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So the demo is up on live for the one´s that haven't payed attention, or just don´t care:)


Just finished the "challange" (12 minutes) and the tryout workout (2.30 min) and i must say it seems promising. No problems with detecting me at all. And the feedback afterwards is freaking awesome! Will buy it for sure. Looks like the best (workout-game) one yet, until then... Hollywood workout.

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so i tried this too. was sceptical because demo said you need 8' to play min. this isnt true! i have 6' by 6' & it worked great! did all the modes & the different training sessions ie lose wieght,tone or buff up. the best thing is. a game finally got pushups right! you DONT face the sensor. you face sideways. this was my biggest proablem with ufc. the game does require alot of room on the sides. because you do hop far in the drills to your sides. overall it works great. i just might get this. you do need to be in shape too.

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