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Region free?


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Okay, I love garbage tv. So for me this release is a must have, also being a huge game show fan, alas no release schedule for this or wheel, in the uk. (Although we have MANY seasons of both shows ablieght uk versions) .


So you guessed it, my question of the week is... Is the game region free?

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Nope, sorry, it isn't.


Just checked my disc that I bought at Walmart (no asking how I checked, it's probably against the rules) and it's NTSC-U only.


There is supposedly a region-free version circulating, but I can confirm that it is not the American release. Maybe another country has it.


Dazzles. Thanks for the reply. Uk doesn't getbanythingnlike this, even if maybe the game isn't awesome (I am a summing it sent, but in fairness it is likely it sent, LO:)L)

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