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Title Update Resets Stats


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So I was about half way through the campaign (Chapter 4 or 5) on Very Hard when I noticed a news bot I killed had reset back to 1/??. I shrugged it off and continued on. After I completed the campaign no achievements popped and chapter select is greyed out. So I did some searching on the web and noticed this seems to be a trend and caused by a title update.


What I can't find however is a fix or a prevention. Do I need to play the entire game offline? I don't want the same thing to happen again. Has anyone who experienced this issue figured out any solution?

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Well you are lucky. It is a little more wide-spread this just me since I came across other people who had the same issue by doing an online search.


On an interesting note, after I completed the prologue again, I gained access to chapter select which shows me having already completed both chapters six and seven.

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