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Metal Gear Solid Movie Announced - Who Would You Cast?

Mr Deftino

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As I'm sure you've heard, Kojima has announced a Metal Gear Solid film will be made. Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/aug/30/metal-gear-solid-movie-announced


I just wondered who you guys would cast to play who?


All I have so far is:


Solid Snake: Richard Madden (Robb Stark - Game of Thrones)



Young Ocelot: Jospeh Gordon-Levvit



More to come!

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Anyone ever see MGS: Philanthropy? http://www.mgs-philanthropy.net/


I thought that was surprisingly good for a fan movie (hell surprisingly good compared to some of the crap that comes out nowadays)


If the production company goes above and beyond like the guys who made that movie did, I'll definitely go see it.

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Shouldn't this read that a shorter time wise big screen verison that you can't play of a small screen verison movie that people play as a videogame half the time they spend on it over the course of fifteen to twenty hours is being made? Or do we actually call what Hideo Kojima has made in Metal Gear Solid a real videogame instead of a somtimes videogame that is sometimes a movie? Good luck sorting out what I just typed just like you need good luck to sort out the convoluted plot of a MGS game ;).

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Um, Kiefer Sutherland.



EDIT: Just noticed he did the voice for Snake in Ground Zeroes.


Dylan, try this for me.


In you head, hear David Hayter say one of his iconic phrases like "Metal Gear?" Got it? Yeah, now do it with Kiefer's voice: It's just not the same. However.. Kiefer has an incredible 'yelling' voice, so I'd never rule him out completely for the role. To be honest, I just want the damn movie made in my lifetime. :D

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I have never even heard of David Hayter...

I am obsessed with Kiefer at the moment, though. Probably because i have been watching 24 back to back.


Never heard of David Hayter, huh?



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Ah, Just looked him up on iMDB. He voices Snake in the previous games...

Still going with Kiefer :D


I just saw an opportunity to throw some text on that stupid codec picture I like to keep in my favourites.. It would be nice to see this movie come out in the next two years, but am I being realistic? Will it ever actually happen?

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