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Thresher Thrashed achievement not unlocking?

Love Bandit

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Not been able to find a thread on this in the forums, but it's mentioned in the achievement comments as happening to others so want to ask the question.


After besting Terramorphus, the mission was marked complete and I was able to get 'Did It All', but no 'Thresher Thrashed' achievement.


I didn't fire the last shot, but none of the other two people in the lobby got it either. I was tagging along as I'm only level 36, but can't see that making a difference.


Any ideas on how to unlock this? Just keep beating him?


Edit: Got it eventually - tried a new character. Tried 5-6 times on my main character whom I originally had the problem with, it wouldn't unlock. Tried with a new character, and unlocked first time. Guessing as the challenge for killing him was ticked on my main character, the game saw that and felt no need to give the achievement again.


Hope that helps if you're having problems.

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Found solution
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Will look again, but did turn in that and got the 'all missions complete' achievement after speaking to Tannis but not the one for killing Terra. This one should unlock after killing Terra going by youtube.

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I've just done this, I got Thresher Thrashed as soon as Terramorphous died, NOT when I turned the mission in. Upon turning it in, Done It All popped.



Thanks for the advice / clarification. I've got a back up save just before the fight so I'll try that, and killing him again, just wondered if it was a known problem with a known solution.


Why didn't you mention that in your first post, then?


Add 'after turning in to Tannis' halfway through the second line. At least I checked other posts first and didn't write 'y no tera unlock. u hlp me plz'.

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