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Achievement Trading & Co-op Thread


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Post within this thread of you are looking for other members to trade online achievements.


Testing out a new boosting feature similar to the one implemented on our sister site PS3Trophies.org


Boosting Method:

Credit: Nozza x360a


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2058/5-xyYlE=.jpg Friendship Rules 10:gsicon: Revived someone from "Fight for Your Life!" that is on your friends list



- Difficulty: 1

- Party size (min): 2 (3 guests max - 4 total players)

- Match requirements: Partner(s) needs to be on your friends list (Online)


1: First make sure you have a someone on your friends list who is playing the game. If you don't, this is the place to ask.


2: Now either invite them to your game or vice versa.


3: Once in a game together, find an enemy and have them kill one of you. Doing so will take them into "Fight for Your Life!".


4: Once they're in "Fight for Your Life!", move up to them and you'll be prompted to hold :xbut: to revive them.


5: Now hold :xbut: and don't let do until the green bar is full and they have been revived.


6: Once they've been revived and are back on their feet the achievement will unlock. If it doesn't, make sure the person is on your friends list.


7: Now repay the favour. Note that this can be done with a full party of 4 players in one game!





Thresher Thrashed 30:gsicon: Defeated Terramorphous the Invincible



- Difficulty: 10

- Party size (min): 4 (3 guests max - 4 total players)

- Match requirements: Need to be at least level 50 and have a high Badass Rank (Online)


1: For this achievement you're going to need 3 other players in your party. Each player is going to have to be at least level 50 and have a very high Badass Rank for you to have a chance of beating Terramorphous.



http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2058/5-2j7sk=.jpg Went Five Rounds 25:gsicon: Completed Round 5 of any Circle of Slaughter



- Difficulty: 6

- Party size (min): 4 (3 guests max - 4 total players)

- Match requirements: Ore Chasm/The Fringe needs areas need to be available (Online)


1: For this achievement you may need other players to help you read and complete round 5 of the Circle of Slaughter.


2: Simply accept and start each round and complete all up to Round 5.



http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2058/5-nh-aM=.jpg Challenge Accepted 30:gsicon: Completed level 1 of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character



- Difficulty: 1

- Party size (min): 4 (3 guests max - 4 total players)

- Match requirements: 2 or more people required to complete coop challenges


Please see the Challenge Accepted Guide for more info.


1: Below is a list of challenges that require 2 people or more.


2: Take note, that these can be done with a second controller.


Coop Challenges


Passive Aggressive: Kill enemies while riding as a passenger (not a gunner) in a vehicle


Psst, Hey Buddy…: Trade with other players


Haters Gonna Hate: Win duels


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I need people to boost with for the "Went Five Rounds" achievement, and I'm also looking to complete the sidequest Highlands where you deliver packages for Dr. Zed since it's supposed to be easier with multiple people.


I'm currently a level 21 Commando, and I just got the achievement "Can see my house from here" in the main quest.


My gamertag is Steveinator, contact me if you want to arrange something.

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iso help on Terramorphous in playthrough 1. post or FR me on xbl with a message of who you are. Can help boost any other achievements needed, or give you some amazing weps ive picked up along the way.


edit: Gamertag is in sig!

edit2: done! Finished him off solo. 215k rocket launcher OP!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Looking for ppl to hunt down donkey mong and also a chubby and willing to do other achievements like finsihing 75 side quest or helping each boost other characters to unlock there achievements I play as a lvl33 siern we can also finish the campiagn a 2nd time for better loot :) anyone interested plz message me on xbox my time zone is Mountain time.


Xbox GT: Arny41ife (that's the number 4 and number 1)

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Looking for people to trade/give away purple shields/class mods/relics/grenades. It doesn't have to be a fancy one, I just need them for the achievement. Oh, and I'm up for helping out with just about anything else (challenges, arenas, sidequests, etc.).


I'm level 33 Siren right now.


GT: ExDeath928

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