus, you must have read my previous posts for the list of legendaries I have (I posted an updated list a few days ago). Don't ask me for a legendary I don't have.

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I am still looking for Maya heads, mainly 'Till Death Do Us Part, the one from Henry. I am also looking for Cold Steel, Kawaii Killer and Shrapnel Slayer. I am willing to part with anything I have to get it, so please respond to my gamertag asap.


All are lvl50 unless stated otherwise




Attack Veruc

Ultraprecise Bunny lvl49

New and Improved Deliverance

Dastardly Maggie lvl49

Akurate Slagga


Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk


Commando Slayer of Terra Class Mod


I can also trade the Special Edition heads and skins for the original 4 vault hunters


I also have a bunch of e-tech of various levels and countless purple items. Let me know if you are interested in trading or any of the stats!


gt: tayboone

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looking for the following:


ALL Legendary Mods (Commando, Assassin, Etc.)


ALL Character Skins & Heads (HEADS mainly! the rest i can do without but wouldnt hurt to have them lol)


Any Legendary Guns


**I have a decent amount of Legendary stuff and i am willing to dupe it all for anybody who can do the same for me!


To name a couple of things i have:


***3 LVL 50 Unending Infinity guns(PISTOL): 1 Elec., 1 Corr. & 1 normal

***Venture Longbow(SNIPER): DMG 28908 W/ BURN

***Blast Proof(SHIELD): CAP-166,448, RECHRGRATE-12370, RECHRGDLY-2.57 MXHLTH- -27405




i would REALLY appriciate it if i could get some help with this. just send either a friend request or message or both. my gamertag is: M3M0RYDIST0RT3D



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Big thanks to snake eyes gunz for dropping those guns now all Iam looking right now are


Auditing hybridfication

Evil smasher



Singularity lobbed quasar


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