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Bomb skulls help please

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Well I really need to know when to jump or stand on grenade plasma or regular on (the silent cartographer and assault on the control room). I am just getting around to the first halo completed all the halo games finishing the anniversary halo and I am going to pull my hair out if I can't get those skulls so any help would be appreciated.

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I would recommend standing on frag grenades, not plasmas. It takes some practice to time exactly when to jump, but try to jump just before the explosion. Ideally, the grenade will explode just as you reach the apex of your jump, thereby pushing you further into the air. You can also crouch after the explosion to help you clear ledges.


It can also be helpful to use a second (dummy) controller when you do this, as it will prevent you having to reload the checkpoint if you die after failing the jump, plus you will be able to use the second player's view to see if you're timing it right and help improve your efforts.


This definitely wasn't easy, and took a little while for me on the Silent Cartographer one, and I've been nade jumping for nearly a decade.


GOOD LUCK! Hope you find these tips helpful.

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I prefer to use the plasma just because you can tell when it will blow up by the sound. Doing that, I can usually get a grenade jump, which I don't believe I have done before this game.


The skull you are going for is a pain in the ass, but the only key to it is watching a video of someone doing it and trying.

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