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Seraph Crystals

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Is this rarity actually above orange or what?


Yes it's above, although some gear is still pretty bad in that shop, the relic is nice.


stats were something like


+25.00% health

+0.9% health regen


so that is better than the terra relic.


some of the guns don't seem all that but the sheer fact is it will take at least 5-6 days just to get a single weapon since you can't farm these bosses more than once per day, joining someone else does not work either

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By the looks of things after beating the game/all side missions the only way to obtain Serraph Crystals needed to buy the items is from killing the 2 new Invincible raid bosses.


I got 8 crystals from the 1st boss

I got 16 crystals from the 2nd boss


Weapons/class mods/shields all cost 120 crystals each

The relics are 50 crystals each


Basically if you want a full set of these weapons and the relic it will take a few weeks without duping and trading obviously.


I've gone legit now so i will most likely jump on just to kill this with my 3 level 50s each day

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Couldn't some also, theoretically, obtain that 120 crystals, join someone elses game, buy a Seraph gun and drop it, then dashboard? Host could pick it up, you rejoin, and retain all of your crystals.


Good question, the amount you have is only shown on the menu screen next to your Golden Keys so if they work the same way as the keys do I suppose this method wouldn't work. I'm sure we'll find out in the next day or two...

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