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- (0) Maximum Club Rules, How to Post, & General FAQs (Please read before Posting)

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Maximum Club General Rules

All Rules must be followed or your addition to the Maximum Clubs will be delayed.


1. You must have been a member of XBA for at least 1 month. You must also be an active user, and have 100 non-spam posts for ALL club sign-ups.*


* Rule does not apply to subscribing members


2. Your game postings are limited to 10 games per submission. You are not allowed to post again until your submission is processed. Doing so, or posting in with more than 10 games in a post will result in your submission being DELETED.


If you are planning to sign-up for more than 10 games and would like to be notified when your post has been processed, please let us know in your sign-up and a PM will be sent directly to you when your submission has been completed.


3. Please HYPERLINK all games to their appropriate club thread. List NEW if a new club thread needs to be created. List your games in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.


4. ALL achievements must be obtained and ALL gamerscore must be unlocked in a game in order to sign-up to be part of any game or DLC maximum club.


5. Every game with its own unique gamerscore will have its own club. Any sign-up that has multiple regions of the same game ie. NTSC & PAL or NTSC-J, German, Korean etc. OR is not played on Xbox ie. Windows Phone, Games for Windows MUST be specified in the sign-up.


6. If you are signing up for SPOTLIGHT POSITION in a club (first and second in Xbox 360 Retail and Arcade clubs; first to fifth in Xbox One clubs), DO NOT EDIT an earlier post if you have one. Please post again to sign up for this club. Remember members are added based on sign-up date NOT timestamps on Xbox Live. You MAY double post or more in sign-up threads only in lieu of editing in this scenario.


7. All achievements you've unlocked that specifically require you to be connected to Xbox Live to obtain (kills in online multiplayer, for example) MUST have a timestamp.


8. Your privacy settings must be turned off so we can see your profile. You must also have your gamercard attached to your profile. If we can't see your gamercard or access your profile your post will be removed.


9. CHEATING OF ANY SORT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If you are caught cheating in any way deemed unfit by this site, or by Microsoft, you will be banned from the Clubs, and possibly the site.


10. Mixing your achievements with retail and DLC does not count towards a retail 1000/arcade 200. You must earn all the retail/arcade achievements that come with the game. If you complete the DLC before the retail achievements you may sign up for those clubs.


11. While posting your games do not use colored text, post images, use alternative fonts or use any text styles. Doing so wastes our time removing the styling from your post.


12. You MUST link your Gamertag to your profile! To add your gamertag to your profile go to User CP>Edit Your Details> Fill in Gamertag field at the bottom of your profile.


13. No member of the staff with the power to edit the clubs are allowed to CREATE a thread for the sake of adding themselves to a SPOTLIGHT POSITION. They must post in the appropriate threads regarding sign-ups to be added just like everyone else.


14. Each Maximum Club sign-up thread will have example posts to guide you on how to correctly post your submission. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these before posting to avoid unwanted delays.

How to Post Correctly


GT: (Insert Gamertag)

Game: (Insert Full Game Title, Region if Applicable, Platform if Applicable)[Amount of Gamerscore](Name of what was completed, ie. Original or name of DLC)



GT: bplayak

Game: Madden 12 [1000] Original 1000



GT: bplayak

Game: Bioshock 2 [1400] Original 1000 + Minerva's Den 150 DLC + Protector Trials 100 DLC + Rapture Metro 150 DLC



GT: bplayak

Game: Bioshock (Japanese Version) [1000] Original 1000



GT: bplayak

Game: Trials Evolution [400] Original 400



GT: bplayak

Game: Stacking [250] Original 200 + The Lost Hobo King 50 DLC



GT: bplayak

Game: Roll in the Hole (WP7) [200] Original 200



GT: bplayak

Game: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) [1000] Original 1000


Gamertag [number of completed games] New Addition or Updated Count



bplayak [100] Updated Count



bplayak [41] Updated Count

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Maximum Clubs Frequently Asked Questions, General Information & Links


Please read the posting rules and guidelines at the top of each submission thread. These will guide you through the submission process.

What are the Maximum Clubs?

The Maximum Clubs are a great way of showcasing your gaming achievements in many different ways across the Microsoft gaming platforms. Here is a brief introduction to each section.


Upon completing a game on any of the Microsoft gaming platforms members can submit themselves to be added to the game's respective Club, placing their gamertag amongst the many, or (even better!) few, that share the honor of this accomplishment.


As well as individual game Maximum Clubs we now offer a range of challenges, complete with super shiny forum awards, which are designed to test your gaming skills to the limit.


The Staff Clubs contain up to five games which are hand-picked from the Staff's own completion lists. Themes and difficulty vary greatly between clubs, so there is certainly something for everyone here. Completion of each staff club provides you with a shiny new forum award, proving to everyone that you have returned successfully from the challenge.


Challenge/Franchise Clubs are one of our newest additions. Each club comes with a certain theme; from fun, family games to clubs celebrating the best (and worst) games that you can play on your systems. Similar to the Staff Clubs, completion of each tier earns you a neat forum award. Do you have the stomach to earn yourself that golden toilet?


