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Spartan Ops Info and Discussion * Episode 5 Released *


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Yep. it's basically episode 1 backwards. Fucking bleeding with effort from 343i. Jesus, this is so mediocre.

No, it's Episode 1 jumbled up a little. They switched 2 and 3, moved 5 in front of 3 and then dropped one and replaced it with a new map. So it goes New 5 3 2 4. :p But honestly, there's going to be 50 missions total in Episode 1. You can't honestly have expected 50 different maps. Especially not when there are only 10 War Games maps. They at least changed the layout of the areas a little with different set pieces and enemy groups.

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Didn't enjoy Episode 2 mostly because it was a retread of Episode 1, however I did like Hacksaw since that had the most "variety" of the maps. It helps that it gave the feeling of actually helping out as opposed to just disabling turrets for someone we never see.


Haha those damn turrets, I hate when Watchers spawn them!


Hacksaw was cool, although I played through Solo Legendary my first time and saved no Marines haha and Palmer gave me shit for it: "This was supposed to be a search and rescue mission, not just search." or something to that effect.


Also, what's with the respawn points in Spartan Ops? I get swarmed, then respawn about 10 steps away, completely surrounded. Doesn't make for great gaming.

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Also, the challenge for the week says to do Core in Arrival on Legendary. However, after I soloed all of Arrival on Legendary it still said incomplete. You have to do Core in Departure on Legendary to complete the challenge, making it a duplicate of last week's.

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Didn't enjoy Episode 2 mostly because it was a retread of Episode 1


I felt the same, but I sort of figured this was to be expected because season 1 is free. The cutscenes you watch in the SPOPS menu are cool to watch though.


I'm still looking forward to the conclusion, even though someone spoiled the storyline for me. It's a nice way to continue the Halo 4 storyline without slapping on a reskin of Master Chief in cutscenes and gameplay, then proceeding to put all the content in a box and label it Halo 5.

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you can't do matchmaking for episode 1 anymore. only way is to invite friends


Yeah a bit of a let down that, I was enjoying building my wheelman commendations up on e1c1 with that guass hog. Hope we get more vehicle ones next episode, or they rotate episodes again in the future.


I liked e2, was more of a challenge on solo legendary (which I plan to do for my own entertainment) than the first season. I got that save at least one marine achievement solo so guess its not going to prove much problem for teams.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVmeGQtKIak]Halo 4 - RvB Easter Egg Number 2 - YouTube[/ame]


Theres a neat RvB easter egg this time in e2c5, I didn't know about it and a guy in my group set it off, at first I thought he was playing RvB over his mic. I'm guessing all chapter 5's have easter eggs.

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All MP content has to be on your HD. And by the looks of it there is a cinematic that takes a big chunk of storage to each time. So yeah, you need to clear out some old stuff if you want to keep all of em. I got a bunch of games on demand that needs to go then I guess.


This isn't accurate. The 1.5 GB download is for ALL Episodes (10) of Season 1. Each week, a new Episode is unlocked; you don't have to download it since you, technically, already have them downloaded.


If they decide to do a Season 2, then that would require another download, but, for now, you won't need any additional space since all 10 episodes are included in that initial 1.5 GB download.

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What the HELL is that thing? lol. Im expecting the last episode to be some bombshell like "hey Cortana's alive" or The Flood appearing.


Anyone else feel the connection to all this digital to flesh technology and think maybe it could have (was) used in reverse for Cortana? That's what Im hoping at least.


You know, now that you mention it, her "I've waited so long to do that" quote at the end of the game as she touches chief's armor (still don't know what sort of mystical powers she evoked in that plot device) does corroborate your theory... If so, I expect a total mimicry of ME3: make the AI into a physical (playable?) character.

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This thread will keep you informed as to when the Spartan Ops achievements are achievable.http://www.rxor.info/01.jpghttp://www.rxor.info/22.jpghttp://www.rxor.info/8.jpghttp://www.rxor.info/03.jpg


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