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Achievement Trading & Co-op Thread


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We are looking for 2 more players to help with Vermiferous, Hyperius and Master Gee. Our group is:


Level 50 Nurse Siren

Level 50 dual turret Commando (featuring bee shield)


We would like (ideally) 2 gunzerkers or a gunzerker and a commando to join us! We would also take a mechromancer and a gunzerker.


Both have mics, we share drops.


Add me: Ponera

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hey guys my gamertag is: VideInfra86



im a lvl 50 Mechromancer, just looking to take care of Master Gee.


Got good weapons etc, know the strategy to beat him, just cant do it alone or with people that dont communicate.


He's my last quest before i get the completionist acheevo so any help would be greatly appreciated and i'd be willing to dupe any of my items/weapons.


Please add me and send me a message


GT: VideInfra86

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Hey all, I'm a lvl 30 Gunzerker, looking to finish all the side quests in playthrough 1 and hopefully level up a bit more in the process. Shoot me a message if you want to run through some sidequests with me and gain some EXP. gamertag: ZenGaba

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Looking for another brave soul to help with Hyperius and Gee. Also looking for someone to boost a gunzerker and Zer0 high enough to do their 90 sec gunzerk and 10 sec deception achievements respectively.


Even though this has nothing to do with achievements, looking for a Non-Elemental Infinity Pistol and Non-Elemental Baby Maker. I have a CCC, a The Bee, a Legendary Siren Class Mod, and sick Grenade mod called Lobbed Bonus Package.


EDIT: Just looking for someone to help out with Hyperius and Master Gee. Willing to dupe Inf. Pistol, Baby Maker, CCC, The Bee, Legendary Siren Class Mod, and Lobbed Bonus Package afterward if need be.


Please let me know via XBL if you can help with one or multiple things.


l Ortega l

(The bars are lower case L's)

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Playing now until I get a work call. Trying to kill Terramorphous again but going solo I'm doing something wrong. So give me a hand.


Edit I was able to get some help and a better solo strategy. Next up Hyperious and the other one on the dlc.

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