The Maximum Clubs also provide a multitude of leaderboards for each of these sections mentioned above, where you can see how your list of completions ranks up against friends and rivals alike. Please note that the Main Site Leaderboard is not maintained by the Maximum Club Directors. More information on this leaderboard can be found: HERE.


Hitting a gamerscore milestone is a fantastic accomplishment. Whether you're making your first journey into the realm of the six figure gamerscore, or have just put another 100k in the bag, be sure to celebrate your accomplishment in the Milestone Forums. If you would like to spotlight either yourself or a friend, we provide a subforum for each of the 100k milestones for you to celebrate your gaming achievements with the community. Be sure to provide us with plenty of information, such as which achievement pushed you over the milestone.


Where do I sign up for each of these sections?

Sign-up threads for each section of the Maximum Clubs are stickied in the main Maximum Club forum, and are also hyperlinked by category below. Each thread will have information and guidelines on how to structure your submission post, so please familiarise yourself with these before posting to avoid unwanted delays.


Xbox One Section

To sign up for the Xbox One Maximum Clubs, Completion Point Leaderboard, and to update your totals on the Overall Completion Leaderboard, please use the following thread:


Xbox One Clubs & Leaderboard Sign-Up thread


Maximum Club Challenges

To sign up for the Staff Clubs and Completion Leaderboard or the Challenge/Franchise Clubs and Completion Leaderboard, please use the respective threads listed below:


Sign-Up Staff Clubs & Leaderboard thread

Sign-Up Challenge/Franchise Clubs & Leaderboard thread


Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows 8 etc. Section

To sign up for all non-Xbox One Retail and Arcade Maximum Clubs and the Retail and Arcade Completion Leaderboards, please use the respective threads below:


Sign-Up Retail Clubs & Completion Leaderboard

Sign-Up Arcade Clubs & Completion Leaderboard (200/400/WP7/Win 8/iOS/Web)


Milestone Forums

To sign up for your gamertag to be listed in one of the milestone achievement clubs (100k and upwards), please use the following thread:


Sign-Up Milestone Clubs


Gamertag Corrections

If you have recently changed your gamertag and would like this change to be reflected in the Maximum Clubs, or if you notice we've made an error when adding you in, please use the following thread to have this information corrected:


Gamertag Change Sign-Up


How does the Xbox One Completion Point Leaderboard work?

The Xbox One Completion Leaderboard is a brand new feature we have brought to the Maximum Clubs to celebrate the launch of Microsoft's newest console. Now being one of the fastest to complete a game or piece of DLC brings more than just bragging rights.


Up to 10 points will be awarded for a top 5 completion of each Maximum Club. In addition to this, 1 point will also be awarded upon completion of any retail game or DLC regardless of completion position.


Forum awards will be up for grabs, with tiers set at 100, 250, 500, 750, 1,000 and 2,000 points. It will take a true member of gaming royalty to make it all the way to that shiny orange banner and your very own Challenge Club.


I signed up for the Leaderboards, but I'm not listed like I expected. What happened?

If this happens, please double check that you signed up for the leaderboard you believe you are missing from. Please remember that the Main Site Leaderboard which lists members' gamerscore in each game is controlled automatically by the site. The Maximum Club Directors have no control over this leaderboard, but for more information, please see this thread.

How do you know what order members completed a game in?

Members are listed in the order they signed up for a game or DLC's Maximum Club. The first person to post is regarded as first, second person takes second place, etc. We have always gone by post timestamps and not Xbox Live timestamps.


What if two users submit at the EXACT same time?

In the event that two members manage to submit and sign up for the same game at the exact same time, we will look at their achievement lists and compare the exact second the game was completed to rank the members.


My posts have been deleted, why?

Once posts are processed by the Maximum Club Directors they are removed from the threads in order to keep everything neat. If there is a problem with your submission post, you will receive a PM from a Club Director notifying you of what you need to do before your post can be processed. In this situation your post will be in a 'pending' state until the requested changes can be made.


Some of my achievements were unlocked offline, can I still be a member of the clubs?

Absolutely! Not everyone can sign into Xbox Live all the time therefore it would not be fair of us to exclude a member for having some offline achievements. We verify all new additions to the clubs and leaderboards. As long as those offline achievements were not achievements specifically requiring an Xbox Live connection and your card looks legit, you are more than welcome to sign up for the Maximum Clubs.


Do I have to have all 0 point achievements to join a club?

Yes, you need to earn all achievements and the full available gamerscore in order to join a club.


Does this mean that games and DLC with achievements but no gamerscore can be signed up for?

YES!!! We are now accepting sign-ups for games such as Xbox Live Labs.


My question has still not been answered in this FAQ?

If you still have a question that has not been answered above, please post in this thread and one of the Maximum Club Directors will get back to you as soon as we've finished messing around with our trebuchet.


Please also note that we maintain the Maximum Clubs in our free time, and unfortunately the appeal of pillaging neighboring castles sometimes becomes too great. This means that from time to time there may be a backlog of posts in the sign-up threads, but please bear with us at these times.

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