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Help. making legendary weapons

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I've been looking around for a guide on making legendary weapons but they are confusing and conflicting in how they say you make them.

I've been playing as Sun Ce, I got his legend and did the duel against him to his special item the little crown. but now i don't know what to do next.


if anyone has made a legendary weapin, can they say what it was they did.


also, does anyone know if you can make another characters weapon and use their weapon on another.



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It's not that hard, If you already got his Legend, and did the duel against him, than you just need to farm. It helped me for my Chars, when i was missing a Part like Dragonsoul (b) or something, i googled it where it may drop and farmed (Hope this helps you too).

Yes you can youse other Weapons on your main Officer, cause you know you can Switch Weapon, The Main Weapon !MUST! be the Officer weapon and this you cant Change, but your secondary weapon you can choose what ever you want!

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