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Did anyone else have issues with unresponsiveness?


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I put off purchasing this game for a long time because timed puzzles / being chased while attempting to figure out a puzzle is not my idea of fun, but I wanted to experience the story. That's mainly what I'm in it for. The puzzles are more or less something I want to get out of the way to progress it.


I can't say that so far the puzzles have been too difficult, however I'm only on easy mode. What I'm struggling with is how unresponsive it is (or, perhaps, too responsive) I'll direct Vincent to a block I want to pull out, and he'll end up pushing whatever's to the side of us. Constantly. It's gotten me killed so many times I've almost wasted ten retries and it's getting so frustrating trying to get him to do one thing then having him do something entirely different. :mad:


Did anyone else have issues with this? It could be my controller, but I'm telling you, it's such a pain. Guh!


Also are the items actually useful on easy/normal difficulties? I haven't found a use for them yet, honestly. Is it a waste to spend coins on them?

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Sounds like your controller is the issue - never had any issues accidentally moving blocks around.


It's a shot in the dark, but maybe you're reflexively holding the "A" button as the traditional "run faster" button in a platformer? That would match the behavior you're seeing. The speed of the game does a really good job of making me fat-finger the controls in general!

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