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Bucket list help - event unavailable???


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Hey guys and gals I'm experiencing a problem in completing the event list and was wondering if any of you could help/knew what to do??


Basically I'm doing the event list and have spent hours upon hours grinding the events out. I have about 30 events left to do but there is one that seems to be unavailable :( on the "Nurburgring 1 vs. 1 Challenge" the event "Ring Sedan Challenge M5 F10" event is not loading up even though i have garage cars that are eligible.


Whenever i select it a message comes up that says "CONTENT NOT AVAILABLE This content is unknown and must be downloaded from the marketplace. Would you like to go to the marketpplace now?" but when i go to the marketplace i cant find anything to help me out.


Has anyone had this problem before and knows what to do? Will I not be able to get the bucketlist cheevo now? Or will it still pop up if i carry on and complete all the other events?


Sorry if this is long winded, any help would be GREAT thanks :woop:

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Lucky you are nearly done, you might finished it and git the achievement by now .. I'd just crack on with it , I'm having to do it all again, i got halfway and my external Memory said it needed formatting , i nearly cried . but that was all my other games as well ... proper gutted :(

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